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PokeBase Rules

What is this place?

PokeBase is a question and answer system. Put simply, members ask questions about Pokemon, and other members answer them! Questions and answers can be voted on - the highest-voted answers show at the top so you don't need to scroll through pages of junk to find the answer.

PokeBase is not a traditional forum - questions should be answerable, not discussed endlessly. Please read the following rules before you start on this site. We have tried to make it as short as possible, but if you are super-lazy, at least read everything in bold (and don't complain when your posts get removed or downvoted). Thanks!

There are 4 distinct areas to the community:

  • Pokebase: the main area for general questions about Pokemon, for example help with the gameplay, how moves/abilities and other mechanics work, competitive battling (except teams), plus the anime and TCG (though we are more focused on the video games). Pokebase is sometimes used to refer to the entire community area.
  • Rate My Team: (aka RMT) a place to post competitive battling teams. Teams must include all Pokemon and all relevant information (see details below).
  • Chat Room: the chat room allows users to live-chat and discuss Pokemon or anything off-topic. Trading and battling requests should be made here instead of as questions.
  • Meta: the place to ask questions about this site itself, for example how to use a feature of Pokebase. Suggestions for Pokebase or PokemonDb (e.g. improvements to the pokedex) can be made here.

The 3 Q&A sections have a distinct color scheme (Green on Pokebase, Orange on RMT, Grey on Meta) so make sure you are on the right section when posting!

Basic rules

Usual netiquette applies: Be polite, don't argue. Don't write in ALL CAPS, don't use excessive exclamation or question marks. Post in proper sentences, not text-speak or shorthand or long run-on sentences.

No duplicate questions: Please do a quick search before asking a question. We have over 35,000 questions here so your question has very likely been asked already! When asking a question, more suggestions will show (box with a yellow background) so check those as well.

Avoid duplicate answers: If there is already an answer on a question there is no need to post unless the current answers are wrong or you can significantly improve on them. Just upvote the best answer(s). In particular, this applies to questions and answers that are months/years old - only post if the current answers are out of date. Also note that often multiple people end up posting answers in a short space of time - this is perfectly fine as they don't know there are other answers at the time.

Avoid off-topic comments: Comments are for asking for more details on a question or answer if it's not clear what the person is saying, or if they made a mistake. Comments are not for extended discussion, take that to the chat room.

Make question titles clear and obvious: For example TM question doesn't say much, but Where is TM59 located? is more clear. Try and make the title one complete sentence (the length limit is quite high).

Only answers in the answer box: Use the comment function to reply to others' posts as mentioned above. If you need to add to your own post, click edit to change it.

Do not ask moveset questions: We already have moveset questions for every final-evolution Pokemon (and several others besides). Just search for the Pokemon, e.g. dragonite moveset. If you don't find a Pokemon moveset question, you almost certainly misspelled the Pokemon's name. When a new game is released, moveset questions for the new Pokemon are handled by the moderators to avoid clogging up the site with too many at once.

Do not ask in-game team questions: As with moveset questions, we already have in-game team questions for each game, e.g. In-game team for X/Y

No excessive use of images: Having lots of images slow down page loading for everyone, so avoid using them for decoration purposes only. No images larger than roughly 350x350 pixels (that's the size of the artwork in our Pokedex).

Static sprites only in moveset answers: The moveset questions have many answers so adding artwork or animated sprites on every answer really gets in the way. You can easily copy the Markdown code from our Pokemon sprites section (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) directly into the answer box.

Use relevant tags: Tags are keywords that categorize questions, for example the game or Pokemon or move the question relates to. They allow you to look at for example all questions for Pokemon Black/White, or all questions about Shedinja. Multi-word tags are separated by hyphens, e.g. black-white or stealth-rock. If you are not sure, just include the game you are playing. New users must use existing tags (which appear below the tag box - just click one of the tag suggestions).

Quality over quantity: We value quality here, in both questions and answers. Putting some effort into asking your question is more likely to get you good answers. Similarly, putting effort into answers is more likely to make them better than other answers.

Don't answer questions that break the rules: If a question breaks the rules (e.g. a duplicate moveset question), please do not answer it. Flag it for moderator attention instead.

Pokebase rules/guidelines

Questions must be about Pokemon: OK hopefully this one is obvious, but questions must be specific to Pokemon and not, for example, why your 3DS isn't working or your internet connection.

No polls/opinion questions: Questions such as What is your favourite Pokemon? or Who is the best Water-type Pokemon are too open and vague to be useful. You can discuss things like that in Chat.

Avoid trivial questions: Anything that can be easily looked up on PokemonDb should not be asked. For example, questions like What level does Dewott evolve at? or What is Aqua Jet's base power? can be found in the pokedex and move pages respectively. (Note: if the answer could possibly be found on another site but is not here, then it is fine to ask it so that the answer is on this site.)

No unofficial games or websites: Only questions about official Pokemon games are allowed. There are hundreds of different unofficial games that come and go all the time and have many varying rules; we can't cater to them all. Go and ask on their forums if you have a problem. Two exceptions are Pokemon Online and Pokemon Showdown which are popular battler simulators.

No ROM questions: If you are using a ROM and something weird happens (e.g. a Pokemon appears where it shouldn't) then it's almost certainly a glitch with the Emulator/ROM. Like above, if it's not an official game played on a real system, it's not our concern. Don't ask where to find ROMs, and don't link others to ROMs. They are illegal.

A link is not an answer: In other words, an answer should be complete on its own where possible. If the answer calls for a long list or a huge amount of detail, then it is fine to link to another site, but otherwise put all the information in your answer.

Do not mass-copy other pages directly: You can quote sections from other sites (start the line with a > character), but if possible write something in your own words. Also note that links to sources are not required, especially if it's a simple answer.

Rate My Team

Competitive teams only: In other words, teams for competitive battling with other people or the advanced post-game sections like Battle Tree or Pokemon World Tournament. No teams for regular gameplay: there are too many variables for these questions to be useful, and in-game teams do not need much work, just a variety of Pokemon types and moves.

Full teams only: In general this means 6 Pokemon for 6v6 singles. Doubles teams would be 4 Pokemon. If you don't have a 6th Pokemon then put something in and say you are not sure about it and would like more suggestions.

Include all relevant details: This means all 4 moves for each Pokemon and each Pokemon's ability, nature and EVs (Effort Values). If you don't know about EVs then take a few moments to read our detailed EV guide here. If you are still not sure, put in something basic (e.g. max attack, max speed for a physical sweeper).

Learn team-building 101: Know the difference between Physical/Special/Status category moves. Know that using two attacking moves of the same type is best avoided (with some exceptions).

Only answer if you have notable improvements: In other words, don't answer with just one minor suggestion, unless you are really sure there is nothing else at all to be improved.

Respect people's choices: This applies to both questions and answers. Saying someone's team sucks isn't really helpful. And if someone has taken the time to answer your question, don't just dismiss them.

Chat room

Chat is more relaxed and informal so lowercase and shorthand is fine here, as long as it's understandable.

Respect others' opinions: Debating is fine, but everyone's different and likes different things.

Don't post personal information: This includes email addresses, real addresses, phone numbers or other personally-identifiable information. (Vague locations like countries/states/cities are fine.) Remember, the chat room is essentially a public forum that anyone can access.

Don't get mad if no one responds: If you are looking for trades/battles, then usually people will simply not reply if they don't want to trade/battle, rather than everyone saying no.

Don't spam: Don't post junk comments/spam; this includes posting the same thing over and over.

No roleplaying: This is annoying for many other users so please don't do it, thanks.


Make the title clear: As above, try and put the entire question/issue in the title. Titles like Another suggestion aren't really helpful.

Use an appropriate tag: Please make sure to include one of these tags on the question: pokemondb if asking about the main site, pokebase if asking about the Q&A community, or chat-room if asking about (you guessed it) the chat room. Please also include suggestion for site suggestions or bug if reporting an error on the site where appropriate. This helps me keep track of issues and suggestions.

For bugs, specify your browser and include a screenshot: If you are posting about an error (bug) on the site, particularly any time the layout is messed up or images etc are missing, please add a screenshot (instructions here) so I can see the problem. And make sure you include your web browser (for example Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). If you are not sure find the menu option About and it will tell you.

No announcement threads: These include things like saying you are leaving or going on holiday. Just put that information in your user profile; on the very rare occasion someone might wonder where you are after a few days, they can check there.

No posts about downvotes/flagging: If you lose a few points or receive downvotes, please don't start threads on it. First, make sure your post is correct and doesnt break any rules on this page. Otherwise, just accept that sometimes people will downvote/flag a post incorrectly. In the grand scheme of things a few downvotes makes no difference. If your question was hidden you can ask on this thread.

Voting, flagging and points

As mentioned above you can vote on questions and answers. If you see an interesting question, vote it up. If you see a really bad question, vote it down. Downvoting questions is less common since they would normally be flagged for breaking the rules (see below).

If you see a good and correct answer, vote it up. If you see an incorrect answer, vote it down. Answers with the most votes will appear at the top of the list so that anyone coming to the page will see the correct answer straight away! When downvoting posts, it is helpful to add a comment so that the poster knows what they did wrong.

You can also select one answer on each question as the best by clicking the tick icon. This would usually be the highest-voted answer but it can be whichever you feel answered your question best or explained things more clearly.

Questions that break one of the rules above (e.g. a duplicate or off-topic question) should be flagged by clicking the flag button under the question. Posts that receive 5 flags are automatically hidden.

Similarly for answers, anything that breaks the rules (e.g. comments posted as answers or very late answers that don't add anything) should be flagged.

Pokebase has a points system that rewards users for good answers and questions. Having your post upvoted gains you points, having your answer downvoted loses you points. List of points here.

In general, points are nothing to worry about but over time, members with a higher number of points gain a few additional privileges such as being able to edit and improve posts by other members. List of privileges and their points here.


Formatting should be used sparingly to improve readability, such as putting things in lists. If everything is in bold then nothing stands out!

The editor uses something called Markdown, which is a very simple text format. For example, italic text is written as *italic* and bold text as **bold**. You can quote other sources by starting the line with >. Lists are created using an asterisk or dash (and a space) before each list item.

You can use the buttons at the top of the field to add formatting easily. There is also a preview under the editor field so you can check everything looks good as you go along.