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I'm very like challenge! so, I decided to go to E4 with my:
-Typhlosion lv39
-Quagsire lv39
-Jumpluff lv39
-Ampharos lv39
-Noctowl lv39, and
-Shucke lv28 (for healing)
i beat the E4 with a great struggle... and finally I'll face Lance, the champion with my (with moveset):
-Typhlosion lv40 (Rock Tomb, Shadow Claw, Solarbeam, Flamethrower)
-Quagsire lv40 (Strength, Blizard, Waterfall, Earthquake)
-Jumpluff lv40 (Headbutt, Aerial Ace, Silver Wind, Mega Drain)
-Ampharos lv40 (Strength, Iron Tail, Charce Beam, Thunderbolt
-Noctowl lv40 (Confusion, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Uproar) and
-Shucke lv29 (for healing... Encore, Safeguard, Rock smash, Strength)
First, I sent Ampharos and he sent Gyarados, of course I can win easily. after that, he sent out Dragonite lv50, so I sent Quagsire. Dragonite use Outrage and my Quagsire is instandlly fainted. I sent Ampharos... I know my Ampharos will fainted but my Static strategy work, Dragonite was Paralyzed! after a few turn, my Noctowl accidentally make a critical hit that makes Dragonite use the annoying full restore! I don't want a critical hit, but who can stop it... after a while, I'm realized that Dragonite makes Outrage a 1HKO move with 100% accuracy, he fainted all my pokemon with an Outrage on each of my Pokemon! I like challenge, but this is insane! it's to far to go back, so I must win! can someone help me with a strategy?

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That is becuase you are SEVERLY UNDER LEVELED your tphysion and quagsire need to be at least lvl 50+ and the others 47+. here is what you need to do. gyrados is dead becuase of ampharos then switch to quagsire and use blizzard(ice beam is more reiable but if you don't have it) on the dragonites then charizard is killed by rock tomb and blizzard, thunderbolt, and rocktomb can kill areodacyle

But I can beat elite4, and Lance pokemon is about lv46-lv50, just 10 level higher than me... ok, I'll find my own strategy
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If this helps, here was my team:

Typhlosion Lv. 46 (Flamethrower, Swift, Headbutt, Lava Plume)
Charizard Lv. 57 (Blast Burn, Fly, Rock Tomb, Dragon Pulse)
Feraliagtr Lv. 54 (Ice Fang, Thrash, Crunch, Hydro Cannon)
Meganium Lv. 54 (Frenzy Plant, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Strength)
Absol Lv. 50 (Slash, Detect, Pursuit, Double Team)
Gyrados Lv. 31 (Healing the other Pokemon)

Sorry, but your level is TOO HIGH, and I know that will defeat all of lance pokemon in no time! and by the way, how do you get charizard and 3 other starter?
Trading. Simple Trading with a friend.
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If this is soul silver or heart gold use Ho-oH or lugia