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Somebody else actually suggested this very thing to me a couple weeks ago. They got me pretty convinced that it was a good idea, and I actually promised to suggest it myself (along with some other changes to the chat room). So, if you're not willing to post about it yourself... then I guess I have to anyway!
What I do know is that Q2A has very regimented user types, to the point that there are software-defined limitations on what each role can and can't do. But it's interesting to know that the chat room is actually one of Pokemaster's plugins -- there might be a tiny bit of wiggle room. I think it's at least worth bringing up because extra chat mods would be very nice to have around.
Aug 3 by Fizz
Would it be possible to have a staff role only for saying stupid things in chat? Like just give someone stupid posting permissions and nothing else
Aug 3 by cranpper
Oh, I thought you meant online. Sorry, but I go by my first name irl, so you're still alone in that regard. I don't like sharing my first name online, so if I have to, I use my middle name instead.
Jul 31 by KRLW890
I'm not familiar with Q2A's codebase, but I know enough about its development and the features that are already available to it that I can tell you if your idea was easy to implement.
Pokemaster himself could make whatever plugins or features he liked, but obviously he doesn't have a history of doing that. It might be worth making a thread either way... who knows.
Jul 31 by Fizz
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Jul 31 by Hellfire Taco
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But yeah, whenever I want to use a more human-sounding name than "KRLW890", I go with Lucia/Lucy.
Jul 31 by KRLW890
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Jul 31 by CC ™
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Jul 29 by NebbyY