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I don't know what to write here in the intro. Basically read this when hosting stuff.
Tournament suggestions thread
Guidelines for playing in tournaments

The stuff in this post is not finalized. Please tell me if you think anything should be changed.

Before the tournament
Signing up to host a tournament is a commitment. Hosts are expected to check Meta almost every day, even during signups, and watch every replay in the tournament. If you can't or don't want to commit for whatever reason, then don't host. You have to play in at least one tournament and not gotten disqualified for inactivity in that one tournament in order to host.

When there's no active tournament on Pokebase, you can request to host the next tournament by commenting "I'll host" or something like that on that tournament's answer in the tournament suggestions thread. Then you wait for PX, Fizz, or me to approve you.

After getting approved, you should immediately set the start date for signups. Pokebase does seasonal tournaments, so just pick whichever day you want in the next January, April, July, or October. After deciding on the day, find some random expert and force him/her/it to edit the tournament suggestions thread to say this:

Previous Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (won by [user])

Next Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (signups open on [date])

(while you're doing this, make sure the thread's title says "(no current tournaments)")

Opening signups
On the day you promised to open signups, post a question in Meta titled "[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (signups open now)", such as "Pimplup's Same Team Tournament (signups open now)". The question should include

links to the guidelines thread and tournament suggesting thread
tournament rules
signups deadline (usually 1 or 2 weeks after signups open)
brief instructions for signing up
possible bans that participants can vote on

Note that in addition to copy-pasting the rules from the tournament idea, you should read all the comments on the tournament idea in case someone else thought of a way to improve the tournament or just make the unclear parts of the idea more clear, and possibly change the rules to address the comments or prepare for possible complications. At the very least, make sure you're prepared in case you get less than 8 signups, or a few people randomly leave mid-tournament.

You should also post a question in each of Pokebase and RMT that advertises the tournament. The ad should include the tournament's name, link to the Meta thread you just posted, signups deadline, and rules. If the ad gets buried under new posts and is no longer on Pokebase's first page, then you can hide it and post a new copy. You should also force your expert to edit the tournament ideas thread to say

Previous Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (won by [user])

Current Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (signups open now)

That line after "next tournament" should link to the tournament's thread, and the question title should say "signups open now" instead of "no current tournaments".

Starting the tournament
First, hide all the advertisements you posted and (force your expert to) change every "signups open now" to "in progress". Post and select (or BA or whatever you call it) an answer in the tournament thread saying that the tournament started. If participants voted on bans, then the voting results should also be in this answer.

If the tournament is single elimination, then you need to generate matchups for each round. For most of these tournaments, you should give a certain number of round 1 byes so the number of players in round 2 will be a (integer) power of 2. If over half the players get byes, then you should generate and post the round 2 brackets so a lot of people can start battling without waiting for round 1 to finish.

Some tournaments have participants do something each time they win a round. In that case, you usually must add the last few signups to a list of "substitutes", so the number of participants at the start is a (integer) power of 2 (usually 8 or 16), and each participant gets to play the same number of rounds. However, when participants forfeit or become inactive before finishing round 1, you can simply substitute players for whoever dropped out and continue the tournament.

There are multiple ways to generate matchups. I prefer pasting usernames into this list randomizer. Put the matchups in the BA on the tournament thread. At the beginning of every round, simply generate new matchups, paste them into a new answer, and select the new answer.

During the tournament
As mentioned earlier, hosts are expected to check Meta almost every day. When you check Meta, you should do these things.

watch every replay that you get
bold the winners' usernames in the BA
read the tournament playing guidelines
read the rules specific to the current tournament
enforce all the rules you just read

Ending the tournament
Post and select an answer that announces the winner, says that hosting signups for the next tournament are open, and links to this thread.

(Force your expert to) Update the tournament winners and change every "in progress" to "won by [user]". However, the title of the tournament ideas thread should say "no current tournaments", and the first section should look like this.

Previous Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (won by [user])

Next Tournament:
[suggestion poster]'s [tournament name] (signups open TBD)

You also are allowed to stop checking Meta almost every day.

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I'm pretty sure the first one commenting shouldn't host. I think there should be a vote for the first 3/2.
I'm not a fan of first come first serve (im aware I might have agreed to it previously), people should ask if they can be host and auth (probably me, fizz, ht or we'll make an exception for you) will pick from the candidates. We'll deliberately try to not pick the same person multiple times in a row and will get to as many people that want it, but we should still pick.
I haven't seen Taco care about tournaments ever. I don't think we should give him/her/it authority over this. But KRLW is an expert and regular tournament player, so maybe we can let her approve hosts?
Editors and Moderators have enough common sense or could just ask around to that with a small community like this HT could easily make a decent decision with little prior knowledge. We're somewhat promoted on site knowledge and common sense, so I doubt that's an issue. This isn't like smogon where Mods and TLs are super specific to their subforums. But if you're really worried about it, we can restrict it further to those who have actually hosted a tournament before.

On KRLW specifically, I am sure that they are both responsible and knowledgeable, but I haven't seen a lot of precedent for them starting, creating or maintaining projects. I'd like to have her host a few more tours at least before I pass the reigns to her specifically. I have no problem with you having some control over tournaments because I know first hand that you are both competitively knowledgeable and can create and maintain resources and discussion.

Wait...I complemented you? This is a new day e.e

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