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I tried to log in on both my Kindle and my iPod and I got this screen:


This started last night when I came into chat and it started lagging like crazy and all the sudden it was like the site was completely gone, I was only able to load the site as of a few minutes ago.

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Looks like another DoS "attack". I have added something new to the server that should prevent this in future. We'll see if it works.

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thnx pokemaster
What is DoS?
He has the same problem here on my iPad mini
It wasn't an "attack" per se, some idiot decided to try and download the entire PokemonDb site which caused really high load on the server.
I saw that too. It only seemed to block chat and the Q&A section, as well as login and thing related to that. The main page and pokemon database entries worked fine, for me anyway.