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Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender.
Country: Antarctica; Central Timezone (UTC-5).
Favorite Pokémon: Beldum. Childhood hero. (see about me for favorites by type)
Friend Codes: 2638-5605-9763 (Ultra Sun. In-game name: Lucia)
I play on Showdown! with the same username (KRLW890)
Feel free to DM me on Discord: KRLW890#8542
About me: First got into Pokémon around 2010, with SoulSilver being my first game.  I only played casually, which grew boring after getting and completing White.
A few years later, I got back into it competitively through Showdown!, which I used in favor of the actual games for a while until getting Ultra Sun.

Favorite Pokémon by type:
STEEL: Beldum; favorite Pokémon, favorite type
ELECTRIC: Luxray (2nd favorite overall)
PSYCHIC: technically Beldum, but I’ve got to give this one to Lugia (3rd favorite)
GRASS: Bayleef (4th fav)
NORMAL: Eevee (5th) (after this, I’m not so sure overall; the rest of these are in no particular order)
BUG: Volcarona
DARK: Zoroark
FLYING: technically Lugia, but I’ll give this one to Noivern
FAIRY: Mimikyu
FIGHTING: Pancham/Lucario. don't make me choose :(
FIRE: Alolan Marowak
DRAGON: technically Noivern, but I'll give this one to Flygon
GHOST: Decidueye
GROUND: technically Flygon, but I’ll give this one to Krookodile
ICE: Lapras
POISON: Drapion
ROCK: Midnight Lycanroc
WATER: Buizel

My Shinies, in order of me finding them: (65 seen, 62 caught)
* Gyarados in SoulSilver - doesn't count
- Pidgey in SoulSilver - met a tragic end at the hands of an unlucky crit. My first shiny fail
* Gyarados in HeartGold - once again, doesn't count
* Vanillite in White - Grew up to become a Vanilluxe as a part of my in-game team
> Mewtwo in HeartGold - My first successful shinyhunt
* Unown (L) in HeartGold - Hilariously enough, I think I remember encountering this one with my Shiny Mewtwo
* Heatmor in White - Caught and left mostly untouched
* Zubat in LeafGreen - Migrated to SoulSilver several days after capture. Now a Crobat
* Sandshrew in SoulSilver - A lucky catch at the mercy of the Safari Zone. Now a Sandslash
* Rattata in SoulSilver - now a Raticate
* Tangela in SoulSilver - Caught and left completely untouched
- Mr. Mime in SoulSilver - Once again at the mercy of the Safari Zone. Not so lucky this time; second shiny fail
* Abra in SoulSilver - A very lucky catch, only to still be completely untouched
> Rayquaza in Emerald - My second successful shinyhunt, and my personal favorite shiny in my collection
> Shinx in SoulSilver - Found in a wild encounter after 1019 encounters (shiny inclusive), 503 of which were Shinx, in addition to 1387 Shinx eggs; 1890 Shinxes total.  Later transferred to White. Now a Luxray.
> Litwick in White - Found after 7328 wild encounters.  Now a Chandelure.
* Golbat in Emerald - Guess this means I'll have two shiny Crobats now. That's cool I guess.
> Eevee in Ultra Sun - A phenomenally short hunt after only 91 SOS calls. Now an Umbreon.
> Pikipek in Ultra Sun - 235 SOS calls. This game makes shinyhunting too easy. Traded for a Trevenant to be used in the Beldum shinyhunt.
* A-Meowth in Ultra Sun - Phase 1 shiny during Zorua hunt
> Zorua in Ultra Sun - 443 SOS calls
> Beldum in Ultra Sun x3 - The first one was a 56 calls, which I accidentally killed because I was busy feeding pets while it was being called, and didn't realize it was shiny until the fainting animation. The second one was at 101 calls on the same chain, and was Adamant. The third took an additional 73 calls (174 calls total) and is finally Jolly.
> Exeggcute in Ultra Sun x17 - All given away in a giveaway for Easter.
> Togepi in Ultra Sun - was planning to also farm Togepis for Easter, but chaining is so easy, and I decided to devote time to Exeggcute than waste time on Togepi.
* A bunch of shinies in US through the Ultra Wormhole, which are all listed here in bulk because otherwise it takes up too much space: Stunfisk, Quagsire x2, Hippowdon x2, Drapion, Audino, Medicham x2, Crustle, Abomasnow, Lombre, Magcargo, Swanna, Nuzleaf, and Heliolisk.
> Drifloon in Ultra Sun - Found after 408 SOS calls.
> Noibat in Ultra Sun - Found after 52 SOS calls.
* Chansey in Ultra Sun x2 - Accidental finds while grinding.
* Omanyte in Ultra Sun - Was breeding tradables using a foreign Ditto because it's the best one I have, and got an accidental Masuda Shiny.
* Litwick in Ultra Sun - Same story as Omanyte.
* Lapras in Ultra Sun - Almost same story as Omanyte, except that Masuda Method wasn’t in affect this time

Currently shinyhunting:
> Cap Pikachu in Ultra Sun (10,000 and still going...)
> Vulpix in SoulSilver (on hold)
> Trapinch in Emerald (on hold)

PokeBase dates:
100 Pts - Apr 23, 2017
200 Pts - May 2, 2017
300 Pts - May 8, 2017
400 Pts - May 15, 2017
500 Pts - Jun 1, 2017
750 Pts - Aug 19, 2017
1,000 Pts (WHOO!!) - Aug 31, 2017
1,250 Pts - Oct 26, 2017
1,500 Pts - Nov 24, 2017
1,750 Pts - Feb 4, 2018
2,000 Pts - Apr 13, 2018
2,250 Pts - May 7, 2018
2,500 Pts - May 14, 2018
3,000 Pts - June 29, 2018
Expert status - July 2, 2018. Thanks Fizz :)
3,500 Pts - Aug 7, 2018

Did you know that the last 249 pages of the database's users page is nothing but 20 point users?

PS. The 890 in my username is pronounced "eight ninety."  Not "eight nine zero," not "eight hundred ninety," not "eighty-nine zero."  It's just "eight ninety."  IT'S. NOT. THAT. HARD.

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Thanks for editing my answer. I must’ve pasted it a second time by accident.
1 day ago by thecarnapper5
10,000? You beat my longest shiny-hunt record!
Godspeed, my friend.
4 days ago by FlappersFlappers
WHat does KRWL stand for
5 days ago by MoonlitMadness
Well, he wasn’t really an expert, he just got retagging priveleges in RMT.
  5 days ago by KRLW890

6 days ago by SeeYaLater
KRLW, help me not get bored while shiny hunting.
1. I can't get the numbers out of my head, so that means youtube + a shiny counter is irritating
2. My hunt is already over 1.000, and I'm not motivated I'll get the shiny at all. And for me, I don't even have this shiny as one of my favorites.
3. I can't hunt good anymore, my mom set my max computer time to 2 hours, that's not enough for chatting + hunting. What should I do?
Aug 9 by SeeYaLater
I'm glad.
Aug 6 by Hellfire Taco
I wasn't really guessing. Just screwing around.
I would like to mention that I had to actual thought into making up something dumb
Aug 6 by Hellfire Taco
Hello kool rhyming leet wizard eight hunded and ninety
Aug 4 by Hellfire Taco
your still best answer even tho triple sniped lol
Aug 4 by TheSmasher1386
Haha. Alright.
Aug 1 by thecarnapper5