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It's blank (at least for me).

When I send a message this happens:

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That looks Photoshopped.
Actually I'm having the same problem too.
are you seriously accusing me of photoshopping this? Is this not a global error? Why is this happening to ME? look, this is what happens when i send a message in chat:

And this is happening on all of my browsers. I tried my phone (using the chrome app), browsers on my pc (i tried IE and Chrome), and the Wii U browser. This happens on all of them
This is happening to me as well. (So I'd say that's not Photoshopped)
Happens to me too, it's not Photoshopped.

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Sorry, my bad. I made a change that fixed the search box but it broke all the JavaScript on Pokebase. Everything should be working correctly now.