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Gender: Hmm, Let Me Check..... Yup Still Male.
Country: Michigan, us
Favorite Pokémon: SWAMPERT!!!
Friend Codes: I have wifi now
About me: I love pokemon and have X, Black 2, White, HG, SS, Platinum, 2 Emeralds, Ruby, leaf green, red, and yellow and I have beat them all. My Favorite and strongest pokemon are in Platinum.

My Team is Swampert, Aggron/Gengar(I Switch Between The Two), Manectric, Torterra, Charizard, and Garchomp.

Im also working a new team. it will Be:
Garchomp(Done Training)
Scizor(Havent Started)
Heatran(Done Training)


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is he still training scizor?
May 8 by RobloxianSceptile
I will remember you.... will you remember me..... I WILL REMEMBER YOU
May 5 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
dude, u alive?! :D
Mar 24 by Emty
Huh, looks like you've been missed, not like I would have known. Anyways, I'd like to say that Mudkip was my first Gen 3 starter and still is my favorite Gen 3 Starter.
Mar 23 by Stakatacool
My team consists decidyue, greninja, charizard, lucario, alolan raichu and gengar.
Mar 23 by Helix716
May 28, 2017 by [MG]Darkrai
how is the trick house a clock-based event in emerald?
Jul 15, 2015 by sumwun
HEY another person from Michigan!!! Where do you live in MI?
May 25, 2014 by PZ15
Get rid of torterra. Replace it with sceptile
Apr 29, 2014 by Meta Ridley
You have Torterra :)
Apr 5, 2014 by Masked Torterra