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I already brought up the outdated tournament ideas, and that time I don't think the problem got resolved. So basically a few of the tournament ideas were outdated, and I don't think we should play those just because the 2014 Pokebase users up-voted them. These are the specific ideas I'm talking about. If there's no reason next to an idea, then the default reason is that the banlist is outdated.

Ninja's Annoying Woodland Creature Tourney (the new Route 1 completely ruins the "spirit" of this tournament)
Pina Coladas's Generation 3 OU Tournament (ORAS was already released)
Torterra02's TechniciMons Tournament ("allow list" also seems outdated)
Pina Coladas's Little Big Cup
~Wolf~'s Mega Showdown Tourney
<%7CSkymin%7C>'s ORAS megas tournament (ORAS was already released)
mew2002's Alpha and Omega Tourney (ORAS was already released)
MrKijani's Battle of the Titans
trachy's Mixed Tier Mono-Region Tournament (made for 5 regions)
Sir Dan's OU Monotype Changing Tournament

So can someone hide these answers?

We'll hide them as they come up. If the next tour due it outdated and can't be updated we'll do it. This is what we did earlier.
The next tournament is the Battle of the Titans tournament, and the Annoying Woodland Creatures is immediately after. This is actually kind of urgent. We only have 3 months to make a decision!
Also I think it would be easier to just hide all of these now to make the thread less cluttered and put the actually good ideas on the first page.

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I've hidden a number of them to make scrolling through the page easier, but not all the ones you mentioned.

Outdated banlist really isn't a reason to hide tournaments because unless the rules are super specific to a format that is no longer supported or possible or relevant, we can just update the banlist. In the majority of cases we can just use some common sense and some closed discussions to decide a banlist, they really shouldn't be too hard to update ahead of time, especially since we now only do major tournaments every few months.

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