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There may be a problem with the site, but I could be wrong.

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I meant to address this yesterday: 2 days ago, I recommended this site to my friend; but he said he got a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) after waiting 'about 5 minutes' from when he ordered his computer to go to this site. (This matter is taken care of.) After that was taken care of, he tried again, and he got a serious error, and it closed his Internet program. And he keeps getting them. If his computer saw this coming, I don't know why his computer Internet security program didn't act up. If he can learn how to fix it, he will, and he'll join pokebase. If not, he'll just use his parent's computer rather than his own. Anybody know what could've happened?

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It can't be the site for one thing, BSOD's usually occur within a problem with a certain file in a computer, or maybe he has a really really bad trojan virus.
Yes, that's true. I just got more info from him that that was his mistake, he had 2 many programs open when he tried to access the site. He showed me evidence that he keeps on getting serious errors.

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I doubt it was this site specifically. It could be a thousand other things.

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