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Gender: Female
Country: Australia
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About me: Temporarily active to cover for other potatoes like Fizz :)

Mostly inactive now. May still pop in occasionally, but busy juggling study, work, physical rehab and trying to keep semblance of a social life.

Shoutout to everyone in the amazing community in the site. Sorry to the people I alienated,  and cheers to those who liked me for who I was. I was still immature back then - I'd like to think I'm not so fiery now.

Ya'll always have a place in my heart.

Take it easy guys.

Sempi#0060 <- Disc if you ever need anything.

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But you don't think you are intelligent?
Oct 29 by Hórus
You are an incredibly intelligent person, did you ever read the book:"How to Win Friends and Influence People" from Dale Carnegie?
Oct 26 by Hórus
"Sempi#0060 <- Disc if you ever need anything".

Nevermind then. You should start that sentence with, "My Discord".
Sep 15 by Azelfeo
Why are you always idle in Tiger's Lair on Discord? What do you do there? Are you like a supervisor?
Aug 25 by Azelfeo
I'm curious about one thing, it is possible to delete account here? If it is, what happen when someone do it? The things he asked and answered, commented and etc will vanish or will stay there?
Aug 16 by Hórus
Aug 9 by Poké Guy Fieri
O_o Hi ó_Ó
Aug 6 by Poké Guy Fieri
Okay, thank you. I see why I shouldn't have put the answer I did (honestly wondering why I even did), but you live you learn.
Thanks again!
Aug 2 by FlappersFlappers
I saw my answer got hidden. Am I not allowed to tell people when there isn't an official answer to their question? How do I run tests to figure out the exact percentages of things when nobody else has? I'm asking this as a genuine question, not to be condescending -- I want to be able to improve my answering abilities.
Aug 2 by FlappersFlappers
Well, now that you talked about that... ;)
Jul 29 by Hórus