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Decided to make a new thread myself for this so I can get the responses via email. Here you can report any minor errors with the main site instead of starting a lot of new questions. Things you can report here include:

  • Spelling/grammar errors.
  • Incorrect data (e.g. Pokemon with the wrong abilities listed, moves with the wrong power/type and so on).
  • Missing pictures (sprites, icons and artwork).

As I fix the errors, the answers will be hidden. Try and keep comments to a minimum to avoid clogging up the page, stick to important things like additions/corrections to the corrections.

Remember, small corrections only! If you're reporting something more substantial than a missing picture or incorrect data, please make a new thread!

Please, post corrections as ANSWERS, not comments. Thanks :)

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Now up to Aromatic Mist in my search through every move. This is the current text on this site:

Aromatic Mist raises the Special Defense of the user and its teammates by one stage

According to most sites (though some are hard to parse):

Aromatic Mist raises the Special Defense stat of a target ally Pokémon by one stage.

This seems to be corroborated by the flavor text, though I once again haven't used this move. Strangely, this site also claims the move to be able to target adjacent foes, which seems strange given the flavor text and effect of the move.

In order to limit posts, I'll post additional small corrections below:

Aurora Veil does not say in its Effect information that it requires hail to use

Disable says that the move lasts for 1-8 turns, but Disable has never had this range. It's been (according to Bulbapedia):
- 0-6 in Gen 1
- 2-8 in Gen 2
- 2-5 in Gen 3
- 4-7 in Gen 4
- 4 from Gen 5 onward
This page also ignores that in Gen 1, the disabled move was chosen at random from the Pokemon's movepool.

Fairy Lock's move target is listed as "single Adjacent Pokemon", but should be "Affects all Pokemon including user"

Fire Lash's Effect is actually a copy/paste of the move's description, and does not match the normal wording of the site. I would suggest altering it to the following:
- The user deals damage and lowers the target’s Defense stat by 1 stage.

Fissure's Effect claims that the move is "more likely to hit a foe of a lower level than the user", and "Fissure will fail against a target Pokémon at least 30 levels above the user". This is incorrect, as Fissure and all OHKO moves automatically fail if the foe is higher level than the user.
I can confirm this issue occurs on Guilotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold, so this does seem to be an issue with all OHKO moves for now

Floral Healing's Effect is not clear concerning the effects of grassy terrain. Instead of saying "It restores more HP when the terrain is grass.", it would be better to read "When the terrain is grass, the HP restored is increased to 2/3 its max HP."

Happy Hour's Move target incorrectly claims the move hits an adjacent pokemon, rather than the User + all allies

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When you edit your profile, the checkbox says that if you allow posts on your wall “you will also be emailed” when someone posts. However, I never got any emails so I looked around and found this topic stating that emails have been removed. Would it be possible to remove that “you will also be emailed” part? Not a big deal but it caused me a little confusion.

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Wall pages are not displayed correctly. They are displayed half of what their value should be, rounded up. For example, on what should be page 54 of PM's wall, it instead says that it's page 27. It also says page 53 is page 27, as half of 53 is 26.5, which rounds up to 27. Page 52 says page 26.

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On database it says you can't get any Pokemon in Nimbasa city; which is wrong because you can get trade Pokemon from Yancy/Curtis in Black 2 and White 2. The trades you can get (by order) are:
1. Meowth (male only)/Mankey (female only)
2. Wobuffet
3. Ralts
4. Shieldon (male only)/Cranidos (female only)
5. Rhyhorn
6. Shellos-West (male only)/ Shellos-East (female only)
7. Mawile (male only)/ Sableye (female only)
8. Spiritomb
9. Snorlax
10. Teddiursa (male only)/ Phanpy (female only)
11. Spinda
12. Togepi
All with their hidden abilities and all received at level 50; with varying natures, genders and IVs. Each Pokemon will be holding an item corresponding with the generation they came out. ( 1: Rare Candy, 2: RageCandyBar, 3: Lava Cookie, 4: Old Gateau)

Sources: Experience and this guide video

i'm pretty sure trades don't count?
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In Pokémon Black & White, a third hidden ability was introduced. The third ability is only available when a Pokémon is returned from the Dream World, a new online feature that is part of the Pokémon Global Link. 568 Pokémon have a Dream World ability.


This is extremely out-of-date. Hidden Abilities can be obtained in multiple different ways now, including but not limited to: SOS Chains, Ability Patches, Friend Safari, breeding a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability, Horde Encounters, Hidden Pokemon, Hidden Grottoes, Max Raid Battles, and transferring a Pokemon from a VC game.

Additionally, many more Pokemon than just 568 have Hidden Abilities.

Edit: Found one more out-of-date thing on the same page! My bad for not reporting it when I first posted.

Each Pokémon can have only one ability, however, some have the option of two different abilities. The choice is random and each ability is equally likely. There are 308 single-ability Pokémon and 355 dual-ability Pokémon.

There's more than 308/355 now. Some Pokemon can be "triple-ability" as well with Hidden Abilities, and I'm pretty sure a couple Pokemon in Gen 5 had four possible Abilities (perhaps Basculin-Blue Stripe, along with a couple others?).

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I have been going through every move in Pokemon recently, and I have found a confusing conflict of information between this site and all others.

According to your site, After You has the following effect:

After You forces the target to attack first in the next turn. It can be targeted at opponents or team-mates.

However, this conflicts with all other sites, where they say a variant of the following (example from Bulbapedia):

The target will move next on the current turn, ignoring priority

Your version seems to imply that After You affects the targeted Pokemon by making it move first next round, rather than immediately after the user of After You. Having not used the move, I cannot say that your version is incorrect, but I suspect that every other site having the same wording means that their version is correct.

If it 's true that all other site's versions are correct, I would suggest altering the wording of the effect to avoid confusion, maybe to something like this:

After You forces the target to attack next in the current turn. It can be targeted at opponents or teammates.

Other post was getting too long, so I'll post some minor corrections below:

Flower Shield's move target claims to target only an adjacent pokemon, but Flower shield affects all Pokemon on the field, including the user

I think that Flying Press is supposed to be able to hit Pokemon on the opposite side in a Triple battle, but other sites are inconsistent at reporting this, so I only have Bulbapedia (and I think Serebi, but their site is hard to read) as a source. Could someone confirm/refute this one?

Focus Energy's Effect is not clear as to its effect, and is inconsistent with other effects on the site. It should be reworded as "Increases user's critical hit ratio by two stages". Also, page should note that this was increased from +1 in Gen 2, as well as noting that in Gen 1, Focus energy was supposed to be x4, but was instead divide by 4.

Foresight's Effect claims that Ghost-types can now hit Normal types, but all other sites seem to say that's not the case. Also, some sites claim that Foresight's effect doesn't end until the target is swapped out, but I cannot confirm this. Can someone also confirm/refute this one?

Gear Up's Effect is copy/paste of its move description, and is inconsistent with the rest of the site. A way to word this to match the rst of the site would be as follows: "The user targets all allies, including itself, with the Plus or Minus Ability, and raises their Attack and Sp Atk by one stage each."

Geomancy incorrectly claims the move targets a single adjacent ally, instead of the user

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Third Post for move changes. Other 2 posts are getting long:

Guard Swap's Effect says "User and opponent swap Defense and Special Defense." This is a bit misleading, as it seems to imply they swap their actual stat score, rather than swapping the stat stages

Heal Block says it can target All Foes, rather than All Adjacent Foes. That said, with only 2 other sites saying otherwise, I'd check in-game before making this change.

Helping Hand's Effect simply says it "boosts the power of the partner's move" without explaining what that means. A more informative explanation would be that it "increases the power of the partner's move by 50%"

On the "All Moves" page , Hidden Power's Effect says that the move's power is dependent on the Pokemon's IVs, which hasn't been the case since Gen 6.

High Horsepower's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site (and isn't even an effect). A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has no secondary effect"

Ice Hammer's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and lowers the user's Speed stat by 1 stage"

Instruct's Effect is misleading, as it claims to only work on teammates. In reality, Instruct can be used on enemies as well as teammates

On the "All Moves" page , Iron Tail's Effect claims to have a 10% chance to succeed, but this is contradicted on the move's individual page, where the Effect claims to have a 30% chance to succeed

King's Shield claims to target a single adjacent pokemon, which is incorrect. It should target the user

Leafage's Effect is effectively a copy/paste of its description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has no secondary effect"

Liquidation's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site, as well as not including information on the percent chance of the effect. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense stat by 1 stage"

Lunge's Effect is just copy/pasted from its move description, and is inconsistent with other moves on the site. A more consistent Effect would be "The user deals damage and lowers the target's Attack stat by 1 stage"

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Hey just wanted to say thanks for all these posts. I'll try and get them updated when I can.
4 votes 9? I thought I was done? Well, guess not...

Ion Deluge is incorrectly listed as affecting a single adjacent Pokemon, rather than everyone on the field. Also, the page fails to list that Ion Deluge has a +1 priority

Crafty Shield is incorrectly listed as affectinng a single adjacent Pokemon, rather than the user and all allies

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Under Heracross under learned moves, the order should be
Horn attack
As a level 4 heracross caught in the wild will never know nightslash

Hmm, interesting problem. We don't store any kind of "order" to moves in our database so I can't really fix that at the moment. Will take a look into it when I can.
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About Baneful Bunker:

Poison or Steel type Pokémon, those with the ability Immunity or those behind a Substitute cannot be poisoned.


In this replay, Baneful Bunker poisons Barrakasweda when it is behind Substitute. What our website tells, isn't mentioned in Bulbapedia either.

Also, it says that the accuracy of it decreases each time, although telling success rate is much better to understand.

About Barrage, our website tells:

The move Counter only counters the final hit, but Bide counters the complete damage.

But, Bulbapedia's page for Barrage tells that both Counter and Bide counter the final strike.

Bide and Counter will only acknowledge the last strike of this move.

Behemoth Blade and Behemoth Bash's description still says that double damaged if user is Dynamaxed, meaning it is yet to be fixed.

Core Enforcer's move description is incomplete. It says that:

Scorches a 'Z' pattern on the ground.

It should be something like this in Bulbapedia:

Core Enforcer deals damage. If the target has already used a move or had a Bag item used on it by its Trainer in the same turn, Core Enforcer also suppresses the target's Ability while it remains in battle.

Flatter's move page says that it increases Sp.A by 2 stages, but it is only 1 stage.

G-Max Hydrosnipe, G-Max Drum Solo and G-Max Fireball always have 160 BP which isn't mentioned in the page, and the damage isn't given.

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Beast Boost's page doesn't mention that the most proficient stat is boosted excluding HP stat.

The Pokémon boosts its most proficient stat each time it knocks out a Pokémon.


Aura Break tells that it weakens Dark and fairy type moves, but it would be more clearer if they told that it makes Dark Aura and Fairy Aura power modifier to 0.75x instead, in the description.

Reduces power of Dark- and Fairy-type moves.

Dancer's description in all abilities page mentions that only foe's Dancing move is copied, but actually it copies of any Pokemon in field.

Copies the foe's Dance moves.

Disguise's page isn't updated for Gen 8. Now, it takes 1/8 HP instead which isn't mentioned in the page.

Disguise allows the bearer to avoid damage for one attack, in a similar way to Substitute.


Generation VIII
When a Disguised Form Mimikyu's Disguise is busted, upon changing to its Busted Form it now loses HP equal to 1/8 of its maximum HP, rounded down, and not factoring in any increase in maximum HP due to Dynamax.


Gale Wing's page doesn't mention the nerf in Gen 7.

Gives priority to Flying-type moves.

Our website

Generation VII onward
Gale Wings now works only if the user has full HP.


Moody's page should mention that one stat is raised sharply or by two stages. It only states that one stat is increased and other is decreased.


Neutralizing Gas' page should mention that the following abilities can't be neutralized or nullified:
Multitype, Stance Change, Schooling, Comatose, Shields Down, Disguise, RKS System, Battle Bond, Power Construct, or As One.


Quick Draw's page and its effect is incomplete, though this one may not count as it hasn't been updated yet.

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Many ability descriptions lack percentages. For example punk rock’s description is Boosts sound-based moves and halves damage from the same moves. How much is it boosted? Many abilities have this problem. Please fix this.

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The page for Feint says it will only hit if the target uses a protection move. This is wrong. Feint hit regardless of shielding since Gen 5.

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On your account in the edit settings, were it has the option to block Wall Posts, it says:

Allow users to post on your wall (you will also be emailed)

Could we fix this, since you aren't emailed. This would be appreciated, but is no major thing.

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On the EV page, it says that if an EV-reducing berry is used on a Pokémon with over 100 EVs in the corresponding stat, it will drop the EVs down to 100, and then reduce 10 EVs per berry from there. However, this in only true in Generation 4; in Emerald and Generation 5 onward, they always reduce the corresponding stat by 10.

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Starting in Gen V, Baton Pass no longer passes the effect of trapping moves such as Mean Look.

Baton Pass, Volt Switch, and U-turn are not blocked by trapping effects (this is not mentioned in their current descriptions).

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Hello! I'm back to going though all the moves (on M now). Due to the length of postings, this is now the 4th post

Magnetic Flux is in dire need to be revised.

Firstly, the Move Target claims to affect 1 adjacent Pokemon, but looking at both Bulbapedia and Smodon shows the move affects All Allies, including User, which makes more sense given the effect

Secondly, the Effect fails to note by how much Defense and Special Defense is raised. A simple correction for this would be:

Magnetic Flux raises the Defense and Special Defense of all ally Pokémon with the Plus or Minus abilities by one stage, including the user.

Additional minor corrections:

Mat Block's Move Target claims to be on a single adjacent Pokemon, but this is conttradicted by other sites, as well as the move's description. The move should actually affect User and all Allies

Memento's Effect is a bit poorly worded, and not up to the same standard as other Effects. A clearer description would be "The user of this move faints, lowering the Attack and Special Attack of the target by 2 stages as it does so". Note: this is sort of similar to another post from 4 years ago, where you said you'd expand this move's Effect, so I guess this is also a reminder.

Mist's Effect is a bit poorly worded, and not up to the same standard as other Effects. A clearer description would be "The user and its allies are protected from stat reduction for 5 turns".
In addition, the Effect on the moves page should be changed to "User and its allies' stats cannot be changed for 5 turns."

Pay Day's Effect is very sparse and does not convey the effect of the move, simply saying "A small amount of money is gained after the battle resolves." This Effect should be altered to something like this "The user deals damage, and coins fall to the ground equaling the level of the user at the end of the battle. These coins will be collected by the trainer at the battle's conclusion, assuming they win. This effect can be repeated multiple times, and the effects will stack. In addition, notes should be added about the effects of items/abilities that multiply the effects of Pay Day (like Amulet Coin)

Pollen Puff's Effect is a copy of its description and does not give great details on the effect toward an ally. An improved Effect would read as such "Pollen Puff's effect depends on which Pokemon is targeted. If it targets a foe, the user deals damage and has no secondary effect. If it targets an ally, the user heals the target for up to 505 of its max HP"

Psychic Terrain's Effect mentions that it boosts Psychic type moves, but does not mention by how much (50%)

Moonlight's and Morning Sun's, and Synthesis' Effects are very sparse on information and definitely need updating. Both moves Effects should be changed to something akin to the following (they have the same effect)

The user recovers HP based on the weather.
If the weather is Harsh Sunlight, the user regains 2/3 of its max HP
If the weather is Clear/No Weather, the user regains 1/2 its max HP
If the weather is any other weather, the user regains 1/4 its max HP

Note: This correction is similar to another made 4 years ago.

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Post number 5 here, due to the length of posts

Power Trip's Effect is copy/pasted from its description, and does not match the quality of other effects. An improved Effect goes as follows:

"Power Trip deals varying damage based on the user's stat increases. It starts at base power 20 and increases by 20 for each net stat boost the user has received, including Evasion and Accuracy. In other words the power is:

20 × NumIncreases + 20

For example, if the Pokémon used Dragon Dance and Double Team once each, that is a total of 3 stat increases (+1 Attack, +1 Speed, +1 Evasion) and Power Trip's base power will be 20 × 3 + 20 = 80.

The maximum it could reach (although impractical) if all stats are fully boosted is 20 × 6 × 7 + 20 = a massive 860 base power. (This does not include other boosts - here the Pokémon would have a +6 Special Attack boost meaning a 4× multiplier, plus STAB for most of the Pokémon that can learn Power Trip.)

(Copied from Stored Power, as the attacks work the same)

Additional minor corrections below:

Present's Effect is very vague, and does not properly convey the move's effect, nor matches the quality of the other descriptions on the site. A better wording would be "Upon using Present, one of 4 outcomes occurs, according to the following chart:
Row 1. 40% | Deals damage with base 40 power
Row 2. 30% | Deals damage with base 80 power
Row 3. 10% | Deals damage with base 120 power
Row 4. 20% | Heals target of 1/4 max HP

Prismatic Laser's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match the quality of other descriptions on the site. An improved description would be "Prismatic Laser does damage, but the user must recharge on the next turn. (Enter) If the attack misses, the move is blocked by immunity due to Protect or Detect, or the move fails to damage due to type immunity, the recharge turn will not occur."

Psychic Fangs' Effect is copy/pasted from its description, and does not match the quality of other effects on the site. An improved effect would be something like "The user deals damage and clears the target of Light Screen, Reflect, or Aurora Veil. These effects are cleared prior to damage calculations. (Enter) If the move misses, the effects of Light Screen, Reflect, or Aurora Veil be not be removed

Psycho Shift's Effect is a bit sparse, and should probably be expanded to something like "The target gains the user's status condition, then the user is cured of that condition." Other sites also mention the move only affecting non-volatile status moves, and the move failing if the target already has a non-volatile status move, but I've not used the move personally, and couldn't find enough sources to confirm this. Will need to be investigated further.

Purify's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. An improved wording would be something like "The target is cured of its status effect, and the user regains up to 1/2 its max HP. The move fails if the target does not have a status effect." Similar to Psycho Shift, other sources say this must be a non-volatile status condition, but additional research is needed for that.

Relic Song's Effect is worded strangely compared to other Effects. To better match other moves, I would suggest rewording it to "The user deals damage, and has a 10% chance to put the target to sleep"

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Up to Post 6 here (and on to letter R)

Spectral Thief's Effect is copy/paste from its description and does not match the quality of other Effects. A better wording would be

"Spectral thief steals the target's stat boosts, then deals damage. if the move misses, no stats boosts are taken."

Other sites mention that stat boosts taken are taken only up to +6 (for example, If Marshadow has +1 Attack, and Charizard has +6 Attack, Spectral Thief will result in Marshadow taking +5, leaving itself with +6, and Charizard with a +1), but I could not corroborate this. Also, notes on the effects of abilities such as Simple and Contrary should be added (since Abilities aren't my specialty, I'll leave that to someone else).

Additional minor corrections:

Revenge's Effect is very simple and does not match the quality of the other effects on the site. A better wording would be "If the target has already hit the user this turn, the power of Revenge doubles"

Rototiller's Move Target incorrectly claims the move only targets a single adjacent pokemon, even though the Effect says it targets all grass-type Pokemon on the field

Shadow Bone's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not match other Effects. A better wording would be "The user deals damage and has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by 1 stage"

Shell Trap's Effect is almost copy/pasted from the description and does not well convey the move's Effect, A better Wording would be as such: "Shell trap sets a trap before any target moves, and the user is set with a -3 priority. If a target hits the user with a Physical attack before the user moves, the target is dealt damage. (Enter) if no target hits the user before its turn, the move fails.

Shore Up's Effect is a copy/paste of its description, and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. An improved wording would be something like "The user regains up to 1/2 its max HP. (Enter) If Shore up is used during a sandstorm, the health regains increases to 2/3 its max HP."

Sky Uppercut's description is a bit bare and doesn't really make clear what the move's effect is. An improved wording would be "Sky uppercut hits the target, including during the semi-invulnerable phase of moves such as Fly, Bounce, or Sky Drop"

Smart Strike's Effect is copy/pasted from its description and does not fit with others similar to it. A better wording would be "Smart Strike deals damage and bypasses Accuracy checks to always hit. However, it will not hit Pokémon during the invulnerable stage of Bounce, Dig, Dive, Fly, Shadow Force or Sky Drop.

Spiky Shield is incorrectly listed as targeting an adjacent Pokemon, rather than the User

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On to post 7, and about 2/3 through S. I'll miss going through these when I reach the end

Stomping Tantrum's Effect is a copy/past of its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. A better-worded Effect would be something like this:

"If the user's previous move was a success, Stomping Tantrum deals damage and has no secondary effect

"If the user's previous move failed to deal damage, the move's power doubles.

Additional details would need to be included about the effects of moves such as Protect/Detect, and whether the move triggers from moves such as High Jump Kick. As these are not my strong suit, I will leave this section to others.

Additional minor corrections:

Spotlight's Effect is copy/pasted from its description and does not match the quality of other Effects on the site. A better wording would be "The target becomes the center of attention, causing all other moves to target this Pokemon. This move overwrites other effects that cause redirection, such as Abilities like Lightningrod or Moves like Follow Me. The move has priority +3, so it will activate before most other moves."

Strength Sap's Effect is a copy/paste of its description and does not reflect the quality of other Effects. An improved wording would be "The user restores its HP by the same amount as the target's Attack stat. The target's Attack stat is then lowered by one stage. (Enter) Strength Sap is still usable even if the user's HP is full, and the Attack stat will still be lowered. However, the move will fail if the target's Attack stat has already been reduced fully (-6).
Additionally, effects of Items like Big Root, abilities like Liquid Ooze, and moves like Mist will need including, but as this is not my specialty, I will leave it for others.

Struggle's Effect is out of date as of Gen 4, and should be updated to account for it only attacking foes, for it bypassing accuracy to always hit (ignoring semi-invulnerable states). and always dealing 1/4 of user's max HP as recoil. A correction to cover all this goes as follows: "The user deals typeless damage, but takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 of its max HP. Struggle is automatically used when no other move is capable of being used, either due to all moves having 0 PP, or due to the effects of other moves such as Disable. Struggle bypasses accuracy checks to always hit, except for during semi-invulnerable stats such as Fly or Dig. (Enter) Changes: (Enter) In Generations 1-3, Struggle dealt recoil damage based on the amount of damage dealt to the target. In Generation 1, the recoil damage equal 1/2 damage dealt, whereas in Generations 2-3, this was decreased to 1/4 damage dealt. (Enter) In Generation 1, Struggle had an accuracy of 100%. (Enter) In Generation 1, Struggle dealt Normal-type damage"

Substitute's page is so barren, I don't think I could even cover everything that needs to be covered without parsing through hours of changelogs per generation, so I'll be short and use this more as a reminder on this page. As a start, the description should be revised to note that it takes 1/4 of the user's max HP to create the substitute. In addition, I'll link here to the post about all the moves not blocked by substitute as a reminder to PM

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