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Some of this is my fault. (Leaving the computer on all night :P) Well, I left the chat page on my computer all night on Friday, and when I came back to use it on Monday, my computer had detected a virus that was quite difficult to remove. Dad told me that it tracked back to this chat room. Is this all my fault, or is there something wrong with the chat?

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(That doesn't make any sense that the Chatroom would give you a virus) but did you click a link that somebody gave you?
No. I left it on for a couple days though :P
lol the "Dad told me that it tracked back to this chat room." seems like a bunch of crap.

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How did he "track it back to the chat room"? What evidence is there it was anything at all to do with this site?

There is no virus on the chat room, but if you clicked links other people posted you could have gone to some dodgy sites that may have viruses.

I've never seen anyone post a bad site on the chat though so it was very likely another site you visited or something you downloaded. Also make sure you have the firewall turned on (Windows should tell you if it isn't) as there is a small possibility someone could gain unauthorized access to your PC. And make sure your computer is getting updated regularly (Windows Update).

^ Yup.
And keep in mind that you cannot receive a virus unless you open a file or download a file.
Most people send links to their site, and they would know and  would not send links if there was a virus in their site.
"I've never seen anyone post a bad site on the chat though"

LOL trachy.