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Decided to make a new thread myself for this so I can get the responses via email. Here you can report any minor errors with the main site instead of starting a lot of new questions. Things you can report here include:

  • Spelling/grammar errors.
  • Incorrect data (e.g. Pokemon with the wrong abilities listed, moves with the wrong power/type and so on).
  • Missing pictures (sprites, icons and artwork).

As I fix the errors, the answers will be hidden. Try and keep comments to a minimum to avoid clogging up the page, stick to important things like additions/corrections to the corrections. Remember, small corrections only!

Please, post corrections as ANSWERS, not comments. Thanks :)

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I have decided to post all minor errors that I found in one post.

Serene grace has always boosted the flinch chance of razor fang and king's rock.

In Emerald, the TM11 sunny day, TM19 giga drain, and TM31 brick break can be obtained at Trainer Hill.

The page about defiant should probably specify that the physical attack goes up 2 stages.

Competitive activates when the ability user's stat is lowered, not when it's targeted by a move. So it doesn't activate for missed moves but does activate for things that aren't moves, like intimidate.

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Fixed a few of these. About "Sticky Web" - the moves listed on the XY page isn't EVERY move, it's just the few that were revealed before XY's release. All the new moves are shown on
Spook, according to Bulbapedia, "Although Contest conditions are a hidden stat in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokémon Black and White, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, and Pokémon X and Y, a Feebas that has maximum Beauty will still evolve in these games. The Prism Scale, introduced in Generation V, was created due to the fact that there is no legitimate way to raise the Beauty of a Feebas created in the Generation V games, whereas with FireRed and LeafGreen, a trade to Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald was all that was required, and a haircut or grooming by Daisy Oak or the Haircut brothers is all that is required in HeartGold and SoulSilver." Get your facts straight. Bulbapedia is correct BY DEFINITION.
Fixed all the rest of these now, thanks for reporting!
You didn't fix the serene grace error. Also, I added a new one.
Serene Grace doesn’t affect the items in gen 3-4 as far as I’m aware. Do you have a source that says otherwise?
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On the EV page, it says that if an EV-reducing berry is used on a Pokémon with over 100 EVs in the corresponding stat, it will drop the EVs down to 100, and then reduce 10 EVs per berry from there. However, this in only true in Generation 4; in Emerald and Generation 5 onward, they always reduce the corresponding stat by 10.

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I've fixed the Photon Geyser link (and removed it from your answer).
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Starting in Gen V, Baton Pass no longer passes the effect of trapping moves such as Mean Look.

Baton Pass, Volt Switch, and U-turn are not blocked by trapping effects (this is not mentioned in their current descriptions).

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Thanks, I've just updated the details for the various protect moves. (I've removed those parts from your answer as I've not yet fixed the others.)
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As of generation 5 onwards, compound eyes does not increase accuracy by 50% of it's original drop rate but rather in this order, 50% to 60%, 5% to 20% and finally 1% to 5%
EDIT: I thought 55% wasn't working very well for that Blissey lucky egg held chance wasn't right and looked further.

Thanks, fixed.
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The page with unavailable Pokemon in Pokemon shuffle says that Sandygast is not available even though I have it. I think I got it through the safari so that’s why. It adds new Pokemon every week. And I think that’s why it wasn’t updated. And also deoxys formers appear in expert stages and alola marowak was there once too.

Yes the Shuffle page has not been updated in a long while as I stopped playing. I'll get around to updating it some time!
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Fell Stinger deals damage, and if the target is knocked out by this move, the user's Attack is raised by two stages.

But Generation 7 onward, Fell Stinger raises the user's Attack by three stage.


Gold bottle Cap/ Bottle Cap's Effect: A beautiful bottle cap that gives off a golden/silver gleam. Some people are happy to receive one.

It should be: A beautiful bottle Cap that can be traded to Mr. Hyper to maximize all/one of the pokemon's IVs in Hyper Training.

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Helix, it is what the game says.
The Fell Stinger thing is true, though.
Thanks, updated. As SYL said the text for the Bottle Cap is just the in-game description (which most items have because I haven't written custom descriptions). But since you posted I've gone ahead and updated those descriptions.
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There are lot of errors in this page.
This movie's description,


Minimize raises the user's Evasion by two stages, thus making the user more difficult to hit. Stats can be raised to a maximum of +6 stages each.
The moves Stomp and Steamroller hit with double power against a Pokemon that has used Minimize.


In Generations 1-5, Minimize has 20 PP.
In Generations 1-4, Minimize only raises Evasion one stage.

It should be:


Minimize raises the user's Evasion by two stages, thus making the user more difficult to hit. Stats can be raised to a maximum of +6 stages each.
The moves Stomp, Body Slam, Dragon Rush, Flying Press, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Malicious Moonsault and Steamroller hit with double power and and bypass accuracy checks. against a Pokemon that has used Minimize.


In Generation 1, Pokémon that have used Minimize will receive a tiny image untill the user faints or switches out.
In Generations 1-5, Minimize has 20 PP.
In Generations 1-4, Minimize only raises Evasion by one stage.
In Generation 3, Pokémon that have used Minimize will also recieve double damage when hit by Astonish, Extrassensory and Needle Arm.
In Generation IV, Stomp's base power will be doubled instead of dealing double damage against a Minimized Pokémon.
In Generation VI, Phantom Force and Shadow Force also deal double damage and bypass accuracy checks.

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Nice. I didn't notice those
I posted almost this exact thing two years ago, and I only got 1 up-vote in those two years. How is this fair?
Thanks, I've finally made all the updates to Minimize, and added notes on the other moves affected.
@sumwun new answers bump the question so most likely more people happened to see this answer instead of yours. There's no need to worry about it, the purpose is to help fix PokemonDb, not gain upvotes :)
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The page for Autotomize says that the move halves the user's weight, but it actually reduces it by 100 kgs.
Btw, did you know that Autotomize is the only steel type move consisting of one word?

Thanks, fixed.
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I have been going through every move in Pokemon recently, and I have found a confusing conflict of information between this site and all others.

According to your site, After You has the following effect:

After You forces the target to attack first in the next turn. It can be targeted at opponents or team-mates.

However, this conflicts with all other sites, where they say a variant of the following (example from Bulbapedia):

The target will move next on the current turn, ignoring priority

Your version seems to imply that After You affects the targeted Pokemon by making it move first next round, rather than immediately after the user of After You. Having not used the move, I cannot say that your version is incorrect, but I suspect that every other site having the same wording means that their version is correct.

If it 's true that all other site's versions are correct, I would suggest altering the wording of the effect to avoid confusion, maybe to something like this:

After You forces the target to attack next in the current turn. It can be targeted at opponents or teammates.

Other post was getting too long, so I'll post some minor corrections below:

Flower Shield's move target claims to target only an adjacent pokemon, but Flower shield affects all Pokemon on the field, including the user

I think that Flying Press is supposed to be able to hit Pokemon on the opposite side in a Triple battle, but other sites are inconsistent at reporting this, so I only have Bulbapedia (and I think Serebi, but their site is hard to read) as a source. Could someone confirm/refute this one?

Focus Energy's Effect is not clear as to its effect, and is inconsistent with other effects on the site. It should be reworded as "Increases user's critical hit ratio by two stages". Also, page should note that this was increased from +1 in Gen 2, as well as noting that in Gen 1, Focus energy was supposed to be x4, but was instead divide by 4.

Foresight's Effect claims that Ghost-types can now hit Normal types, but all other sites seem to say that's not the case. Also, some sites claim that Foresight's effect doesn't end until the target is swapped out, but I cannot confirm this. Can someone also confirm/refute this one?

Gear Up's Effect is copy/paste of its move description, and is inconsistent with the rest of the site. A way to word this to match the rst of the site would be as follows: "The user targets all allies, including itself, with the Plus or Minus Ability, and raises their Attack and Sp Atk by one stage each."

Geomancy incorrectly claims the move targets a single adjacent ally, instead of the user

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Now up to Aromatic Mist in my search through every move. This is the current text on this site:

Aromatic Mist raises the Special Defense of the user and its teammates by one stage

According to most sites (though some are hard to parse):

Aromatic Mist raises the Special Defense stat of a target ally Pokémon by one stage.

This seems to be corroborated by the flavor text, though I once again haven't used this move. Strangely, this site also claims the move to be able to target adjacent foes, which seems strange given the flavor text and effect of the move.

In order to limit posts, I'll post additional small corrections below:

Aurora Veil does not say in its Effect information that it requires hail to use

Disable says that the move lasts for 1-8 turns, but Disable has never had this range. It's been (according to Bulbapedia):
- 0-6 in Gen 1
- 2-8 in Gen 2
- 2-5 in Gen 3
- 4-7 in Gen 4
- 4 from Gen 5 onward
This page also ignores that in Gen 1, the disabled move was chosen at random from the Pokemon's movepool.

Fairy Lock's move target is listed as "single Adjacent Pokemon", but should be "Affects all Pokemon including user"

Fire Lash's Effect is actually a copy/paste of the move's description, and does not match the normal wording of the site. I would suggest altering it to the following:
- The user deals damage and lowers the target’s Defense stat by 1 stage.

Fissure's Effect claims that the move is "more likely to hit a foe of a lower level than the user", and "Fissure will fail against a target Pokémon at least 30 levels above the user". This is incorrect, as Fissure and all OHKO moves automatically fail if the foe is higher level than the user.
I can confirm this issue occurs on Guilotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold, so this does seem to be an issue with all OHKO moves for now

Floral Healing's Effect is not clear concerning the effects of grassy terrain. Instead of saying "It restores more HP when the terrain is grass.", it would be better to read "When the terrain is grass, the HP restored is increased to 2/3 its max HP."

Happy Hour's Move target incorrectly claims the move hits an adjacent pokemon, rather than the User + all allies

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Third Post for move changes. Other 2 posts are getting long:

Guard Swap's Effect says "User and opponent swap Defense and Special Defense." This is a bit misleading, as it seems to imply they swap their actual stat score, rather than swapping the stat stages

Heal Block says it can target All Foes, rather than All Adjacent Foes. That said, with only 2 other sites saying otherwise, I'd check in-game before making this change.

Helping Hand's Effect simply says it "boosts the power of the partner's move" without explaining what that means. A more informative explanation would be that it "increases the power of the partner's move by 50%"

On the "All Moves" page , Hidden Power's Effect says that the move's power is dependent on the Pokemon's IVs, which hasn't been the case since Gen 6.

High Horsepower's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site (and isn't even an effect). A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has no secondary effect"

Ice Hammer's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and lowers the user's Speed stat by 1 stage"

Instruct's Effect is misleading, as it claims to only work on teammates. In reality, Instruct can be used on enemies as well as teammates

On the "All Moves" page , Iron Tail's Effect claims to have a 10% chance to succeed, but this is contradicted on the move's individual page, where the Effect claims to have a 30% chance to succeed

King's Shield claims to target a single adjacent pokemon, which is incorrect. It should target the user

Leafage's Effect is effectively a copy/paste of its description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has no secondary effect"

Liquidation's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site, as well as not including information on the percent chance of the effect. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense stat by 1 stage"

Lunge's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and lowers the target's Attack stat by 1 stage"

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Hey just wanted to say thanks for all these posts. I'll try and get them updated when I can.
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Note: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are released soon.

Much grammars.

Thanks, since they've been released now I've updated it to make sense :)
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Please stop me if this is just me misunderstanding the format of the egg-move section, but in Onix's egg-moves, it says that Bronzor, Bronzong, Golurk, and Dhelmise can pass on Heavy Slam to Onix. This is impossible, as said Pokemon are genderless and can only breed with Ditto.

There are also a few all-female parents listed in egg group pages, like Murkrow punishment.
Aren’t there some Pokémon that are in certain egg groups but can’t breed? Like Metagross being in the mineral group?
Technically Metagross can breed with Ditto. The problem here is that Pokemon can pass down egg moves only if they can be male, and they can breed with females from other evolution families.
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Post number 5 here, due to the length of posts

Power Trip's Effect is copy/pasted from its description, and does not match the quality of other effects. An improved Effect goes as follows:

"Power Trip deals varying damage based on the user's stat increases. It starts at base power 20 and increases by 20 for each net stat boost the user has received, including Evasion and Accuracy. In other words the power is:

20 × NumIncreases + 20

For example, if the Pokémon used Dragon Dance and Double Team once each, that is a total of 3 stat increases (+1 Attack, +1 Speed, +1 Evasion) and Power Trip's base power will be 20 × 3 + 20 = 80.

The maximum it could reach (although impractical) if all stats are fully boosted is 20 × 6 × 7 + 20 = a massive 860 base power. (This does not include other boosts - here the Pokémon would have a +6 Special Attack boost meaning a 4× multiplier, plus STAB for most of the Pokémon that can learn Power Trip.)

(Copied from Stored Power, as the attacks work the same)

Additional minor corrections below:

Present's Effect is very vague, and does not properly convey the move's effect, nor matches the quality of the other descriptions on the site. A better wording would be "Upon using Present, one of 4 outcomes occurs, according to the following chart:
Row 1. 40% | Deals damage with base 40 power
Row 2. 30% | Deals damage with base 80 power
Row 3. 10% | Deals damage with base 120 power
Row 4. 20% | Heals target of 1/4 max HP

Prismatic Laser's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match the quality of other descriptions on the site. An improved description would be "Prismatic Laser does damage, but the user must recharge on the next turn. (Enter) If the attack misses, the move is blocked by immunity due to Protect or Detect, or the move fails to damage due to type immunity, the recharge turn will not occur."

Psychic Fangs' Effect is copy/pasted from its description, and does not match the quality of other effects on the site. An improved effect would be something like "The user deals damage and clears the target of Light Screen, Reflect, or Aurora Veil. These effects are cleared prior to damage calculations. (Enter) If the move misses, the effects of Light Screen, Reflect, or Aurora Veil be not be removed

Psycho Shift's Effect is a bit sparse, and should probably be expanded to something like "The target gains the user's status condition, then the user is cured of that condition." Other sites also mention the move only affecting non-volatile status moves, and the move failing if the target already has a non-volatile status move, but I've not used the move personally, and couldn't find enough sources to confirm this. Will need to be investigated further.

Purify's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. An improved wording would be something like "The target is cured of its status effect, and the user regains up to 1/2 its max HP. The move fails if the target does not have a status effect." Similar to Psycho Shift, other sources say this must be a non-volatile status condition, but additional research is needed for that.

Relic Song's Effect is worded strangely compared to other Effects. To better match other moves, I would suggest rewording it to "The user deals damage, and has a 10% chance to put the target to sleep"

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Pokemaster edit: the DexNav Pokemon for Hoenn do not specify when they're post-National Dex.

Hello, im currently playing Pokemon omega ruby, and im using your web site to find information on Pokemon in every area (like I've always done), and im sorry to say but i think you made en error in the site, because most of the Pokemon, you right you can find, you can't actually find.

It's so frustrating, pleas let me know if it's just me that's blind or if it's you that made a mistake.

this is not a complaint, just a heads op.

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Could you provide some examples?
Note that there's a probability of each pokemon appearing - some appear less than others.
of course, on route 101 it says that, with the DexNav, you can catch, Lillipup, Zorua, and Sewaddle, well I've looked on that route extensively, and i'm telling you the only pokemon you can catch with the DexNav on that route is Zigzagoon, Wurmple and Poochyena. Your site even says that Zoura and Sewaddle is common pokemon in that area and i'm pretty sure none of them is in the game.

BTW. thank you for answering :)
That's because those Pokemon are only available in after you get the National Dex, the site just doesn't specify that. After you get it, a ton of new Pokemon start appearing on the DexNav. So it's actually correct, just a bit vague. Other sites like Bulbapedia say the exact same thing (see ).
Thanks for bringing this up though!
Oh! great! got it as the last thing last night so i havent tried it yet, cant wait.!

thanks a lot and no problem :)
Thanks. I've edited the answer with clarification, in other words what I actually need to fix when I get around to fixing it :)
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On the page about IVs:
> In Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can find out what type Hidden Power would be for any Pokémon by showing it to a man in the game corner Prize Exchange building (Veilstone City for Platinum, Celadon City for HG/SS).

This needs to be updated.

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Please add that Zigzagoon gets the move ExtremeSpeed through Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire Event in Gen III. It is given to the player as an egg, which later hatches to a Zigzagoon once the player has 100 Pokémon in storage. This is a list of multiple Pokémon

Swablu - Start of game, knows False Swipe

Zigzagoon - 100 Pokémon, knows ExtremeSpeed

Skitty - 500 Pokémon, knows Pay Day

Picchu - 1499 Pokemon, knows Surf

Is there information on moves you get by transferring Pokemon from Colosseum or XD?
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Important for Sun/Moon:

  • The ability Water Bubble also doubles the power of Water moves used by the Pokémon, before STAB, in addition to its other features.
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Thanks, I've updated the page.
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The description for Comatose is poorly worded and slightly misleading:

Prevents all status conditions except Sleep.

However, on Bulbapedia it says:

Comatose makes the user act as if it were asleep, without inflicting the status; the Pokémon with this Ability can still use moves (including successfully using Sleep Talk and Snore). It cannot be afflicted with non-volatile status conditions or become drowsy due to Yawn. The Pokémon with this Ability takes double damage from Hex and Wake-Up Slap, can be affected by Dream Eater and Nightmare, and cannot successfully use Rest.

The description on the database is only true when a pokemon gains the ability.

If a Pokémon that already has a status condition gains Comatose (i.e. due to Transform or Imposter), it will not be cured of its status condition. If the Pokémon was asleep, the status has its normal effect, unaffected by Comatose.

So if you Skill Swap Comatose onto a Sleeping Pokémon, they're sleeping in their sleep. Sleepception. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Thanks, I've updated the description now.
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the Status condition for being confused still says "50% chance to hit self", but this was changed in gen 7. the chance is now 33%.

Thanks, now fixed.