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So I have beat all the Elite Four, but now im up to Lance.
He swept through my team with 3 pokemon, Im stuck.

My team at the moment is:
Typhlosion: Lvl 42
Lugia: Lvl 47
Ampharos: Lvl 43
Furret: Lvl 39
Gyrados: Lvl 38
Murkrow: Lvl 21

Am I under leveled? Should I lose to Lance and train up more? And what types/pokemon should I use against him?


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I had a level 71 feraligator and a level 55 lugia and I beat the elite 4 and lance with just those two.
y don't u evolve murkrow? it is heartgold/soulsilver isn't it?

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Well, your Gyrados should know Ice fang which is super effective to dragons with 4 times the damage! However, to beat lance with Gyrados, he will have to be high-leveled(lvl 48-52 should work). If your Gyrados has an attack and speed nature, he won't have to be trained as much. When I used my Ampharos against lance and it proved pretty helpful too(it should be a lvl 46 and know Thunder which is sold at the Goldenrod Department store). Any Ice moves will work against Lance.

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What about Dragon-type moves?They're super effective too.
Level 40 would work, but one of his Dragonites knows ThunderPunch and Gyara v Gyara is an odd situation.
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If you already saved your game in the middle of the Elite Four you're a bit screwed. Lance's pokemon are Level 44-50 so your Furret, Gyrados and Murkrow will be toast.

You just came through Victory Road where there are plenty of pokemon way better than your Murkrow/Furret. Definitely train up your Gyarados and teach it an ice move. Ampharos will be great against his Gyarados and Aerodactyl and Charizard.

After that it's just Dragonite all the way out - ice moves are gonna win the day here. Lugia learns Ice Beam, Blizzard and Avalanche by TM.

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Still, keep the murkrow for later  because honchkrow is badarse
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I think just ice fang for gyrados or just lugia's blizzard wont be enough without long training. Teach both.You'll kill it man!

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If you can level Gyarados to level 45-50+ and teach it dragon rage/claw, ice fang/blizzard you'll be sorted against his 3 dragonites, as for his charizard - use lugia's hydropump (don't want to exhaust Gyarados too much), his gyarados can be beaten by anything but gorund and Aerodactyls a little... you know... use a quagsire or something that deals water damage but isnt harmed by thunder fang as much as water pokemon.
Wtf 3 dragonites? I battled him 5 times, and he only has one.. I think he has two gyradoses though
@jake: Since when can gyarados learn dragon claw? What's he gonna use for it, his beard?
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Learn ice/dragon moves.

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just teach your pokemon super effective moves
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My team was almost the same. What I did was rely almost completly on lugia because the rest of my team was so weak. Then when he was weak or when he fainted I would us revives and full restores.

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at least two of your pokemon should be level 60 and the rest 47 make sure you have pokemon with strong electric, rock, ice

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yo dude listen i had the same problem, and yeha your murkrow is under leveld so any way ice moves are super efective so teach gyridos and lugia bllizard you dont need more then that

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A nice tip would be to get a strong water pokemon like feraligator at a level between 50-55 with at least the moves surf and ice fang that will take care of the dragonites charizard and aerodactly and a good electric pokemon like electabuzz between the same levels that can help in taking out everybody else

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lANCE is a user of dragon type pokemon.They all possess powerful moves and have high stats, so they're going to be doing a lot of damage to you. Do you have any Ice-type Pokemon or Pokemon with Ice-type attacks? Avalanche, Blizzard (or Blizzard + Hail for 100% accuracy), and Ice Beam will take out most of Lance's Pokemon with ease. Do you have any Pokemon with these attacks? They're all TM moves. If not, do you have any Pokemon that can learn Dragon Pulse (TM59) or Dragon Claw (TM02).Lastly, make sure you have a strong user of Electric- or Rock-type attacks to deal with the League Champion's dragon wannabes.

If you're still having difficulty with this fight, when you're up against Gyarados, start off by using 3 or 4 X Defends, 1 or 2 X Speeds (1 if you have a faster Pokemon, 2 if you have a slower one), and then 3 or 4 X Attacks / X Specials (remember Intimidate lowered your Attack one stage). Hope that Gyarados doesn't get a critical hit and heal with Hyper or Max Potions whenever you get weak. If Gyarados' Dragon Pulse is hurting, it means Dragonite's Hyper Beam, Thunder, or Blizzard probably will, too, so use an X Sp. Def.
After all of that, you should be able to run through Lance's team fairly easily. The only thing that will ruin your fun is a critical hit, which seem to be more common if you stack a lot of boosts, but you'll just have to deal with it. If you saved your game before fighting Lance, just reset and try apply all of the boosts again. It's a surefire way to win and the only luck it requires is dodging a critical hit. If you need more X Defends or X Sp. Defs, or more X Attacks or X Specials, you'll know and you'll be able to use them in the next fight.

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I defeated lance with lv 34. ampharos and lv 59. dragonite.
You can use discharge with ampharos on Gyarados
And you can beat all the three dragonite's with Dragonite's Blizzard attack.
If you don't know how to get Blizzard I can tell it now. 1. Go to goldenrod's dempartment store. 2. Go to all floors and if you find a guy that sell TM's buy TM 14 or 16, I forgot which one. Ok that was it.. and you can beat aerodactyl with Blizzard too. and you can beat Charizard with a Water Type attack

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