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Favorite Pokémon: Scizor, Latios, Gallade, Rowlet, Sylveon (and all the eeveelutions tbh), Mudkip, Grovyle, Blaziken
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About me: aka X-Scizor

Big fan of video games and music. Piano player mostly by ear (can finally sorta sightread tho LMAO). Aspiring music producer maybe? 112% completed Hollow Knight, beat Pantheon 5, and now I speedrun it! Corrin solo main in Smash Ultimate but my Byleth is kinda nice. As for Pokemon I'm sorta retired but I'm getting back into OU and my Offensive Future Sight Slowbro team is cooking. Also play Nier: Automata (and don't play fire emblem).

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sure 7-8pm gmt works for me, and my tag is Rick Astley#1846 I’m in the poke base discord server
Mar 5 by L'chonk
No worries, you guys have got three extra days to figure something out
Mar 5 by Felix⠀
This is your courtesy call one day left warning for the tourney. If you need a time extension now would be the time to let me know, otherwise please try to have your battle done in the next 24 hours or so. Thanks!
Mar 5 by Felix⠀
(My time)
Mar 3 by L'chonk
your call ig, if i were to pick it would probably be saturday all day or friday after 4pm
Mar 3 by L'chonk
fire profile pic, reminds me of the days when I could draw decently
Nov 20, 2022 by Hallucinogens
Yeah I kinda fucked up there. I was going for the Clef when I click sd
Nov 17, 2022 by Mangy Vagrant
What made that even more funny was that I didn't even realize my Lele was scarfed and I would have won if I just killed the Slowking. I was so pissed at playing the ladder that I don't even know my own team anymore
Nov 14, 2022 by Mangy Vagrant
Can't chat. Stupid Showdown locked me
Nov 14, 2022 by Mangy Vagrant
How many battle are we playing now?
Nov 14, 2022 by Mangy Vagrant