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We run competitive battling tournaments on PokeBase. Using this thread, you can post ideas for future tournaments! When the next tournament comes near, the top-voted suggestions on this thread will appear on a poll, where players will make a final vote for which tournament will run.

PokeBase tournaments traditionally give creative twists to existing battle formats, or create entirely new metagames. However, if you'd rather play a "standard format" (OU, VGC, etc.) then there is a separate option for this on the poll. More details below. Standard current-generation AG, Ubers, OU, UU, and VGC should not be posted as suggestions on this thread, as they already appear regularly on the poll.

For inspiration, try reading the tournament winners page, which has a list of previous tourneys that were selected. Make sure to read the existing suggestions below before writing yours, in case your idea is already there.

Please only vote if you intend on playing in PokeBase tourneys!


You must include the following information in your suggestion:

  • The name of the tournament.
  • A brief introduction to the concept. Sell your idea so people vote for it!
  • A full and proper rules list. For example, if your tournament is monotype, then you should include the rule "all Pokemon on a player's team must share at least one type". Mention any bans. Usually, Smogon clauses and rules will be included.
  • Make a suggestion for the bracket arrangement: single elim, double elim, etc.
  • Make a suggestion for matchup format: Bo3, Bo1, first-to-two (i.e. the third match is not played if one player goes 2-0), etc.
  • If the tournament is seasonal (e.g. to be played on Christmas, or when the next generation of Pokemon is released, etc.) please mention it. The idea can be added to the poll at the correct time.

Please make sure to post suggestions as answers, not comments.

Topics like player limits, changing teams between games, seeding, length of sign-ups, disqualifications etc. can be mentioned here, but can also be handled by the eventual host of the tournament and/or its players.



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(Please tell me if you think these rules should be different!)

Poll qualification

Which tournament will be run is ultimately decided by a poll, which occurs some time before sign-ups for the tournament begin. This tournament suggestion thread is used to decide which tournaments appear on the poll.

Qualification for the poll works in the following way:

  • By default, the top five voted suggestions on this thread are placed onto the poll.
  • After each poll finishes, the bottom-placed suggestion is recorded. These suggestions will be absent from the next poll, making room for a new/fresh suggestion to possibly get voted in.
  • If there is a draw for the winner of the poll, the newer suggestion will be chosen. If there is a draw for the bottom-placed suggestion, the newer suggestion qualifies.

We also run "standard format" tournaments, if that is preferable according to the poll voters. In that case, there is a similar process for choosing exactly which format to have a tourney for:

  • By default, the "standard" options will include current-generation NDAG, Ubers, OU, BDSP OU, and VGC. (These formats cannot be suggested on the main suggestion thread.)
  • After each poll finishes, the bottom-placed format is recorded. This format will be absent from the next poll, in favour of one of the following formats: AG, UU, RU, NU, PU, and Monotype. Which of these formats is added is decided on rotation or by player demand.
  • If there is a draw for the winner of the poll, the most statistically popular format will be chosen. If there is a draw for the lowest-placed format, the least popular one will drop off.

All other formats, including past-generation formats, can be suggested on the main suggestion thread. AG, UU, RU, NU, PU, and Monotype can also be suggested on the main suggestion thread (to help them get placement on the poll more frequently).

Source for play-rate stats; may need to be updated in future. As of Feb 2022:

Format Battles played Natdex battles
OU 1,092,071 515,814
BDSP OU 320,069
VGC 752,327
AG 500,333 541,742
Monotype 179,702 74,663
Ubers 120,141
UU 83,530 16,795
RU 41,955
NU 35,882
PU 40,402
LC 34,159

Poll structure

The person setting up the poll should follow these instructions to make sure the poll is structured the same way each time.


  • Polls are hosted using Google Forms.
  • The poll should be posted (using a meta question) approximately one month after the previous tournament has finished.
  • The meta thread linking the poll should link to each of the tournament suggestions in the poll, so people know what they are voting on.
  • The poll should be open for one week.
  • Poll results should not be made public until the poll closes, to prevent bias.
  • All questions should be set to "Required".
  • Please test that the poll is working by opening it in an incognito window. If you're using an organisation account, it may require a sign-in which will block us from using the poll.

Question 1 (short answer): What is your PokeBase username? (Include as a link.)

  • Prevents vote manipulation. For extra security, voters should comment on the Meta thread for the poll saying that they voted.
  • To ensure links are given: expand the question's menu, then click "Response validation". Now, choose "Regular expression", then "Contains", then paste in the regular expression below. The error text can be "Must contain PokeBase account link".

Question 2 (checkboxes): Which tournaments would you be willing to play? (Select all that apply.)

  • Give each of the five tournaments that qualified for the poll as options.
  • Add "Response validation" that makes it so voters can select a maximum of four options. Selecting all five options has no impact on the outcome of the vote.
  • Add the description: "Answers to this question will not decide whether a standard format will be played instead."

Question 3 (multiple choice): Would you prefer to play a "standard format" (e.g. OU, UU, VGC, etc.)?

  • The options should be "yes" and "no".

Question 4 (checkboxes): In the event a standard format is chosen, which formats would you be willing to play? (Select all that apply.)

  • Give each of the five tournaments that qualify for the "standard" category as options.
  • Add "Response validation" that makes it so voters can select a maximum of four options. Selecting all five options has no impact on the outcome of the vote.


See here for an example of how to set up the poll! (I can't put this into the post itself because Cloudflare thinks it's a SQL injection attack, lol.)

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I think that changing the format each tour may make the tours interesting, and building teams for different formats is intriguing always. And playing the same tier (like OU) over and over again might make them stale (especially to the non-native people of the tier, who play some other tier and find the said tier “boring” or anything), and it’d also give the people who play the non-standard tiers (RU etc), a better chance in winning (I meant in the context that they might not play the standard tiers so they *might* have problems building, etc).
Since it's september 1st, are the polls going to be started soon?
I think the tournament host makes the poll. Then you’ll just need to ask a mod to make an announcement.
If you would prefer me to make the first poll, I can do that.
Ok, I can make the poll, was just a tad confused.
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OU Level Up Moves ONLY

Yeah, I think it needs a better name too...

This tournament bans all moves learnt by TMs/TRs, Egg Moves, Event Moves, as well as Move Tutors, meaning only moves learnt by Level-Up and upon evolution can be used. This'll greatly affect the metagame, as most Pokemon don't get any good coverage, pivot moves, and etc. Though, Pokemon like Regieleki retain most of their moves. The brackets and matchups can be entirely decided by the host of the tournament, or chosen by the people participating in the tournament.


  • All OU Clauses apply to this tournament, and of course, the battle format is OU. The format can also be changed to spice things up if the tournament has already been done before, and will use the clauses of that exact format.
  • The moves learnt by level up and moves learnt upon evolution are only for the learnsets of the generation being played ONLY. By this I mean BDSP OU only uses BDSP learnsets, SwSh OU uses SwSh learnsets, etc.
  • Moves learnt only by a pre-evolution through level up are allowed for their evolutions, such as Steelix being allowed to use Rock Polish as Onix can learn it through level up.
  • If a move can be learnt by both level up/upon evolution and TM/TR/Egg Moves/Move Tutors, they are still allowed, such as Quagsire learning Muddy Water through both level up as well as TR in Sword/Shield.
  • Abilities, items, and everything else isn't altered by this in any way.

If I need to clarify anything else, please tell me if I need to do so. I'm often bad at explaining things, so if you need me to address anything else, I don't mind doing so.

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The Points Tournament

Gen 8 Ubers, or the most recent generation. Basically EvilTwinNeedle™️'s suggestion on the older thread, with minor changes. Probably needs a catchier name.

NFE and ZU = 0
PU = 1
NU = 3
RU = 5
UU = 7
OU = 9

Each Pokemon in on your team costs a given amount of points, depending on the tier it's in. You can have under the amount of points, but not over. Any BL (UUBL, RUBL, etc.) costs 1 point less than the tier above it. You get 20 points to spend. Ubers Pokemon seem way too overpowered in a tournament with primarily lower tier Pokemon, but if enough people think otherwise they can be unbanned.

Single elimination, so a loss means you are knocked out of the tournament. This can be best of three or double elimination if enough people want it.

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It seems that if you use an Uber the rest of the team must be pu so just ban ubers.
You can use 1 Ubers, 1 RU, and 4 empty slots.
Well the slots wouldn't be empty, they would be either ZU or NFE Pokemon.
oops I cannot math.
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Left out tournament :(


Hey, It's me, Dank Muffin, back with another bad post. Have you ever been bullied on the school playground? With no one to comfort you, you sit in silence on the swingset? Well, lucky for you, some pokemon have gone through that too in the sword and shield playground. Luckily, I am making a tournament where you can use only them! This will revitalize some of the pokemon that have been neglected by game freak, such as breloom and gliscor. This metagame will be MUCH more hyper offensive, as some of the only viable walls are Alomomola and Chesnaught. The link for the left out pokemon.


  • Standard National Dex OverUsed rules
  • Dynamax is banned, as because of the lack of walls and in general bulky pokemon, I think the mechanic is overpowered (I don't think it's allowed in National Dex OverUsed anyways)
  • Only using Pokemon that were cut from Sword and Shield
  • Even after sword and shield, if this tournament is selected, the list will remain the same
  • Speaking of, the qualifiers are a round where you will play one person, and based on that, you will be matched up in a "losers" bracket and a "winners" bracket. In these brackets, it will run like a normal tournament, until the winner of the winner's bracket and the winner of the loser's bracket face off in the finals
  • There will be one match with the matchups

Predictions for the top pokemon

  • Gliscor
  • Greninja
  • Hoopa
  • Serperior
  • Manaphy
  • Staraptor
  • Infernape
  • Mega Medicham
  • Breloom
  • Smeargle
  • Alolan Muk
  • Mega Beedrill
  • Alomomola
  • Chesnaught

So, please consider this idea!

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Wait one thing

>  For example, if Gliscor, Infernape and Hoopa were the top pokemon in round 1 (which probably will get the ban hammer lmao), *you couldn't use them for the rest of the tournament.*

So for every round the top three mons will get banned?
Yeah the post says two different things: "Each week, other than the qualifiers/seeding rounds, the top three pokemon are banned in the next round"
I agree that rule isn't very good to begin with, though.
Oh didn't read that, alr.
Oh shoot, I left the first draft in, honestly thanks for bumping it. I am going to change this rq
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Unrestricted Items!

@ NO NEED! but, @ ALLOWED!
@ NO NEED! but, @ ALLOWED!
@ NO NEED! but, @ ALLOWED!
@ NO NEED! but, @ ALLOWED!
--> NO NEED! but, starting with ALLOWED!


This is a pretty cool format which I loved and lot and would like to share here. The main idea here is that the "items" and "abilities" which change the form of Pokémon in between a battle are nullified, and you can go straight into the battle without them! For example, to get a Gengar-Mega, you'll have to give it a Gengarite, but here, you can do a Gengar-Mega with any item! All the obtainable forms, till that generation, are available to play with.
I'll be adding every item and ability which changes the form of Pokémon in between the game so that it becomes easy to make a team.
Please note that it doesn't affect Arceus's interaction with its Plates! If you want an Arceus-Water, you'll have to give an Arceus a Splash Plate. (This is because of cartridge legalities which exist till Gen 7 (and National Dex). BDSP doesn't have them, so we can play any BDSP format without this issue.) Without a Plate, you can go into battle with an Arceus-*, but it'll be a Normal-type Pokémon.
This would also not affect Z-Moves interaction without the Z-Crystal. If you need a custom Z-Move, you'll have to give it its respective Crystal. Regular Z-Moves work as they do in legal metagames. CFZs are not legal.
As for the format, that'll be extremely enjoyable in an Anything Goes format (probably NatDex AG). They have the highest number of different forms and Megas, among others. ORAS/USUM OU would also suffice, but wouldn't be as fun. BDSP Ubers or AG would work, too. It also has the perk of having custom items Arceus-* with its changeable type, because of the in-game technicalities not being implemented.


  • Battles would be best of three (debatable).
  • Double Elimination (debatable).
  • The restrictions on one Mega per team still exist. The core mechanics are not being altered, only the need for some items and abilities are being "modified".
  • You can give Mega's and/or Primal's and/or any other form Z-Crystals. They'll work as normal.
  • You can give Mega's and/or Primal's and/or any other form their respective item which changes their form, like a Mega Stone or Orbs. This'll prevent Trick and Knock Off.
  • You can give Mega's and/or Primal's and/or any other form the Arceus Plates.
  • Arceus without a Plate would become Normal-type. (Unless this is played in BDSP.)
  • Please note that the format isn't final! Comment on how you'd like to play this.
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sounds awesome
I assume this we be done through the custom games Format (because it allows for Pokémon to start the battle as different forms).
Stuff that has abilities like Forecast, Hunger Switch, Shields Down, Ice Face, Schooling, etc. would remain the same form IF they didn’t keep such abilities; so as a technicality rule due to this effect, could we have the option to give them the ability Illuminate (has no competitive effect) instead of their natural ability to prevent them from reverting forms after being sent out?
(In the case of Sivally and Arceus, they are hard-coded to require both their ability and item to be present in order for their type to change) :P
1. ..? Why Custom Game? /challenge [format] @@@ !obtainable works.

2. We won’t be going that low in tiers. If that happens, something would be sorted out.
This is just like Nat Dex Ubers + Obtainable formes, so it's better to do in Nat Dex instead of USUM. Nat Dex is more popular anyways.
I suppose that /challenge would work, I kind of forgot it existed. :P

It doesn’t matter how viable something is, because of the tour idea, some bright mind may think of using these Pokémon regardless of the meta being Ubers/AG based, so you might as well flesh out these rules ahead of time. Also, people will definitely use Darmanitan-Galarian-Zen, and potentially even Aegislash-Shield and Wishiwashi-School, that cannot change form (and require another ability to do so). :P
Yeah I've tried a few test matches with /challenge and it works fine.

I'm not looking to drop to the lower tiers. Wishiwashi-S has a niche in PU, and we won't be doing PU because I personally haven't seen anyone play that except for me, Ignis and maybe MM. We also won't be doing Gen 8 AG/Ubers, because of the lack of Megas and Primals and all. "Definitely" is just an assumption, if people don't bring pre-DLC teams, Darmanitan-Galar-Zen won't be used (talking about NDAG). Aegislash-S also doesn't have a niche in ND, and if we *do* do OU (is it good enough..?), you can always add -aegislash-blade to the battle command if you only wanna use Aegislash-Shield, or -aegislash-shield if you only wanna do the opposite.
New command if anyone wanna use Aeglsiash-S: /challenge [format] @@@ !obtainable, -aegislash-blade.
I don't think Nat Dex AG would be a good idea. Teams would be infested with Band Zacian and Ditto to check it. This would highly restrict teambuilding and make the tour idea pointless. Nat Dex Ubers + obtainable Pokémon (that's w/o Zacian, right?) would be over-centralised by Yveltal (especially after Knock Off's indirect buff) and its check (most likely Arceus-F). ORAS doesn't have Z-crystals so its kinda meh, while SS AG has nothing. I'm personally against any OU (tho other may disagree) because of the lack of many Megas and most importantly Primals. USUM Ubers seems perfect for it (tho if you wanna get rid of Species Clause like me then USUM AG would work too, but M-Ray might be over-centralising and banning it would be a way, or we could do USUM Ubers w/o Species Clause) with all Megas and Z-crystals. It would also give Yveltal a nice chance to shine but not make it over-centralising because of lack of Dynamax and Calyrex-Shadow.

Amazing idea tho!! I'd love to see this in a tourney here!
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Pokémon DB Super Staff Bros

Note: This tournament won't necessarily be "ready" until Fizz, Ty, and other new/active Staff Members are added. (And people properly update their sets to Gen 8 + DLC, if desired).

Super Staff Bros is a concept originally a format thought up by Smogon where members of Smogon Staff are represented by Pokémon with cool custom sets that you can use. As this concept is endearing, I thought we should do this but with members of the Pokémon DB. Since it was based off of staff members of Smogon, Staff members of the DB are basically Pokemaster, Mods, Editors, Experts, and some Users that have contributed much to this community.

This thread is where the Roster and General rules have been decided. If the community is able to, it may make a randomized format for it (no promises, but IF we do, we can also add custom moves/abilities/items). If we can't do so, this will be played in custom games, with these restrictions:

  • You must use the exact sets from the Roster, including names and shininess
  • You may only bring 6 Pokémon (as custom games allows more)
  • You may not bring more than one Poémon with the same set (For example: you may bring a Scizor named "Sciz" and a shiny Scizor named "X-Scizor", but you can't bring more than one Farfetch'd named "sumwun")

This should be a bracket tourney, either Double Elim or Bo3.

Final note: this could probably be a “seasonal” tour, to be played near DB’s birthday or some relevant staff event (like promotions, maybe?). :P

As always, Good luck, and have fun!

I *love* this +1
Are the movesets for old staff members, like Speed Freak and Sciz, really made by them? Also we should probably have movesets for people who are staff on our Showdown! or Discord servers regardless of whether they're staff on Pokebase.
Sciz doesn’t currently have a set, I was using 2 users who that I knew of that could’ve had the same Pokémon.

I got a DM from Speedfreak a while back and he said to use something like his Rock Polish Torterra set he used to use back in the day- so I just tried to make it a little more viable. Pokemaster didn’t make his set either, but I have the current as a “placeholder” of sorts since he made the site and doesn’t seem to have enough time to notice this tour idea or make a set. :P
In that case, I would prefer taking out Pokemaster unless he/she/they/it sends a moveset to us. I don't really like trying to make up movesets for other people.
I agree with sumwun. Making sets for other people would be really sus and not good tbh.
@sUmwun @Assault fair enough. I’m busy right now, but when I have time, I’ll remove PM’s set. They’ll still have a placeholder on the roster, though: when you click on it, it will just say something like “Sorry, I’m too busy handling actual site problems to make a set” or something else creative and slightly funny. :P
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Mix and Mega Tournament

Mix and Mega is a cool Showdown format that revives and re-imagines Mega Evolution, letting you mix-and-match various Mega Stones to create an interesting teambuilding experience. Smogon explains it best:

Mix and Mega is an Other Metagame where players can put a Mega Stone on almost any one of their Pokémon to give it the typing, stats, and ability that the Mega Stone would give a Mega Evolution, with the limit of one Mega Evolution per team removed. For example, Sablenite Corviknight would have Magic Bounce for its ability, and it would get +10 Attack, +50 Defense, +20 Special Attack, +50 Special Defense, and -30 Speed.


  • The tournament will be played using the official Mix and Mega format
  • Current-gen Uber clauses apply
  • Dynamax is disabled
  • You can only use one of each mega stone per team
  • Most Uber Pokemon can't mega evolve
  • Beedrillite, Blazikenite, Gengarite, Kangashkanite, Mawilite, Medichamite, and Pidgeotite are banned
  • Calyrex-Shadow, Kyogre, and all Zacian forms are banned
  • Moody and Shadow Tag are banned
  • Electrify and Baton Pass are banned

For the full list of rules and mechanics, as well as a list of commonly used Pokemon, go here. For usage statistics, go here. For more information about the metagame, such as the viability rankings and speed tiers, go here.


  • Double elimination bracket
  • Matchups will be played as best of 3 sets
  • Seeding will be determined based on the participant's Elo in Mix and Mega. People that are unranked in Mix and Mega will be seeded below randomly. Participants need to use the Showdown account they send for seeding in tournament matches for verification that it's them.
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You should be able to challenge other people to Mix and Mega via command if they remove it from the list of OM. If Showdown! removes it/doesn’t host it directly anymore, servers like Dragon Heaven/the OM server will probably have it as they workshop and host OMs and their code there. :P

This links to all resources for Gen 8 M&M, including viability rankings:
Is this simply the MnM format or do you have some changes..?
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Mewtronome Only

A team of 6 mew using metronome.

Balanced Hackmon ruleset.

We did this years ago and it was hilarious. I'd love to do it again. Also its literally a no skill tournament that requires virtually no prep, so it's easy for everyone.

Single or double elimination, whichever people prefer. I'd go with double since it's just luck anyway but it depends on how long we want it to be.

This sounds like something I could actually win. Excellent idea
From what I know, Balanced Hackmons has species clause.
Oh that so? Well, whatever format allows us to have 6 mew then lol
AG could work.
A great idea, but with Doubles or Triple this can get more hilarious and fun to play. There's also a Smog article for it which can serve as a guide for the players: .
There's a format called Triple Shedinja Metronome Battles. TSMB is an unofficial format which isn't playable on the ladder, and if you want to play it, it's available in some side-servers.
Custom Game could work too. EVing it in defences/HP is funnier.
I dont mind it necessarily, but I kind of just wanted to do the singles format because that's what I did back in the day lol
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The Noobs vs Proa

Do all of you remember the time we were beginners to competitive battling? When we used to use goddamn RU Pokemon in Ubers, because they were our "favorites". Well, this is tournament is made to celebrate just that.

Players will be divided into two teams, so this tournament has to have an even number of players. The two teams will be the "Pros" and the "Noobs" (or the the "Amateurs", if you want to be civil). Both teams will have equal number of players, and each player will play a match against a member of the opposing team. After each participant has played a match, whichever team's players has won more matched, that teams will win the tournament. There will be no individual winners. In case of a tie, there will be 3 tiebreaker matches, and whichever team wins two wins the tourney. This tournament HAS to be played in a Smogon format, and all the rules and clauses of that format apply. Now, here's the twist. Players in Team Amateur can only use Pokemon from a tier below the tier the tournament is being played in. For example, if the tier is being played in OU, members from Team Amateur can only use Pokemon from UU and below. To balance things up, members of Team Professionals can only use five Pokemon. BL Pokemon are shifted to the tier above them, so UUBL Pokemon are considered OU Pokemon.

You can change the team names if you want, and the one match each player plays can be changed to First to Two. Hope you like it!

edited by
So I'm guessing that it can't be played in ZU? Also, what if there's an odd number of people who sign up?
Can the professionals use 5 Pokemon? I think 4 is too unbalanced.
We can have a poll or something if this idea is selected as the tour idea, but I guess having five Pokemon shouldn't be a problem
NFE and LC are lower tiers that ZU
Is the title supposed to be 'Noob vs Proa' or 'Noob vs Pros'?
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The Ban Happy Tournament

The rules for this tournament are simple. When you win a game, you can ban any Pokemon. You can also ban something on sign up. The bans come into effect the round after the current one. So if you ban something after a game of Round 1, it can't be used Round 2. Of course, you can't use any of the banned Pokemon for the remainder of the tournament, and if you do, you're disqualified. You can ban a Pokemon, item, or ability. The format should be Gen 8 OU (or the most recent generation). It should probably be single elimination due to the nature of this tournament, but if enough people want it double elimination is an option.

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What about the players choosing their ban when they sign-up, so that the r1 match also has some bans? And ig allowing to ban items would be pretty nice too, some items are a pain lole.

If you're posting this idea from a Smogon tour post then wouldn't the rules be same? Also being able to ban items and abilities is much better, and is done same in the original same tour.
I haven't actually looked at the rules for that, I just saw the title and thought this would be an interesting idea.

To specify, the bans come into effect the next round, so if you ban something when you win Round 1, it gets banned Round 2.

For items, I figured that since there's not a ton items that are viable, so it could get really restricting after a few rounds. While restriction is the point of the tournament, I feel like banning items might be too much. Now that I think of it it's not that big of a deal, and is probably fine.

As for banning on sign up, that makes sense.
Can we also ban moves?
No, just Pokemon. Banning moves seem a bit too powerful.
Banning moves would make the tournament more interesting. A lot of standard OU strategies would still work if we ban only Pokemon and nothing else.
I agree -- banning moves wouldn't be much of an issue and would make the tournament more engaging. With items + moves banned (in the latter rounds), the metagame would change significantly making it a fun experience to teambuild for the tour.
In that case, okay.
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Rainbow Tournament

Basically, the opposite of Staka~’s Color Clash Tournament. No two Pokémon on a team can share a Pokedex color.

OU with a few bans.


Ban List

I think it's time to edit this.

Shinies (they are too confusing, and I stand by it)



Zen Mode Darmanitan (not Galarian)

Standard OU Bans


Credits to NebbyY for helping me with the bans. Thank you! :)


Now, for the rest of the rules.

16 people may participate, though more or less can work.

Colors should be decided by looking at the [Bulbapedia page][1], not as a guess.

There will be standard elimination rounds, nothing fancy like teams.

Have fun! :D


So this is my first tournament suggestion.... hope it’s good! :D

side note - this was directly copied and pasted from my original suggestion, so I apologize if some parts are out of context.

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Types (Japanese: タイプ Type) are properties for Pokémon and their moves.

This can mean only one thing.
Monotype Tournament (but with moves)
Each team used in this tournament must have a designated type, and every member of that team must know at least one attack move of the designated type. If a Pokemon knows more than 2 attack moves, then at least 2 of them must be of the designated type.

Random technicalities:
The tournament is subject to OU rules.
Hidden power is treated as the Pokemon's hidden power type rather than normal type.
Judgement and multi attack are treated as the user's type if used by Arceus* or Silvally while holding a plate or memory.
Nothing else (not even abilities like aerilate) have any effect on the legality of a move, because those effects can be nullified during battle. You can take advantage of this, for example, by using Pinsir on a normal team (assuming Pinsir doesn't get banned anytime soon).
After each battle, the winner must enter "!showteam" (debatable).

*This rule has a tiny chance of becoming relevant someday if Arceus is ever un-banned.

edited by
How will you prevent the players from "cheating", as in loading less than one/two attack of the designated type? Also what Gen OU, and Arceus isn't going to get unbanned from any 3DS OU Gen.
I unfortunately can't think of a way to prevent players from putting 3 different types of attacks on a Pokemon and using only 2 of them. However, the chance of gaining any real advantage from this kind of cheating is not very likely, so I don't think we need to worry too much about it.
Also all tournaments are played using the newest generation unless specified otherwise.
You can make it a rule for both the players to use the "!showteam" command at the end of each match so that the "cheating" is prevented.
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The Rental Tourney

I don't know much about competitive battling so I've added no rules or anything. The public can debate that.

At the end of each round, the victor of each pairing copies their losing opponent's team exactly for the next round. They are given no tips on how to use the team, and they are not allowed to edit the team in anyway to suit themselves.

I hope it doesn't screw up the DB. :D

originally suggested by Indigo

So you're supposed to make your own team r1, and after that copy your opponent's team if they lost? And how would this be implemented in double elimination?
If we decide to do double elimination, I think we should make players switch teams after each battle. So if you move to the loser's bracket, you take the team used by the person who just defeated you.
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After hearing about things like monotype, monocolor/monochrome, and mono-generation, I decided to make a total rip-off of these ideas and post this answer.

Mono-egg group
It'll be a latest generation OU singles tournament, except all Pokemon on a team must share at least one egg group. Undiscovered counts as one egg group.

This seems like the perfect excuse to use a team entirely made up of Ditto.
Species clause is still a thing.
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SS Monothreat

Monothreat is the moniker for a Monotype format when two players intentionally bring the same type against each other. Given that both players are using the same type, they can build around very specific threats and run Pokémon that counter their own type. Essentially, you can think of it as regular Monotype, but both players agree to bring the same type beforehand. The premise is quite simple, but the amount of innovation and trickery involved is not.

Each Monothreat type forms a metagame within itself, so the format can be daunting to begin playing. Due to how teams are built, it is common to see Pokémon in Monothreat that you would otherwise not see in regular Monotype, such as Tsareena on Grass or Galarian Rapidash on Fairy. Building for Monothreat tests the boundaries of a Pokémon's movepool and rewards Pokémon that can fulfil a particular niche, even if it is otherwise subpar in regular formats. An example is Tauros, which is A rank in Monothreat but unranked in Monotype because it is the fastest Normal-type that has Close Combat and a relatively high Attack. Ultimately, Monothreat revolves around creative problem solving and resourcefulness to gain an advantage against your opponent because, as many players say, a Monothreat game can be won or lost in the teambuilder, so being detailed-oriented is key!

On the whole, I feel divided about what generation this would be best in. SS brought many new prominent Pokémon, items, and mechanics that differentiate it from SM, but, arguably, we lost just as much, if not more, along the way. Monotype was hit hard by the loss of certain threats and mechanics, but Monothreat specifically feeds off a plethora of Pokémon options and their movepools to respond to centralizing threats through creative avenues. For SS, it is the most popular generation at the moment and the playerbase is relatively more into SS than SM or even NatDex.

NatDex in itself has a lot of arguments and notable benefits. Pokémon and moves that are not transferrable between SM and SS would only benefit the metagame because a lot of important Pokémon play significant roles that aren't fulfilled by any other Pokémon. Nearly every type in SM had an S-ranked Mega Evolution, further epitomising their impact and usability.

The loss of moves also plays an important role because Monothreat feeds off movepool depth and versatility. Hidden Power single-handedly keeps Pokémon such as Ferrothorn and Scizor, two notable SS defensive walls in Grass and Bug, respectively, at bay. Even lesser-seen moves such as Signal Beam will only strengthen the possibilities available. When two same types are facing each other, it becomes crucial to have coverage to hit the opponent as hard as possible.

Regular Monotype rules would apply. To decide a type beforehand, players would either converse through wall posts or by commenting on the tournament threat. Each player would have to list three of their preferable types, which would make the process of choosing a type smooth.

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Name: ADV OU Ladder tournament

1.This is a ladder tournament that will be held on the regular PS! Gen 3 OU Ladder.
2. You must make an fresh account on PS! starting with a prefix followed by your name on Pokemon DB(or an abbreviation of it). If the prefix is ALT, I could for example make an account and sign up with the prefix ALT Cdijk21. The prefix for the tournament will be declared if/when the tour starts.
3. You have a week to ladder. The top 8 players on Gen 3 OU Ladder with the Prefix will be selected for Playoffs.
4. The Playoffs will be single elimination, first to 2 wins.
5. If there are any questions about this tournament, feel free to send me a wall post.
6. All standard Gen 3 OU rules apply to this tournament.
7. You are allowed to change teams between games during a Playoffs.

If you're new to Gen 3, I reccomend one of these teams for ladderring:
The Top 3 are best suited for beginners.
This article is a great resource for ADV Teambuilding:

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Not really into the idea of forcing participants to ladder to have a chance of playing. It would heavily decrease participation as many participants don't have the time for ladder matches.
Playing on the ladder is easier than scheduling for people who have minor issues with playing or a bigger issue with timezones. This offers a new perspective on how we're going about tournaments right now, not a bad idea per se. I don't think this'll decrease participation heavily.

Laddering is too easy for most OU formats anyways.
ADV OU has a pretty good ladder once you get past the 1200s. It'd be cool to see more activity on it, and I think it'd be more friendly to newcomers to play on the ladder. Low ladder has a ton on Ninjask pass and BP stuff last I checked, make sure to carry a phazer.
I do agree that playing on ladder is easier than scheduling, but issues arise when either the format is too non-famous and has a dead ladder (eg. a RBY OU tour); or is too famous, ending up with a lot of participants, and requiring participants to play a lot of ladder to get to top 8 (eg. last year's SS OU tour, which had ~25 participants). Both situations would decrease participation, though we can sort out which formats are better with ladder and which with normal schedules.
ADV OU is a fairly active ladder. Most of the time, you can find games in around ~10 seconds of searching.  I think it's pretty ladder tour friendly, it's neither too popular nor unpopular.
Sounds good then. I was initially worried because I did BW OU ladder a couple of months ago and matches started taking upwards of 5 mins to find at 1200+.
GSC and BW OU ladders are somewhat inactive, but all other OU ladders are easy to find games on in my experience.
If anyone wants teams for laddering or advice on ADV, send me a wall post.
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Doubles Hackmons
I was wondering how it would be like to play hackmons in a doubles format. It would be nice for all of us to see how all of this will work out. You can switch teams between battles. If someone disconnects the battle must be redone but if this happens twice the opponent may take the win. It will work EXACTLY like balanced hackmons but it is doubles not singles. Any number of participants. Double elimination.

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I think a Gen 8 National Dex would be good.

National Dex allows you to use any Pokemon with Megas, Z Moves etc are allowed.

Rules -

  • No Gigantamax.
  • No Pokemon-specific Z Moves are allowed, so Lycanium-Z is not allowed but Rockium-Z is allowed.
  • Primal formes, Rayquaza-Mega, Origin formes and Necrozma-Ultra are banned.
  • Few Mega Stones banned and those are - All starter Megas, Beedrlite, Pidgeotite, Gengarite, Garchompite.
  • Baton Pass is banned.
  • Evasion moves are banned
  • Bulk Up Corviknight is banned.
  • Team must contain six Pokemons.
  • FEAR Pokémon are banned.
  • Aegislash is banned.
  • Urshifu* (both formes) are banned.
  • It will be single elimination.
  • Tournament to be conducted on Summer Holidays.
  • It will be best of three.
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I feel like lots of these bans are very unneccesary. FEAR is easily counterable and half the mega stones banned seem worthless, as megas like Sceptile and Pidgeot are in low tiers. Why did you make bans for Pokemon tiered UU like Mega Beedrill and Aegislash if most of those Pokemon aren't used very often in National Dex (OU)?
I'm just assuming your talking about National Dex OU, if you're actually talking about NatDex AG or NatDex UU, some of these bans still seem extremely odd.
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"If the strong and able do too much, they limit the contributions of others. The strong must show restraint. This enables everyone to live together and share responsibility."
--a veteran, Hearthome City, Pokemon Platinum Version

With that in mind, allow me to explain the
Level-balanced tier shift tournament!

Every species of Pokemon (except those with no legal abilities) is allowed, but those on higher Smogon tiers must have lower levels. Based on statistics from January 2022, these are the max levels for each tier.

ZU: 100 (MBST 494)
PU: 99 (MBST 500)
NU: 98 (MBST 507)
RU: 96 (MBST 535)
UU: 96 (MBST 505)
OU: 93 (MBST 570)
Ubers: 85 (MBST 680)

As for the details, this tournament will be set in Ubers, but use the OU banlist for abilities and moves.

Pokemon in BL tiers have the same max levels as the tier above them. (for example, UUBL Pokemon have the same max level as OU Pokemon) Pokemon below ZU have the same max level as ZU.

Light balls and Eviolites are banned.

If a generation started recently, and not all usage tiers have been out of beta for a month, then please delay this tournament until they are.

If this tournament is to happen after I leave the site, then the host is to do this to determine the max level for each tier.

Step 1: Find the right usage statstics
Go to and click the latest date on the page. You should now see something like


for each playable tier. The numbers right before the .txt are GLICKO ratings. The higher numbers imply more experience, so you will use stats from players with the highest GLICKO rating (gen21ou-1825.txt in this case) to calculate the maximum levels.

Step 2: Calculate the median base stat total (I'll call it MBST) for each tier
These calculations involve base stat totals. If a Pokemon can enter battle in an alternate form or reliably change form on turn 1 before anything moves, then the alternate form's base stats should be used.
The MBST of a tier is the median base stat total for the first 200% of Pokemon on the statistics you just found.

Step 3: Calculate the max level for each tier
The max level for ZU will be 100. The max level for all the other tiers are given by
100 sqrt(a/b)
where a is the MBST of ZU and b is the MBST of the tier whose max level you're calculating. Round down.

If a tier's max level is lower than the max level of the tier below, then the higher tier's max level will be set to the lower tier's. For example, if the max level of OU is less than the max level of UU, then the max level of OU will be set to the max level of UU.

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Random Pokemon Tournament

I got this idea based on battles I did with Volt Striker. Each player will get a generated team, they build sets for each Pokemon, then they battle it out. Battles will be Single Elimination.


  • To make sure people don't spam the button for the best teams, the Host will generate the teams for each player using This Random Generator. The Host must set the settings to 6 Pokemon, All Regions, Legendaries, and Forms before generating teams. After each round, the Host will generate new teams for each player.

  • No Dynamax/Gigantamax! You can use Z-moves, if the site generates a Mega Form, you can use it, but if the site generates a Gigantamax Form, you can't use it.

  • In the case of Hisuian Pokemon, you use the Pokemon it's base form would evolve into normally, or just the base form. What I mean is if you get Ursaluna you use Ursaring, if you get Kleavor you use Scizor, if get Basculegion you're stuck with Basculin, and so on. In the case of Enamorus, the player gets to choose which of Landorus, Thunderus, or Tornadus they want to use.

  • All Pokemon must be Level 100, Final Evolved, and the Format is NDAG.

Okay I think that's everything. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.