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Country: Misplaced Brit
Favorite Pokémon: Eelektross, Serperior, Teddiursa
Friend Codes: Looking for Vivillon forms in USUM. Edit: It's been months please god give me the Vivillon
High Plains
Icy Snow
Poke Ball
About me: Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things.

Listen to the Killers.

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I’m doing fine, just Hawaii is very hot right now and the AC broke
Mar 15 by IsItReallyTho
Well then ignore my previous wall post. How're you doing?
Mar 13 by IsItReallyTho
Where did you go :(
Mar 11 by IsItReallyTho
Sure, works for me.
Feb 27 by -VoltMadness-
Tagliatella my fav
Feb 27 by AureliusReyes
Says the one who came up with Qanonion-
Feb 27 by AureliusReyes
I'm available to battle 5:30PM-11 PM Monday-Friday, and pretty much available all weekend. We also have the same time zone, which is nice.
Feb 27 by -VoltMadness-
Mun :clown: ki :clown: do :clown: ri :clown:
Feb 27 by AureliusReyes
what's up?
Feb 21 by Talos
Why not!
Feb 20 by ~Scarlet~