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This is mainly so that we don't have eight person tournament spamming suggestions that aren't the highest quality. It's fine to take a break from tournaments. This will actually mostly impact my tournament suggestions, since I have three eight person tournaments under four votes.

Answer only if you have a lot to say, otherwise just comment. I'm mainly looking for the opinion of moderators here, although I will take all posts into consideration.

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I actually believe something like 6+ votes would be better, as people have their own little "groups" on the DB, usually helping each other out with upvotes. Something like the thing between us Mods. Just like the criteria for hiding a tournament in the Tournament thread.

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I would agree with six. Eight man tournaments would likely get less votes (and have), since less people can participate so people would be less likely to throw their hat into the rink with them, because it is unlikely they will get in. Six is the amount those that have gone have achieved, so that would be a good number. And the consistency with the other stuff we do with the tournament is also nice.
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Pfft, honestly no tournament should start without a mod approval. And it should have the most votes.

For 8 mans, at least 8 seems good to me. And a heads up with us would be nice.

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