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Country: Spain but the s is silent (US)
Favorite Pokémon: Mewtwo, Lucario, [email protected], Gallade, Gardevoir, Decidueye, Sylveon, Metagross, Rayquaza, Scizor, Krookodile, Greninja, Absol, Yveltal, Excadrill, Centiscorch (
Friend Codes: Switch FC: 7403-3495-5416

PS!: PikaPaul900 (main), PsyKlone Wars (secondary)

Discord: PsyKlone#9479

I’m definitely more active on these sites/systems above than this site, so if you want to add or challenge me or anything like that I’m down to accept.

- Showdown: If you want to battle me here the only formats I play enough to know what I’m doing are Gen7 OU and Random formats, but Gen8 OU and Gen7 UU work as well.

- I play Smash Ultimate mainly on the Switch so if you wanna hop into an arena or something then add me.
About me: Botw’s durability system was good

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Unless I can do later today
15 hours ago by DeltaEmerald
Sorry I missed it I’ll resign.
15 hours ago by DeltaEmerald
Oh goodness thanks for the reminder
6 days ago by Kyogre71
I forgot I'm stupid XD
6 days ago by PKThunder10
I've heard that from most people. I'm still on my first run and I chose the Black Eagles house. Now I command a bunch of German Emos. :P
Jun 14 by Staka~
I have FE3H (although, haven't played it in a hot minute) and I've seen part 1 of FMA:B, but I want to knock out Shippuden and catch up on MHA before I finish it. <:P

You should watch HxH if you haven't yet.

Ah yes, clearly the thing to say to someone your about to impale with a spear is "I AM Ferdinand Von Aegir!!!" :P
Jun 14 by Staka~
I'm doing well, getting ready for graduation and all. I even got exempt from 3 out of 4 finals. Although, had to take too many AP exams... I have been working since and before the pandemic started, so I've had social interaction, albeit, very annoying and while doing strenuous work. I also had to quarantine a while back for being positive, and don't need the shot yet. Otherwise, I've been binging anime and alternating between shiny hunting, practicing smash, and trying to finish a bunch of games I've slept on. :P
Jun 14 by Staka~
Almighty PUSH :P

How are you?
Jun 13 by Staka~
I'm also in support of doing the Wonder Guard tourney first. We had a similar situation in the past, where the highest-voted tourney changed between seasons, and we first did with the tourney that originally had more votes. I think it's good to keep the standard consistent.
May 25 by KRLW890
That was because the wonder guard tournament had the most up-votes a few months ago. I think you should still do the wonder guard tournament because I don't like suddenly changing plans 1 or 2 weeks before a tournament starts. You should probably also ask KRLW in case she wants something different.
May 24 by sumwun