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Please read all of this Post's content before responding.

Update: Open for Gen 8 set Changes (Also looking for more Experts+ to give Sets)

I'm looking at Fizz, PX ™, thecrannapper, [GMax]StellarLucario, melcakes, Jofly, Emty (if still active), Hellfire Taco, Mew, and, if we are graced with his appearence, Pokemaster himself. :P
Approved by Fizz.

This isn't an official thing or anything (unless Pokemaster wants to do that), but I wanted to show this to the community, because it is for the community, and requires community feedback. :P

So, whenever I say "we", I mean "the community and I". If you disagree with a rule or decision, just recognize that the rule is probably there for a reason, and both will only be discussed if you are calm about it and know what you are talking about (I wouldn't change a rule about the competitive aspect because of someone who doesn't know the fundamentals of competitive battling. Tbh, I am borderline acceptable for determining competitive stuff in this, so whoever is more experienced than I should probably make sure that I don't break this fun "project", which is another other reason I bring this here). :P

This all started when I got bored a few days ago and made this. It was based off of Smogon's Super Staff Bros Brawl. There are a few differences, however, like:

  • It uses people from this site
  • There are no custom moves/abilities/items usable as of now* (CAP Moves and Abilities are compatible)
  • There is no official format for it
  • Because of the lack of format, it isn't randomized, unless PM allows us to add things to the server

I will accept what your custom move/ability would be, with the alternative as we don't have a format for this.

The purpose of this post is meant to address changes, additions, and the possible format addition. Of course, none of this can happen without the input of this community, as explained above. It would be cool if we had something like this. :P

If you are able to (or if I learn eventually -- might look into this summer) "program" custom moves, abilities, and formats etc. into a Showdown! server, and Pokemaster agrees, we could possibly make this into a playable format on our server (or Pokemaster could get someone to do it if he decides he wants to). No Promises, though.

Disclaimer: I am not even sure Pokemaster will care (or how much so) about this, and I will say that it is highly possible that this never happens. This thread is for fun, like this one, and is written using similar principals.

Before suggesting, I will address some ground rules:

  • Keep it less broken: Some brokenness adds a little fun, but too much takes that away. A more Powerful Pokémon like Mega Rayquaza should use less broken sets than a scrawny Pokémon like Weedle. (who could be allowed to carry Extreme Evoboost and Shadow Tag). Keep this in mind when suggesting changes.
  • Keep Variety: While sets are pretty likely to change, we especially want some sort of variety. For example, we wouldn't want many people to be a Magikarp, nor do we want many people with the same ability (unless if it is something like Beast Boost). Variety makes this the most interesting. In addition, if there are 2 of the same Pokémon, we'll probably make one of them shiny for aesthetic difference.
  • The user the Pokémon represents can choose to change their Pokémon however they want: Within reason, and following the other rules, of course.
  • The user can choose what nickname their Pokémon has: Like their Smogon Username, their Pokémon Database Username, or a know nickname (etc.). I suggest it be known enough so that people will know it is you, and not some random person.
  • The user also has the right not to be included if they wish: Self explanatory. Some people just don't want to do something, and that is their right, not ours.
  • A User must meet the requirements to be made into a Pokémon: Which include:
  1. The user can't be perma-banned
  2. The user's account must be at least 3-5 months old
  3. The user must have at least 500 points in the Pokébase. ("In practice, it should probably be closer to 1,000 except in special cases, like where they strongly meet the next two criteria")
  4. They have a noticeable presence in the community
  5. They have been active within the last two months or have several other users vouching for them
  6. The user must ask me (and therefore receive permission from me) if they want to be added, or be recommended to add by a Mod if inactive (in which case the mod would make the set for them, and if they return, they can change what the Mod chose to do). That rule in particular is so that we don't flood the system with 60,000 users. I am allowed to call who is in and who isn't simply because we don't want to bother the Mods about it (unless they want to), and they often have better things to do. I, and every mod on the site, don't want to hear sourness over not being on the "roster". Not everyone can be on it, and you'll just have to be happy with what you have.
  7. All Experts/Mods/Editors/Super-administrators can be added so long as they hold that title, and I do plan to add most of them, because they are really the "staff" of the site.

If you have any problems with these rules, or with who is or isn't included, I would be willing to talk about it with you (via wall posts), just please be civil about it.

Current Roster:

(If you wish to be added, don't comment, ask me on my wall and provide a Pokémon with moveset, item, etc. I want you to ask on my wall so that this post doesn't get too many updates but seeing as the meta section is pretty dry, I'm not too sure it matters as much anymore.)

Uwaa Sets Site- This is where the "final" sets are. If anything is too broken, please tell me. This will probably be changed a lot. Especially when new stuff comes out. :P

Users: SecretForestGuy130, X-Scizor, Marvelous Metroid, Helix716, Azelfeo

Showdown! Staff(And no Higher title): NebbyY

Experts: Staka~, Speed freak

Editors: , sumwun, KRLW890

Mods: PX ™ (Who has no set but said would give one a while ago...)

And Pokemaster, of course.
I plan to have at least 40ish people on the complete roster. If it ever gets finished :P

If you're wondering where we could play this on Showdown!, just copy and import the Pokémon to use on a team, and select "Custom Game" when choosing to battle. Just keep in mind that you should tell the person beforehand what "format" you are playing, and battle with someone you can trust, and is "serious" about this topic, because it is easy to change anything in custom games. :P


Any moves/items/abilities that are 100% banned, or a topic if people get out of hand discussing it (For Example, if some people were advocating the addition for something and wouldn't stop flooding the comments/answers, all comments about it after the blacklist will be flagged and hidden).

  • Moody
  • Acupressure
  • Evasion Moves
  • Bright Powder
  • Lax Incense
  • OHKO Moves
  • Baton Pass

Change-log: Opened for Gen 8 Edits and made a site for sets uwaa~

Hope this becomes a cool post and stuff. :P

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That makes sense.
I finally read this question.
Well now that the tournament's over, I'd be interested in seeing this getting revived a bit.
By "revive", do you mean asking for more sets? Because I don't know if there's anything else to do here.
Battling people with the current sets is an option.

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