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I need help beating the Sinnoh Leauge. Can someone give some suggestions how to make my team and there move sets better?

Torterra Lv. 58
Giga Drain
Leaf Storm

Graveler Lv. 58
Rock Climb

Jirachi Lv. 58
Zen Headbutt
Draco Meteor

Staraptor Lv. 59
Brave Bird
Close Combat

Dialga Lv. 58
Metal Claw
Ancient Power
Dragon Claw
Roar of Time

Gastrodon Lv. 59
Rock Smash
Body Slam

I probably am going to level them up more and probably evolve Graveler into Golem but whatever suggestions you have for now would be great.

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Suckish Moves. No Offense.

Torterra: Stone Edge(Covers Aaron), Leaf Storm(For Bertha), Earthquake(!), and Razor Leaf(more for Bertha) or Crunch(for Lucian).

Golem: Stone Edge(STAB), Earthquake(STAB), Explosion(When all else fails), and Double Edge(If He Has Rock Head Ability, if not, use strength).

Jirachi: Flash Cannon(STAB), Draco Meteor(power), Psychic(STAB), and anything else you like. Shadow Ball Mybe, for lucian.

Staraptors good.

Give Diagla Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, and Psychic.

Gastradons ok.

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Are you sure I should get rid of dialga's roar of time?
Yess, that would be best. You get a strong attack, but you have to recharge for a turn, which is an extremely flawed setback.

Dragon Pulse is your best option.
Because Dialga is an Uber, Psychic and Flash Cannon are not the best options.
Then what do you suggest instead?

(sry posted a week later I was on vacation)
Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Thunder, Earthquake is a good moveset for Dialga.