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Starting now, if you’d like to host the next tournament, you can signup by commenting on the next tournament’s original post in this thread after the previous tournament finishes. Hosts should be able to do the following:

  • Post the tournament thread on Meta
  • Check the thread often, preferably every day
  • Post an advertisement on PokéBase, and hide it after signups close
  • Know the tournament’s rules
  • Catch people if they break the rules
  • Randomly generate matchups each round
  • Close signups, announce each new round, and announce the winner
  • Possibly change the rules if the original idea is old
  • Decide whether or not to enforce “optional” rules

Please make sure you can do these things before trying to host.

Tell me if I missed anything, or if you feel something on this list should be removed.

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I changed the thing slightly so that we're only dealing with host issues 1-2 months before the tournament starts and not before or during another tournament. I really don't want people asking to host 4 years in advance.
By the way, you still haven't announced the previous tournament's winner.
Thanks, I probably could've worded that a little better. A little late, but I announced the previous tournament's winner in a separate answer.
so scrabble?
Yes we're doing Scrabble.
How do you post an ad?
Just post questions on Pokebase and RMT. They should have the tournament rules, instructions for signing up, the deadline, and a link to the tournament thread in Meta. They probably should be hidden when signups close.

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