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I was thinking the tournament host can answer this question every time a tournament ends. Each answer would include the rules and the user who posted the idea, and maybe stuff like the host, winner, second place, start date, and end date. It would also be nice if editors or moderators dug up information about tounaments that happened before I posted this.

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Unfortunately it would be very difficult to locate info on all the old tournaments, since people tended to hide them for some reason. Currently the admin log only goes back to late May last year.
Why would the old tourney's get hidden anyways?
@Gekky, because it would be very hard to keep track if The Same Team tournament (the next tournament) was second place on the tournament thread, and the above was one that already happened and it's the same with all 3 under. Well, you know.

Edit: I just realized ya’ meant something else.
If having everything is impossible, then I think we should have whatever is possible.

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