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usually i would sternly object to using EXPLETIVES!!! but in this case i think 'dumbo butt' is showing considerable restraint because dumbo is in my top 13 favourite disney films and hellfire taco probably knows about that so it is ok
Jan 28 by Fizz
don’t say that about people
Jan 27 by Jimmy⠀
Felix's mom, I told Jimmy about how your son and his doggy dieded. XD
Jan 25 by Flowersun
that was weird and unfriendly. I hope you’re more agreeable in real life.
Jan 20 by Jimmy⠀
...Felix's mom. I know you're probably gonna hate me for this, but I knew about Gladion's plan to kill your son and his dog. Why didn't I stop him, you ask? 'Cause he's my boyfriend. He kissed me a week ago. Then we went out the next day. So I gived him my Crimson Longstaff from Fate that I sold for some money and he blasted Felix with it. Then Felix cried out "noooooooo" in a very dramatic fashion and dieded. And Felix's doggy started swearing at Gladion in a very rude fashon and he blasted it too. So the dog dieded. Then I invited Hau and Lillie over to my place and we had a magical dance to "What Is Love" and drank cham-pag-in even though we were too young. And I gave Gladion a Shiny 6IV Arceus and we did a tango. My apologies to Felix and his doggy that Gladion blasted them and they dieded. XD
Jan 18 by Flowersun
Isn't Gladion CUTE? That little thing of hair that sticks out of his head, that glare that he'll never lose, that black hoodie... He's just so adorable! He's so cute you wanna give him a hug, right, Felix's mom?
Jan 17 by Flowersun
Your "baby boy" said that Gladion committed genocide against him and his dog. Gladion doesn't really exist (sadly), and I know he wouldn't just go over to someone's house and kill their dog. Gladion's too nice to do that. Also, Felix's mom, you need grammar lessons. Like, really bad.
Jan 17 by Flowersun
Text to wha...? What?
Jan 17 by Flowersun
If Gladion committed genocide against you, how are you writing about it in the chat...?
Jan 17 by Flowersun
hey ey ye ey o a yah dum dumdum doo dum oh hey o yeah dyha dah dee de dah dyah doo do dum de dum dum dum
Jan 7 by Jimmy⠀