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Gender: Male
Country: Deep within the Cave of Origin(aka, the United States)
Favorite Pokémon: Not counting mythicals, a five way tie between Talonflame, Mimikyu, Primal Groudon(Though I like the entire Weather Trio), Giratina and Aegislash
Friend Codes: None, I don't play competitive, so I don't have any, I don't have any GTS or Wondertrade apps, just the games. Sapphire Nuzlocke
I awake in a dark room, then a light comes on and the professor is there, he asks me the basics, one of which should be obvious, and suddenly I'm in the back of a car, with no proffessor. What in the world happened to him, anyway, I jump out of the back of a truck to be immediately greeted by my mom, who seems to be very excited, and tells me that DAD bought a clock of all things to commemorate the move. Anyway, I go and set it, find May, and go into the grass to find that same mysterious professor from before being attacked by a wolf, I grab a mysterious, live, blue creature from inside the guy's bag, and slaughter the wolf. I'm suddenly in the professor's house, and he tells me I can have the blue creature, which I nickname, Tsunami(Mudkip), I leave the house and go on to route 101, to which I find the least possibly wanting pokemon, Wurmple(Fish Bait), I catch it, and move on to 103, while training a bit, in 103 I caught a Zigzagoon(Zigzagzoom) I then go to 103, but I see how far I'd have to get, and how lucky I'd have to be, and see that it's just never gonna happen, I go in the grass and find Lotad(Tad) and continue, I go help Wally catch the one pokemon I wanted, and then move on to 04, where I find a Wingull(BLR, I'll give a million virtual dollars, and my eternal respect to any who can guess the reference Hint: It's an acronym, not a word), while getting BLR, Fish Bait nearly died, but survived in the red, which persuaded me to leave him on the team(until his eventual, but hopefully never, demise) I train some more and go to Petalburg Woods to find what I believe to be it's best occupant: Shroomish(Bisque, again, guess the reference, and you'll be forever my favorite person on the site, this one's a bit harder though, and I doubt any will get it.) I go into Rustburo, training on the way, to battle Rustburo Gym, and with the culmination of Tsunami and Bisque's powers, we win the day easily(Didn't want to risk BLR because he's not resistant, and wasn't as strong as the other two) I then go and get the precious, famous Peeko of Legend, on the way catching a Whismur that I never get a chance to use, as I accidentally have it out first and faint it right away. I get Peeko back, and train in the route outside the cave a while, I then go back into Rustboro, and am led on a large cutscene where Mr. Stone thanks me for saving his company two times in a row, by making me an errend boy, going on a detour throught the islands of Hoenn. I went down, expecting a battle with May, since I saw her(I haven't played in-game Hoenn for a while, and I forgot.) I trained a bit, and went to Dewford with Captain Briney and Peeko. During my battle with a fisherman, my Wingull learned Wing Attack, which should be super effective for Brawly battles. I then head into Granite Cave, I enter the cave to find the guy that gives you flash, I take it, but can't use it. I have decided that if a place has multiple floors, you're allowed to take one from each on the first encounter. I did so and ended up finding a Zubat(Annoying) a Saybeleye(Crystal) and an Abra(Lucky) I named Lucky this because it was my first Abra encounter, and I caught it, and abra are nutorious for being difficult to catch. Woops, sorry about that last bit that was here before, anyway, I train in Granite Cave till all my guys are lvl 18(Lucky and Tsunami evolved). I forgot to add this I guess, but I went in to fight Brawly, and WON! It was close though, BLR and Tsunami almost died! I gratefully healed at the center, and got some potions for safety, then headed off to Slateport, I beat everyone on the beach(including the beach house with the Sodas) with ease. I went along, found Capt. STERN at the mueseum, and beat the two grunts, also with ease, also, fun fact, Lucky has OHKOed everything in it's path so far, I think it's because I'm either lucky, or he's just really strong, I made sure he didn't fight the Carvanna's(Dark type is not a good thing for Psychic) I went even farther along, after getting my first speech from Archie, which didn't even make sense, how does everything rely on the ocean, and how does expanding it help, like, hate to break it to you, but we can't drink ocean water(at the time this was made, I know we have salt-water-filters), we have plenty of food besides seafood, and we could still travel easily without the oceans so.... Anyway, I go onto 110, the route of electric types galore, and catch myself a Electrike named Zap(I couldn't think of anything) anyway, I go along, being sure not to get to the point of the rival battle of DOOM, and get my guys all ready, I go into battle and OHKO the first two guys(Wailmer and Numel) with Bisque and Tsunami, Grovyle's a problem though, since I don't have my fire type yet, I was forced to rely on BLR, well, he nearly died right off the bat with Grovyle's Pursuit, I managed to heal him and get Wing Attacks in, which one the battle, I did have to switch to Lucky near the end though, since BLR wouldv'e surely died if I hadn't, but anyway, I won the rival battle #2, and made my way to Mauville City, of course battling every trainer along the way, anyway, I get there, get meself a  MACH Bike, and fight Wally, I check my team to see who could use the EXP most, and it turns out to be Lucky, I go in and OHKO his measely Ralts with Psybeam(which is not very effective typing, I guess I overestimated the power of his Ralts.) Anyway, after being humiliated in front of his Uncle, who he was trying to prove to he was ready for the 4th Gym, that if I didn' t have Tsunami I wouldn't be ready for, and walks away shamefully and humiliated. I start some training in the nearby route, and guess what, not only do I catch a Marill(Mickey), but Bisque EVOLVED, it is now a fully fledged Breloom! I trained a bit more, thinking to be careful about Wattson, guess what, I OHKOed all three of his pokemon with Mud Shot Marshtomp, his trainer buddies where harder than him. Also, while training afterward, BLR evolved to Pelipper, that just leaves Tsunami to do his final evolution. Dang it Dang it Dang it, what happens next makes me really sad, don't worry, no one died, but, I go into Fiery Path, with level 16 Zap, and who do I run into, literally the one pokemon I would never want to run into: Grimer! Argh, anyway, I go onto 112 and catch a Machop, which I name: NOOOOO, because I literally didn' even want a Machop that bad, seeing as how I have Bisque, who's held on really well, pretty much Mach Punching anything that stands in his way. Now, it all comes down to the last route, I really want a Numel, as I haven't gotten one yet, and it's a good/only fire type left that I could get. I don't care about Spoink that much anymore, since Lucky's also held on, and I can get plenty of other Psychic's if he doesn't make it, I just want a Fire Type, and Numel is my only other chance left! Okay, I did a bit more, I went through 11whatever it was and got a Swablu(Cottonball) and Lunatone(Lunar) in Meteor Falls, I then made my way back, went up mount Chimney, and battled Archie, scarily though, both Bisque and Tsunami nearly died(Bisque due to Golbat's Wing Attack, and Marshtomp to his evil Sharpedo of doom, both my guys where literally in the red!) From now on, I will do as much research and preparation before important battles as possible so this never ever happens again. Good news though, I went down Jagged Pass and finally caught a Numel, and named it Victory. I then went to Lavaridge Town and that's where I end for now. That's all folks!
Funny Quotes from the NPCs that when taken out of context are hilarious:
"It's tasty here"
I'll add more when I find another.

Current Team: Tsunami(Marshtomp), BLR(Pelliper), Bisque(Breloom), Zigzagzoom(Zigzagoon), Fish Bait(Wurmple)and Lucky(Kadabra). I switched out Tad because I never really used him or needed him that much.
About me: Previously known as Talonflame4thewin

Games I've played:
All 3 Gen 1 and 2 games, just a little bit though.
Omega Ruby(Beaten)
Sapphire(Beaten, and for the first time, as a Nuzlocke!)
I'm planning on making a name for each of my listed favorite Pokemon, unless I come up with one I want to stick with. 2 down 3 to go.

Point Milestones
Reached 200 on April 1st 2021
Points on the Meta by hundreds:
1 April 1st 2021
2 no idea, but close to May 16th
Reached 1K on May 16th 2021
As for Shinies, I've only ever encountered 2.
Both in my Ruby emulator, an Illumise, and a Marill, both where weak leveled, and I didn't have false swipe, I also didn't have powerful enough Pokeballs to catch them at full health, and I ended up killing both with my weakest move possible. Those were two very sad days :(

You wanna know what cracked me up the other day, let me tell you:
I was playing Sun, and I found the recycling plant, the first time I had ever been, even though I had beat the game already. My Pokémon where of course, like, level 65 or higher, and so I OHKOed, and went first on each of the father and the son's Pokémon, and then the father talked all about how the son didn't give up and battled with his Pokémon as hard as he could, and even how he had put up a good fight, and I just sat there, laughing hysterically, images of Fisherman with 6 low leveled(so they wouldn't even have flail OR tackle) magikarp flooding through my head.
Ah, good times, good times.

I'm going to start posting on this page updates about my Platinum playthrough. Okay, I've seen a few users do this, so I'll do it too, though I'm not going to do a special challenge(i.e nuzzlock, wonderlock, sorry if I spelled those wrong.) Although I am trying to make every Pokemon on my team the same level before every gym and rival battle, so that's something.
Anyway, this is my Platinum playthrough so far:

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins(aka, up to the first gym.)
So, I fill out the starting form of my character, and rival(I always loved the part where Oak doesn't remember his own grandson's name, or was that a different proffesor?)anyway, me and my rival go into the grass and Rowan shows up to give me my starter, I choose Turtwig, because I think Torrterra's awesome and the best of the three, and I beat my rival with flying colors. I then go and meet Cyrus, so far a pretty shady character, and then I truly start by going in the grass on 201, my first encounter and it's a Krikitot, but unfortunately I have to kill it, as I don't have Pokeballs at this point(which really stank, because by the time I did it wasn't morning anymore.) Anyway, I progress through the Route to Sandgem Town, and meet the proffessor, get my pokedex and finally get some pokeballs at the mart. Wouldn't you know it, I ran into the most powerful, lord and savior of the pokemon world, right after that and caught Bidoof as my first, non-starter pokemon. I progressed farther and farther, catching a Starly, and a Shinx. I make it to Jubilife, meet my rival, and get the map and get the Pokewatch. I then decide to train my guys in the two neighboring routes that aren't the rival battle, catching a Budew and Pyduck(in the cave)just for fun, until they're all level 8(truth be told I didn't know there was a rival battle, so I had to turn the power off and on again.) Anyway, I destroy my riva making sure to spread the EXP evenly, and progress through the route toward the first gym. Route 203 is a breeze, as I make my way to the city. I battled some of the trainers on 203 to get stronger, and arrive in Oreburg City, I train my guys in the route above the city, catching a Ponyta and a Machop, and getting my guys to lvl 9, then I talk to my rival, and go to the mine, I find Roark, the gym leader, and go back to the gym(at this point, my guys are at level 10) I battle  the trainers leading to thegym leader, and save before the battle, it's looking pretty good, a little tough, but not too bad, and then her lvl 14 Cranidos comes out and OHKO's all my guys before I can even get it to half health. Well, glad I saved, because now I don't have to pay, I soft reset and am now working on training my guys some more, possibly to level 12 or above, though it will be difficult, seeing as how the highest level guys available are only level 9. NEW UPDATE! I trained my pokemon while camping, and ended up finally catching a Krikitot, who I quickly evolved into Krikitune, and know I'm working on getting my guys level up, so far Bidoof got to 14, everyone else is 13, or 12.
New Update!
I continued to train and I battled some of the trainers I missed until all my guys where level 14, except for Bidoof, I got him to 15, so he's now a BIBAREL, and has been demoted out of the position of god of all pokemon. I did this so I'd have his water typing advantage. I attempted Roark again and absolutely CRUSHED her, OHKOing her Geodude AND Onix, and 2KOing her Craniodos due to the potion she saves, and it generally being a bit higher than her other pokes.

Chapter 2: The Road and Trials of Eterna City(up to the second gym)
     Now that I had beaten Roark, I was able to use rock smash, but, since it's not used a ton, or at least not nearly as much as the others, I taught it to my Krikitune, who really needed a better attacking move. I then trained inside the farther reaches of Orburg Gate/Cave, until I realized this was not the way you were supposed to go, during which time my Starly evolved into STARAVIA! I then procceeded to make my way back to Jubilife, and once there, healed up, and got the old Rod. I then proceeded to catch a level 6 Magikarp(I need a Gyarados) and added it to my team, it's been pretty hard to level it though, seeing as how I don't have exp share yet. Anyway, I procceeded up the routes until I arrived at the wierd, small flower village(forgot the name) I then proceeded to the Windworks, where a Galactic Grunt tries to stop me from rescuing what seems to be a random girl's dad. He, ironically, told me exactly what to do before locking the door and going inside. I then trained a bit in the surrounding grass, resulting in my Shinx evolving as well into LUXIO. I then had to get off for the moment. I'll be back. UPDATE: I had some trouble finding out how to get to the fields, due to the fact that they wouldn't let me past the bridge, I went back to the flower town, and spotted the sort of secret passage in the trees, I went through and battled the grunts trying to steal Honey from the random Dad, I beat them, simultaneouly getting Magikarp to 10, and got the key and some Honey. He was so protective of it, and then he just gave away 10 for free to a random stranger walking by. GFL I guess. That's all for now.

Current team of level 15, 16ish (not including Magikarp.): Turtwig, Luxio, Bibarel, Krikitune(keeping him on for the upcoming Grass Gym, not permanently though) and Staravia.

Congratulations, for finishing my wall, you win the right to blink within 5 minutes of reading this text. Just try to stay open for 5 minutes.

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