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Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender. (I’m actually a girl)
Country: Antarctica; Central time zone (https://time.is/CT).
Favorite Pokémon: Beldum. Childhood hero. (see about me for favorites by type)
Friend Codes: 2638-5605-9763 (Ultra Sun. In-game name: Lucia)
SW-5569-5177-8976 (LGE and Sw. In-game names are Lucia and Lucy, respectively)

I play on Showdown! with the same username (KRLW890)
Feel free to DM me on Discord: KRLW890#8542
About me: First got into Pokémon around 2010, with SoulSilver being my first game.  I only played casually, which grew boring after getting and completing White.
A few years later, I got back into it competitively through Showdown!, which I used in favor of the actual games for a while until getting Ultra Sun. Now I play both on Showdown! and in the actual games. While I'm pretty good at competitive, I consider myself more of a shinyhunter than a battler.

Favorite Pokémon by type:
STEEL: Beldum; favorite Pokémon, favorite type
ELECTRIC: Luxray (2nd favorite overall)
PSYCHIC: technically Beldum, but I’ve got to give this one to Lugia (3rd favorite)
GRASS: Bayleef (4th fav)
NORMAL: Eevee (5th) (after this, I’m not so sure overall; the rest of these are in no particular order)
BUG: Volcarona
DARK: Zoroark
FLYING: technically Lugia, but I’ll give this one to Noivern
FAIRY: Mimikyu
FIRE: Alolan Marowak
DRAGON: technically Noivern, but I'll give this one to Flygon
GHOST: Decidueye
GROUND: Runerigus
ICE: Lapras
POISON: Drapion
ROCK: Midnight Lycanroc
WATER: Buizel

My Shinies: (141 seen, 134 caught)
 > SoulSilver: Gyarados, Pidgey (failed), Sandshrew, Rattata, Tangela, Mr. Mime (failed), Abra, Shinx
 > HeartGold: Gyarados, Mewtwo, Unown (L),
 > White: Vanillite, Heatmor, Litwick, Pawniard
 > LeafGreen: Zubat
 > Emerald: Rayquaza, Golbat
 > Ultra Sun: Eevee x8 (every evolution), Pikipek x2, A-Meowth, Zorua x2, Beldum x3 (1 failed :'[ ), Exeggcute x54 (1 failed), Togepi, Drifloon, Noibat, Omanyte, Litwick, Lapras, Froakie, Natu x7, Tropius (failed), A-Raticate, Partner Cap Pikachu, Chansey x5 (2 failed), Stunfisk, Quagsire x2, Hippowdon x2, Drapion, Audino, Medicham x2, Crustle, Abomasnow, Lombre, Magcargo, Swanna, Nuzleaf, Heliolisk
> Let’s Go Eevee: Bellsprout, Vulpix, Aerodactyl, Staryu
> Platinum: Giratina
> Sword: Falinks x2, Farfetch'd x2, Hatenna, Pancham, Togepi x2
> Crystal (VC): Odd Egg Pichu, Togepi x3

Currently shinyhunting:
Well it’s about time I start preparing for my Easter giveaway so...
> Togepi in Crystal (VC)
> Exeggcute in Ultra Sun
> Exeggcute in Let’s Go Eevee
> Togepi in Sword

PokeBase dates:
100 Pts - Apr 23, 2017
200 Pts - May 2, 2017
300 Pts - May 8, 2017
400 Pts - May 15, 2017
500 Pts - Jun 1, 2017
750 Pts - Aug 19, 2017
1,000 Pts (WHOO!!) - Aug 31, 2017
1,250 Pts - Oct 26, 2017
1,500 Pts - Nov 24, 2017
1,750 Pts - Feb 4, 2018
2,000 Pts - Apr 13, 2018
2,250 Pts - May 7, 2018
2,500 Pts - May 14, 2018
3,000 Pts - June 29, 2018
Expert status - July 2, 2018. Thanks Fizz :)
3,500 Pts - Aug 7, 2018
4,000 Pts - Aug 22, 2018
4,500 Pts - Sept 17, 2018
5,000 Pts - Oct 19, 2018
Front page of users (5,384 Pts) - Nov 18, 2018
6,000 Pts - Jan 18, 2019

Some PS teambuilder Easter eggs, try typing these in as the Pokémon species: birdjesus, neckboy, smogonbird, ygod

PS. The 890 in my username is pronounced "eight ninety."  Not "eight nine zero," not "eight hundred ninety," not "eighty-nine zero."  It's just "eight ninety."  IT'S. NOT. THAT. HARD.

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tysm! :D
10 hours ago by [MEGA]StellarLucario
Thanks for the pointer. I've followed it up with them now.
3 days ago by Fizz
So I’m watching mob psycho and umm
I take back what I said
Feb 3 by KirbyCuteKing!
Oh ok. If you do make a doubles team, would you mind battling me? I want someone good to practice with.
Jan 28 by stall_fest
You do BSD on the Cart right?
Jan 26 by stall_fest
I've been learning some Java programming (partially due to electives, mostly self due to self teaching and reading. A Lot of Reading) and, well, I don't really know who to ask really specific stuff about, so I may ask you some things from time to time. :P

I can see you know JavaScript, and don't know what your experience with Java is, but I'm poking around at Showdown!'s code and kind of understand how


that works (and how I may go about it in Java), but I am having trouble understanding how pages like


this would work in Java, as well as connect to the first part. And I have barely any clue how this


And if this can't work at all in Java, which language should I use for coding a similar thing? :P
Sorry if this is too much, or you don't want to help. I am too ambitious for my own good, and want to start coding something perhaps too big for myself to swallow. :P
Jan 24 by Staka~
I do my think it’s in my region
Jan 21 by KirbyCuteKing!
Would def watch it but it’s premium on crunchyroll and AnimeLab
Jan 20 by KirbyCuteKing!
I only really know that mob has psychic powers. I haven’t watched mob psycho yet.
Jan 19 by KirbyCuteKing!
Thanks! I think I'll give it a shot! Since it's a full-odds hunt, I'll probably be there for a long time, but who knows? Thanks again!
Jan 18 by Flowersun