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So when we had PX's Follow Me Tournament, I only realised it was on because there was a notice in PokeBase. Can we have this for all the tournaments please?

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All 'full' tournaments from the Mono-Arceus tour onward will have posts in the Pokebase and RMT sections of the site so that the maximum amount of people have a chance to see it.

I was originally going to update the posts every round, but it quickly became more hassle than it was worth e.e.

The UU 'Mini-Tour' didn't have these posts because it was just kind of spontaneous and as the title suggestions, wasn't a 'full' tour.

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Yeah but are we going to have one for MrKijani's Battle of the Titans? I have a team, I'm just waiting on MrKijani.
Too bad the only tour I'll ever get second place in my life wasn't a full one...
I literally said we're gonna do it for every major tour.

Also MrKijani isn't hosting it, it will likely be me or sumwun unless someone else wants to.
@PX Sorry, didn't read your answer properly
@eXcess Dude, your amazing at tournaments. It's just that others are better...