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First, if you want to host the next tournament (Kijani's Battle of the Titans), then you should probably answer this thread saying that you want to host it.

Because the next tournament is coming up in about 1 month, I thought it would be a good time to propose a new hosting policy. The tournament host should do these things (please tell me if I missed anything):

  • post the tournament thread
  • check the tournament thread often (preferably every day)
  • know the tournament's rules
  • catch people when they break the tournament rules
  • randomly generate random matchups each round
  • close the signups, announce each new round, and announce the winner
  • possibly let the rules change, in case the idea is old (for example, we might ban red orbs, geomancy, power construct, and DM Necrozma instead of Kyogre)
  • edit the tournament thread and tournament winners thread or force a random expert to edit them.

So make sure you can do those things before trying to host anything. In the future (starting when the next tournament ends), when a tournament ends, people who want to host the next tournament can comment on that tournament's post in this thread. So what do you guys think of this new policy proposal? And what do you think we should do when nobody volunteers or when the host is lazy?

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I think you should host tbh. You answered first and you’re trustworthy because of Expert. (not like I wouldn’t give random matchups lol)
I am honestly not sure how we should pick the host. I'm currently trying to ask PX about this.
Wait, where do you do the tournaments on? Shwodwn or USUM or somewhere elese?
In short, battles are done on Pokémon Showdown!.

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Like I said in a previous thread, I’d be willing to host a tour. I can pretty easily check the thread daily, and I think I’m okay enough at competitive to be able to decide what’s bannable or not (though I’m not exactly first pick in that regard lol).

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I think you've had more participation in Pokebase tournaments than our other volunteers have. First, when will you start the tournament? And how will you decide what to ban? Will you decide by yourself or let participants vote?
By the way, according to the stuff I see on Smogon, Necrozma DW is not that good even if it Ultra Bursts. I think neither it nor Ultranecrozium Z need banning.
Oh, cool. I think I could open signups around September 22nd-24th, and start the tour about a week later (unless anyone objects).

As for what to ban, I think it would be better if I got help from participants and/or spectators. I’m in for a banlist of Red Orb, Blue Orb, DM Necrozma, and Geomancy. Power Construct and/or Yveltal are also bannable. I’m not completely sure how this meta will be like, so I think it’s best to let participant’s vote on a banlist. If that’s the case, should I create a seperate thread?
Are you going to force rounds to end or let the slow people try to battle each other as long as they're still trying?
As for the bans, last time I hosted a tournament I had them put their votes in the signups. I think you can create a separate thread if you want to.
As long as both participants are trying to battle throughout the round, I think it's only fair to give them some extra time.
Yeah, I think it would be better to have people suggest bans either as comments or in their answer in the signups thread. But it's kind of hard to make a team when you don't know what's allowed, so I might increase the time between when signups are open and Round 1 starts. Or maybe I can just create a "default banlist" and let people tweak it.
Btw, I think we should consider banning Shadow Tag / Arena Trap (or consider Shadow Tag / Arena Trap Pokémon Uber tier because of usage), as most of Uber's viable Shadow Tag / Arena Trap trappers are PU.
Sure. I guess you can do that.
By the way, when you announce the end of the tournament, can you also announce the new hosting policy? I think people might forget about this thread by the end of the tournament.
Yeah, I can do that.
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I’m interested.

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Sure wynaut?

Don't take me as a first pick as ive just started secondary school i will be pretty busy