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When I try to get on, it won't let me automatically log in, so when I try to log in manually, it still won't let me.

This also happened to me on Main too.

Also when I tried to get on our server again it said that the server is "under heavy load"

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If you went to main and it didn't work why would our server be broken? Silly goose.

Global PS problem.

Then I'd be "abusing" my power...
What!? :O No, you wouldn't you... ;)
xD I'm just kidding! I think I'll stop now, before I get banned for posting terrible memes that aren't funny in the slightest :3
I wasn't actually suggesting you call him what the first link said btw, because known some of the users on the site, they probably would claim you were "abusing" your power :/
Main got DDOS attacked :I
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Blame the Smogon Ubers committee .

Shadow tag was banned in Ubers and then the Ubers community got mad and DDoS'd the PS' login servers. So now all PS servers can't be connected to if you're trying to login so for now just try to get on using an unregistered account.

EDIT: It's back now but logging in is pretty slow

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Sciz represents the Smogon Ubers committee now.
Sciz why you do this? #BlameScythernician
Also it wasn't because ubers
And shadow tag wasn't banned
Chaos unbanned Shadow Tag, he overturned the vote.

Also he stated they were having issues with an attacker before the vote, he said it wasn't over some dumb argument
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I've turned off the Showdown server for now, just as a security precaution while PS is down.

@Sciz email me (info at when PS is fully back online again as I will probably miss it.

I know you told sciz to tell you, but main is back :P
I've already emailed.