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I just think that if we don't, almost everyone will post errors as separate questions and the minor errors questions will become unused and pointless. Either make the suggested rule or explicitly say that the minor errors question has been abandoned.

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I just realized that I asked a question about Meta Pokebase. Should we move this to the Meta Meta Pokebase?
Most of these errors regard Sun/Moon, so maybe a reminder about Sun/Moon being new and there are a lot of errors at the top of where you write the title of the question that also links to the minor errors thread.
Also lots of new users who don't know the rules :P
To be completely honest, enforcing a rule like this seems futile to me. New users won't follow it, and the threads aren't exactly punishable -- just a bit inconvenient. We can just add the posts to the minor errors thread and it's fine.
Can't we make it so that when the title is being typed into the thingy, a little message will appear saying 'minor errors should be posted in this thread' like how it happens with competitive teams about to be posted on Pokebase?
^ What fizz said.

From my perspective the only efficient system would just be to be able to "sticky' certain threads. Otherwise users are just gonna ignore what you're saying, and punishing for it is a bit.. extreme.
So if we're not enforcing anything like this, do the minor site errors thread and the location guide corrections thread still have purposes?
Well yes, because they can be used to compile the errors brought up in one thread. I don't think they were ever intended to replace meta threads at all.

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I don't think it's a big problem. In many ways, errors with the Sun/Moon info could be counted as "major" since more people are relying on the info right now. It will die down soon enough.

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