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Gender: Hmm, Let Me Check..... Yup Still Male.
Country: Michigan, us
Favorite Pokémon: SWAMPERT!!!
Friend Codes: I have wifi now
About me: I love pokemon and have X, Black 2, White, HG, SS, Platinum, 2 Emeralds, Ruby, leaf green, red, and yellow and I have beat them all. My Favorite and strongest pokemon are in Platinum.

My Team is Swampert, Aggron/Gengar(I Switch Between The Two), Manectric, Torterra, Charizard, and Garchomp.

Im also working a new team. it will Be:
Garchomp(Done Training)
Scizor(Havent Started)
Heatran(Done Training)


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Oct 20, 2021 by neo magius
:OO Legend!!
May 2, 2021 by Cristal Maybach
Apr 3, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III
Hello there, legend.
Dec 21, 2020 by KrystalInfernus
practically legend
Oct 29, 2020 by ~megaltaria~
Sep 2, 2020 by Calquischezlerynop
Sup. If you are receiving this generic message, you are either an Expert, a Mod, or an Editor that is either Lurking, Inactive, not always here, etc. I come here to humbly ask if you saw and or wanted to be a part of this: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/68283/a-super-staff-bros-for-pokemondb . It wouldn't be "Super Staff Bros" without you, and I'm sure if you ever see this, even if it is a while from now, I am sure you'd be added in a heartbeat, since you are technically why this was even made. I cannot add you without your consent because I don't know you or what you'd want to be in the form of a Pokémon, set, etc, and feel that I may misrepresent or even offend you.

Also, I am sending this message Christmas Day, so, Happy Holidays. :P

Thank you for being an amazing member of this community.
Dec 24, 2018 by Staka~
is he still training scizor?
May 8, 2018 by SpillThePolteageist
I will remember you.... will you remember me..... I WILL REMEMBER YOU
May 5, 2018 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
dude, u alive?! :D
Mar 24, 2018 by Emty