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Tournament Information

Previous Tournament:
Gligurr's Rotom Tournament (won by sumwun)

Current Tournament:
Kameko's Monotype LC Tournament (start date TBD)

Thread Information

On this thread, you can post suggestions as to what tournaments should be hosted on the site! When you post suggestions, please make sure that you include all rules that will apply to your tournament and the amount of members in it. The most popular tournaments, determined by those with the most votes, will be hosted next. Old and not-so-popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Take note that these tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS (or a Switch or whatever fancy gadget you're using nowadays), but on a Pokemon simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support!

Please read the selected answer (the first answer you'll see) for additional information.

List of Tournament Winners
Showdown/Online username thread
Guidelines for playing in tournaments
Hosting guide


Tournament Name

Brief description of tournament, eg. "All pokemon have to be the same type" (as much as people like to post long and fun descriptions, short ones are better)

List of rules and clauses, e.g
"OU/Monotype Banlist
Standard Smogon Clauses Apply
Heatran is banned from Fire Teams
No Stealth Rock" etc

Add any extra details or more complicated rules at the end. These rules will be default in case you forget to add those complicated rules.

Smogon (latest generation) OU clauses
Changes to bans (OU bans or bans in the tournament) start applying when a new round starts.
Single elimination best of one brackets
Battles are to be held on the Pokemon DB Showdown! server.
Save replays and show them to the host. You can make them private if you don't want anyone else to see them.
Players can change teams between battles.
If someone disconnects during a battle, then the opponent can take the win or redo the battle.

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Thanks for the info
Ok, so signups begin June 16th or does the tournament begin June 16th? If so, when are signups? I can't signup Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Read the original post. If you don't see your answer, then read it again.
Got it. Just making sure.
The new “seasonal format” is twice a season, right?

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Best answer

If you have an idea, then share it. But we really don't need seven people trying to have tournaments constantly. If you like an idea, upvote it. If you don't like it, downvote.

  • Highest voted suggestions will go first.

  • Post whether your tournament is going to have 4 people, 8 people, 16 people, or any number of people.

  • Tournaments can only go with a moderator's go.

  • Challonge match-ups cannot be used. You must have the match-ups written on the post.

  • No signing up for the tournament before it gets a meta question.

  • Tournaments require at least six upvotes before they can go.

  • Tournaments in negatives will be hidden.

  • If a tournament seems like it will be best held for a special occasion, it will be postponed until that occasion.

  • You must put matchups in the post. Not in an answer, it just makes it difficult.

Why aren't the tournaments proceeding?

We take breaks in between tournaments, and people have to meet each other. We have due dates.

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If you make the tournament are you garunteed a spot?
No, you can enter it only if you want to.
Why are we not allowed to use Challonge? Also, since Ninja's gone, do we not have to listen to him any more?
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We've all heard of Little Cup, and we've all heard of Monotype, but what about Monotype LC?


  • Regular LC Bans
  • Hax Items


  • 16 Participants
  • All teams must be made up of LC pokemon
  • All teams must be made up of pokemon that are all of the same type
  • Double-typed pokemon are allowed, as long as one of their types is
    the type you are using
  • You can use whatever type team you want, bar the 3 that are banned.
  • All rules are negotiable, if you can provide a tangible argument as
    to why a rule should be added or lifted, it will be done.

Originally Ben's idea but since it didn't take off because we couldn't finish the other tourneys before time took off im re-posting.

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Unban mono Ghost and psychic, and what's included in hax items ? Hopefully this will get enough up votes to happen : D
hax items are stuff like king's rock and brightpowder
Which 3 types are banned?
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Meh, I'll answer. Whatever.

Anime Tour

Remember Kyron's old Media tour? Thought I'd bring it back, but with a twist. All Pokemon have to resemble characters from anime (or manga).

There has to be proof the anime exists such as a link or something like that (not needed if it's a well known anime like Naruto or something)

Pokemon can resemble characters in either looks or characteristics (preferably both, but you can use it based on one)

The Pokemon anime doesn't count

Only one person can use each anime, so if one person uses e.g Fairytail, no one else can. Get in line first to have first picks

Clever anime picking counts as well. Naruto, Fairytail, One Piece, Kateko Hitman Reborn and other large anime have many different characters and variations which you can base your team on, but others like Death Note, When They Cry or Black Butler don't have that many, limiting your choices

Let's give an example shall we?

enter image description here

This is Natsu, from the Fairytail anime. He is (in his anime) a Fire attribute Dragon Slayer. He has the ability to both wield and eat fire. He is also equipped with specialized Dragon abilities, such as dragon scales and fire breath. This makes him a perfect candidate as the new Charizard form. Both are powerful and fight for their friends but are hot headed and unsocial otherwise, plus they both breathe fire ;P.

enter image description here

Get the idea? Good :D

Tier is standard Gen 6 OU, normal clauses and whatnot. Please nickname your pokemon your characters names, to avoid confusion. and make it obvious what anime it's from. Keep replays too please.

Sorry for necroposting, but I haven't been keeping up.

Anyway, no calling any anime before (or if) the tour starts. We don't want people restricting other people who haven't even really seen it yet.

No Digimon, Pokemon or [insert similar anime here]. That just creates way too much variety, you can basically just pick any team and find the according characters.

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fyi, it says at the bottom that there is no calling any anime before or if the tourney starts. :)
This will probably not age well but what gen will we play if it’s still gen 8?
Also I think it would be cool if for like death note it’s a smeargle with lock on 1hko move to symbolise the fact that light is a kira. I don’t think that would be too broken
I'm thinking that this should either be gen 7 or honestly just skip it completely
I think we can have gen 7
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The Avatar Tour

Here's how it works:
- 8 or 16 players is required
- (if 8) 2 players will be from the same tribe, (if 16) 4 players will be from the same tribe
- The tribes have certain types that they can use, the list is detailed here
- Your tribe will be determined using the month you were born in
- Members of the same tribe can only face each other if they make it to the finals
- One match only, replay required as proof, no re-challenges due to hax

Any other question please ask me via comments.

Thank you one and all for reading.

Name Change: Earth Rumble Six
Fire Blast Five
Air Shifter Seven
Water Ball Nine

How about I leave it at "The Avatar Tour" ;P
Pokemon + Avatar: The Last Airbender= Me Gusta :D
Why can't we have 3 per tribe if there are 12 signups?
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Random Battle tournament.


Select all but Ubers. Must use generated natures.

Battles are two out of three, no replays required, you can change teams unless you are in the middle of a battle (Obviously.)

inb4 trachy wins.

*spams generate button*
Yep, unfortunately, people can cheat.
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Mini FIght! :D

Based on MrKijani's "Battle of the Titans" idea, I have come up with the polar opposite. Yay!


  • Each pokemon must be either under 2'4" Tall or weigh less than 50 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • NO Ubers Pokemon allowed (Since only one uber fits this bill, Shaymin-S)
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Showdown OU ban format
  • Shaymin-S is banned.

Can you channel your little fight and win? With only 2 OU Pokemon allowed, you'll have to go in the likes of UU, RU and even NU. Since these Pokemon are so small, you might have to use NFE Pokemon. No matter the case, best of luck :D

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EVIOLITE SPAM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which 2 OU Pokemon?
Doesn't matter :D
Tiny Tourney 2.0!
9 votes

This will probably be buried in the 50+ other tournament suggestions here, but this idea's been bugging me for a few hours, so I thought I might as well suggest it. I give you...

The Polytype Tournament

It's pretty much the polar opposite of Monotype, in that no two Pokémon on your team can share a single type. Other than that, standard Smogon OU rules apply, and, if this goes through, I guess we'll just have to see how many people sign up; no restrictions on how many (or few) participants.
Not as extravagant as some other tournaments listed here, but simplicity has its own charm to it.

PS, if we want to make teambuilding an absolute horrorshow a bit more interesting, we can enforce that all Pokémon have to be dual-typed.

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I wish I could upvote this, it's really good.
A ban for single types is a ban for Chansey. Please don't ban Chansey.
This is basically how I build in OU - guess I'll just use my 1500+ ELO team then :-)
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Types (Japanese: タイプ Type) are properties for Pokémon and their moves.

This can mean only one thing.
Monotype Tournament (but with moves)
Each team used in this tournament must have a designated type, and every member of that team must know at least one attack move of the designated type. If a Pokemon knows more than 2 attack moves, then at least 2 of them must be of the designated type.

Random technicalities:
The tournament is subject to OU rules.
Hidden power is treated as the Pokemon's hidden power type rather than normal type.
Judgement and multi attack are treated as the user's type if used by Arceus* or Silvally while holding a plate or memory.
Nothing else (not even abilities like aerilate) have any effect on the legality of a move, because those effects can be nullified during battle. You can take advantage of this, for example, by using Pinsir on a normal team (assuming Pinsir doesn't get banned anytime soon).

*This rule has a tiny chance of becoming relevant someday if Arceus is ever un-banned.

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that.. thats AMAZING!
Woah my idea is on the first page.
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Wonder Guard Tourney

My idea is to have an OU tournament with one catch: every Pokémon has Wonder Guard. This will require a lot more strategy than other battles, since every Pokémon will have to be hit with super effective moves. Each team will probably have to have every single move type somewhere in their Pokémon's movesets.


  • No type changing (i.e. Trick-or-Treat, Camouflage, etc.)
  • No damage-reducing berries (i.e. giving Jolteon a Shuca Berry)
  • Moves like Magnet Rise are banned
  • Ring Target is banned (come on, that will ruin the whole point of this)
  • You may not switch out on consecutive turns (to prevent endless switching)
  • (debatable) Weather is banned
  • (debatable) limit on number of weaknesses (i.e. no less than three weaknesses for each Pokemon)
  • More rules will be added as I see fit

Optional: we could also do this tournament with any other ability (such as Protean)

Each battle ends when either every Pokémon on one team feints or when one team becomes unable to hit an opposing Pokémon with any of its moves.

So anyway, I think this would be a fun, interesting tournament to have. If you do too, please go ahead and give that upvote button a click. :) If you have an idea for a different ability every team member should have, comment it and it will be taken into consideration. Thank you!

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I have an ability idea:  Speed Boost.  Basically, if you switch out your speed is reset.
Spiritomb and Sableye?
Azumarill says what?
Yep, this is 6th gen, so even the Ghost/Dark type can be hit.
And btw either 8 or 16 people can participate.
7 votes

Same Type Stealth Rock

In this metagame, Stealth Rock damage can be any type. The type is based on the primary type of the Stealth Rock user. For example, if Skarmory uses Stealth Rock, it will deal Steel type damage on switch-in. Or if Garchomp uses Stealth Rock, it will deal Dragon type damage on switch-in.

This means that if you set Fairy type Stealth Rock, it would be super effective against 3 types, resisted by 3 types, and neutral against 12 types. If you set Ground type Stealth Rock, it would be super effective against 5 types, resisted by 2 types, neutral against 10 types, and Flying types would be immune.

Protean sets Rock type Stealth Rock.

Dark type Pokemon are immune to Psychic type Stealth Rock.
Flying type Pokemon, Pokemon with Levitate, and Pokemon holding an Air Balloon are immune to Ground type Stealth Rock (except under Gravity).
Volt Absorb removes Electric type Stealth Rock.
Water Absorb removes Water type Stealth Rock.

Rapid Spin (without Scrappy) does not remove Ghost type Stealth Rock.

Standard OU clauses apply.

So statistically, Fighting or Ground Stealth Rock is the best to have
Rock and Ice are probably most useful though
7 votes


Sky Battle Tournament

Sky Battles were a new battle type introduced in X and Y, where they stayed because they sucked. But, they are an interesting concept! Sky Battles only allow Pokémon with Fly or Levitate that do not touch touch the ground — meaning that Pokémon like Spearow, Pidgey, and Gengar (who then had Levitate) could not participate because their models were grounded.

The full list of eligible Pokémon is found here.
There are also some moves that cannot be used in Sky Battles, which can be found here.

I thought it would make an interesting premise for a tournament, so I'm suggesting it here! Let me know if it would be interesting.

Ban List
Some Pokémon allowed in Sky Battles would totally dominate the other choices and lead to nearly identical teams, so it makes sense to ban the following Pokémon:

  • Lugia
  • Ho-Oh
  • Rayquaza
  • Giratina-Origin
  • Arceus
  • Yveltal
  • Heatproof Bronzong (only Levitate is allowed)
  • all Ground moves

Potential Bans
This is a list of things that could or could not be allowed in the tournament if they would become too dominant/polarizing, depending on feedback (this list is 100% negotiable):

  • Cresselia
  • Tornadus
  • Thundurus
  • Landorus
  • Latios
  • Latias
  • Mega Salamence
  • Celesteela
  • Stealth Rock

But what about the Sun/Moon newbies?
Sky Battles aren't around in Generation 7, but that doesn't mean the Alola Pokémon aren't allowed to participate! Using the Sky Battle criteria, these Gen 7 Pokémon would be allowed:

  • Trumbeak
  • Vikavolt
  • Minior
  • Celesteela

That's my idea for a Sky Battle tournament :) It probably doesn't appeal to everyone's taste, but I thought I might as well throw it out there. Cheers!

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How is it a dogfight if neither dog Pokemon nor fighting Pokemon are allowed?
Because a dogfight is what it's called when flying machines (like fighter planes) have a battle in the sky.

Thus the name
6 votes

"Attack on Titan" Titan Battle

Based on Shingeki No Kyojin's antagonists, the Titans, this tournament is a way for you to creatively use sets and ideas based on their behaviors.

Titans are human-like creatures that find and devour humans for currently unknown reasons. They don't starve, so it seems they do it for annihilation. Years in, they were classified by a measurement system. I am translating them to Pokemon size, so they are divided by four. Then rounded for size groups.

Regular Titans

  • 3-6 meter class: 0.8 - 1.5 meters
  • 7 meter class: 1.7 - 1.8 meters.
  • 8-14 meter class: 2 - 2.9 meters.
  • 15 meter class: 3.3-3.8 meters.

Special Titans:

  • Rogue / Coordinate is 15 meter class.
  • Dancing is unknown. We'll throw it in the 8-14 meter class.
  • Female Titan is 14 meter class.
  • Armored Titan is 15 meter class.
  • Beast Titan is 17 meter class, which is 4-5 meters.
  • Colossal Titan is 60 meter class. 15 is too big, we will make it anything over 5 meters.

List of Pokemon by height.


Lots of them.

  • The Rogue Titan doesn't work well with others. It cannot use support moves, it can only set up and attack.
  • The Dancing Titan cannot attack special titans.
  • The Female Titan is a loner, but can call upon other Titans. Must be the fastest member of the team.
  • The Colossal Titan is incredibly slow. Must be the slowest member of the team. (Debatable.)
  • The Armored Titan has various speeds. Must have higher defensive stats than offensive. This is after EV investment.
  • The Beast Titan has interest in humans. It also communicates with other titans, and has not attacked any notable things. Therefore, it cannot deal direct damage. You may not use Taunt on the Beast Titan.
  • Non-special titans are mindless and can only use attacking moves.
  • Best of three.
  • Each titan must appear once in the match. Also, you can't have two of the same special titan in a battle. This means you have to use two teams. 6 titans, 6 special titans. How will you organize them?
  • Only a special titan can Mega evolve.
  • 16 players.
  • Replays required.
  • Ubers are allowed.
  • Titans like to move together, so these will be double battles.

That's a lot to take in. Different, isn't it?

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Seems interesting.
seems complicated
Highly complicated, but it'll make teambuilding tough and I like that :3
That's the idea :3
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World Cup Tour.

(Name given in honour of the World Cup and because it is based off the structure of the World Cup.)

What this tour involves is all of us travelling to one country to play football and determine a winner xD

Seriously though these are the Rules for the tourney:

  • Tourney will have 16 participants
  • There will be 4 Groups; Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D.
  • Participants will be randomly assigned to one of the 4 Groups.
  • 4 Participants per Group.
  • Once you have been put into a Group with three other people, you will face them all exactly once.
  • If you win the match you get 3 Points, I don't think you can draw on Showdown but if someone does manage to draw with someone else then they will both be reward with 1 Point. If you lose a match you get 0 Points.
  • The two participants with highest amount of points will go through, in the event of two people having the same amount of points, goal difference in this case "Pokémon difference" will be taken into account to determine who advances and who doesn't. If two participants have the same amount of "Pokémon difference", then they will play a separate game to determine who advances. For all those who don't know what I'm getting at when I say "Pokémon difference" it's how many Pokémon of the opposition you faint to how many Pokémon of your's the opposition faints. Simple enough?
  • After the Group Stage the winner of Group A will face the runner up of Group B, with the runner up of Group A facing the winner of Group B. The winner of Group C will face the runner up of Group D, and the runner up of Group C will face the winner of Group D.
  • After that the winner of the "winner of Group A vs. the runner up of Group B", will face the winner of the "runner up of Group A vs. the winner of Group B". The winner of the "winner of Group C vs. the runner up of Group D", will face the winner of the "winner of the runner up of Group C vs. the runner up of Group D". (Sorry if I've worded this confusingly.)
  • Then of course after that it's the final :D
  • Normal Smogon clauses apply e.g. Sleep Clause etc.
  • Or and of course this is Pokémon so there will be a twist; Group A is NU, Group B is RU, Group C is UU and Group D is OU. The next leg after that is Ubers, then UU again for the semi-finals and OU for the final!

Before I get some idiot who says "can more than one person from the same country compete?" or something ridicules like that. This isn't really a competition country wise but individual wise, to see who is the champion of the world! ;) Besides seeing how the majority of people are either from the UK, the US or Australia it wouldn't exactly be much of a tournament.

I'm relieved to say no football is involved in this tournament thank God... well go ahead thank me :3

>Also guys after some decisions we've decided it would be unfair to have the Groups different tiers even if people were being randomly assigned. So please vote in this straw poll what tier you want the Groups Stages to be. Thank you!

commented 2 minutes ago by Sir Dan

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OU for final imo
It's the most common tier and the one the majority of people will be more used to
Yeah I'll change it :)

Also guys after some decisions we've decided it would be unfair to have the Groups different tiers even if people were being randomly assigned. So please vote in this straw poll what tier you want the Groups Stages to be. Thank you!
I was thinking about a tournament like this. But I already have 3 ideas on this thread. This tournament is going to be really fun.
I wanted to post an idea like this at the start of the WC, but I couldn't word it properly. Anyways, +1!
I would upvote this, but the rules are too intelligent and complicated for my simple mind. :3
6 votes

After hearing about things like monotype, monocolor/monochrome, and mono-generation, I decided to make a total rip-off of these ideas and post this answer.

Mono-egg group
It'll be a single elimination tournament latest generation OU singles tournament, except all Pokemon on a team must share at least one egg group. Undiscovered counts as one egg group.

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6 votes

"If the strong and able do too much, they limit the contributions of others. The strong must show restraint. This enables everyone to live together and share responsibility."
--a veteran, Hearthome City, Pokemon Platinum Version

With that in mind, allow me to explain the
Level-balanced tier shift tournament!

Every species of Pokemon (except those with no legal abilities) is allowed, but those on higher Smogon tiers must have lower levels. Based on statistics from May 2018, these are the max levels for each tier.

Untiered (less than 3.41%* usage in PU): 100 (ABST 478)
PU: 97 (ABST 502)
PUBL: 97 (ABST 478)
NU: 97 (ABST 506)
NUBL: 97 (ABST 499)
RU: 93 (ABST 551)
RUBL: 92 (ABST 556)
UU: 92 (ABST 547)
UUBL: 92 (ABST 551)
OU: 91 (ABST 576)
"Ubers UU" (banned in OU but less than 3.41% usage in Ubers): 85 (ABST 657)
Ubers, 3.41% < usage < 50%: 83 (ABST 680)
Ubers, usage > 50%: 80 (ABST 730)
Maractus: 79 (ABST 9001)

I decided to split the Ubers tier into three parts, because Pokemon near the top of Ubers are significantly stronger than the ones near the bottom and I wanted to make the game fair for both groups.
As for the details, this tournament will be set in Ubers, but use the OU banlist for abilities and moves.
Light balls and Eviolites are banned.

*Throughout this post, when I say 3.41%, I mean 1-(1/2)^(1/20). I say 3.41% because it's easier to type.
If a generation started recently, and not all usage tiers have been out of beta for a month, then please delay this tournament until they are.

If this tournament is to happen after I leave the site, then the host is to do this to determine the max level for each tier.

Step 1: Find the right usage statstics
Go to and click the latest date on the page. You should now see something like


for each playable tier. The numbers right before the .txt are GLICKO ratings. The higher numbers imply more experience, so you will use stats from players with the highest GLICKO rating (gen21ou-1825.txt in this case) to calculate the maximum levels.

Step 2: Calculate the average base stat total (I'll call it ABST) for each tier
These calculations involve base stat totals. If a Pokemon can't change form on the first turn before anything moves, then the BST of the base form will be used.
Calculating the ABST is pretty straightforward for the usage tiers (OU, UU, etc.), as well as the Ubers Pokemon whose usages are between 50% and 3.41%. It's the average base stat total for the first 150% of Pokemon on the statistics you just found. The ABST of the Ubers Pokemon with more than 50% usage is calculated using the BSTs of all Pokemon in this "tier".
The ABSTs for "borderline tiers" (Ubers UU, the BLs, and Untiered) is slightly more complex. Because they aren't playable, their ABSTs are calculated using the tier above them. The Pokemon used in the calculation are the first however many Pokemon were used for the tier above that were used less than 3.41% in the tier above. For example, if Ubers and OU used the first 3 and 4 Pokemon, then Ubers UU and BL will use the first 3 and 4 Pokemon with less than 3.41% usage.
If a tier's ABST is lower than the ABST of the tier below, then the higher tier's ABST will be set to the lower tier's ABST for the next step. For example, if the ABST of OU is less than the ABST of BL, then the ABST of OU will be set to the ABST of BL.

Step 3: Calculate the max level for each tier
The max level for Untiered will be 100. The max level for all the other tiers are given by
where a is the ABST of Untiered and b is the ABST of the tier whose max level you're calculating. Round down.

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Acupressure Maractus op pls nerf. This seems like a really great idea. +1
Okay, I nerfed it.
Well, glad that's over with. Acupressure Maractus just beats PU.
6 votes

Pokémon DB Super Staff Bros

Note: This tournament won't necessarily be "ready" until at least 20 sets are made, although I plan for 40-60 (or when all of the Experts and higher are added) for more variety.

Super Staff Bros is a concept originally a format thought up by Smogon where members of Smogon Staff are represented by Pokémon with cool custom sets that you can use. As this concept is endearing, I thought we should do this but with members of the Pokémon DB. Since it was based off of staff members of Smogon, Staff members of the DB are basically Pokemaster, Mods, Editors, Experts, and some Users that have contributed much to this community.

This thread is where the Roster and General rules have been decided. If the community is able to, it may make a randomized format for it (no promises). If we can't do so, this will be played in custom games, with these restrictions:

  • You must use the exact sets from the Roster, including names and shininess
  • You may only bring 6 Pokémon (as custom games allows more)
  • You may not bring more than one Poémon with the same set (For example: you may bring a Scizor named "Sciz" and a shiny Scizor named "X-Scizor", but you can't bring more than one Farfetch'd named "sumwun")

This will be a standard bracket elimination tournament, as always. :P

Have fun!

5 votes


MegaMons is an unique metagame for three reasons. The first one is that it does not change the mechanics of any moves, items, abilities or how any pokemon get those. The second is that it is based off of the Ubers metagame, and not the OU one. The third major difference is that it allows mega evolutionas to be used without their mega stones, and for multiple mega evolutions to be used on the same team.


  • All six of your Pokémon have to be Megas
  • You can use any six Megas, even those that are in Ubers
  • You can use mega evolutions without megastones
  • Standard Ubers clauses
5 votes

The Bookemon/Moviemon Tourney

Many people liked the idea of the anime tourney, but not everybody has knowledge of anime. Most user would have already read a book or watched a movie already, so most people could participate.


Regular OU bans/clauses
1 Uber Pokemon allowed on each team
Every team of Pokemon has to be based off a single book or movie.
For every round, the category of the book or movie changes
If your team is not based off a book or movie, you could get DQed unless there is a valid reason.
You need to name the Pokemon after the character in the book/movie to avoid confusion.
You can choose the same book/movie as someone else, but you cannot have the same Pokemon intentionally.
(Optional) Pokemon should have some physical resemblance to the character if possible.


The first round's category is Fantasy. I choose Harry Potter as my book/movie.
I can choose a Pyroar for Ron (red hair), an Alakazam for Hermione (smart), Hoopa-Unbound for Voldemort (no nose, and dark with magic powers), and Xurkitree for Harry Potter (messy, short hair, strong Special Powers). If I win, I have to make a new team based off of a different book/movie that fits the category.

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This is actually pretty cool. Media tours are normally pretty fun and creative.
This sounds amazing.
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If the B button was your childhood friend, and you kept pressing it no matter how many times they told you to stop, then this tournament is for you.

NFE Tournament
Players can't use anything that's fully evolved or not allowed in OU.

Additional bans: light ball, Eviolite

edited by
Great idea. The poor non-LC NFEs get no attention. :(
In that case, you don't need to wait for my tournament to start. Try playing some of this:
(note that Smogon bans the broken eviolite abusers instead of eviolite)
4 votes

Little Big Cup

This tournament is going to be odd. There are a few rules.
1) Everything must be level 5.
2) Everything must be in its final form. (ie, level 5 Charizard)
3) No legendary Pokemon allowed.
4) There are no bans on 3 stage Pokemon, as being level 5 basically allows the entire game to be turned on its head.
5) Weather is allowed
6) Blaziken is allowed, since Talonflame checks it and so forth. Plus, at level 5, it's mostly about base power.
7) Megas are allowed.
8) There may not be more than 2 OU or greater Pokemon on your team, for balancing purposes

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This tier already exists
Called...? =o
STABmons exists. It got like 18 upvotes.
No legendaries is meh. I think just use smogons tiers. All pokemon should just be level 5 with no other restrictions
@Whatson, hawtcakes, it's basically level 5 OU.
The tier we'd have to use is custom-game, obviously. There's no way around it.
@tazzie, the no legends thing is more of because of evos and such. I guess we can lift that rule, tbh