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There have been tournaments on the DB server recently, but usually 3-4 people participate in each one. I think it's not that people don't want to participate in tournaments, but that nobody has any idea when they will be. A thread like this should keep the site relatively well informed and increase activity on the server.

We've stated multiple times that we're working on bringing server tournaments back, but first other server bugs need to be fixed. I think right now we're just waiting on PM to update the server and implement the new code, which could take quite a while.

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There is not really a set time for tournaments on the server at the moment, they kind of just happen. Im all down for the idea of tournaments again like we used to have back in the day when the server first opened up, however making a whole post dedicated simply to letting people know a tournament will start soon on a server is kind of pointless. This is our tournaments page as i'm sure you know and all that needs to happen is reviving the old system. If you are deadset on specific times though the best way to do that is have it automatically set up on the server, like in the monotype room where they have their Official Tour ever couple of hours.

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who is in charge of the server now?
Iirc the server is and akways has been ruled by Sciz.

You didn't see the thread that said that Sciz left?