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Gender: yep, i have one
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It's either that they had the same number of votes but mine was asked first, or mine had more votes when we decided on it but the Sky Battle tour got more votes after that.
5 days ago by KRLW890
can I pls buy one carton of milk with eyes on
Feb 20 by PorygonZero™
Oh no, you’ve found my secret identity! Now you must be eliminated.
Feb 16 by KRLW890
Feb 11 by Hellfire Taco
hey i was recently told this secret but you cant tell anyone
its "Poop >:)", crazy huh?
Feb 11 by Hellfire Taco
*top tier
Jan 20 by PX
Clampearl is super fun but wasn't too tier back when I played. I haven't checked for a while but there were better shell smash users.
Jan 20 by PX
i used to, why?
Jan 20 by PX
You're gonna have to eat me. :P
Jan 19 by Staka~