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I made the mistake of letting my Shinx evolve at level 15, meaning that it took a while for it to learn its first electric type move naturally (Spark) quite late in (Lvl. 18). Looking at Bulbapedia, I see that it was only 1 level difference, but I am uncertain whether or not to evolve my Luxio at level 30. Here are the reasons:

-Luxio learns Crunch at level 33, while Luxray learns Crunch at level 35

-Luxio learns Thunder Fang at level 38, while Luxray learns Thunder Fang at level 42

-Luxio learns Discharge at level 48, while Luxray learns Discharge at level 56

There are about 3 STAB TMs that Luxio/Luxray can learn (Thunderbolt, Thunder and Shock Wave) and Luxray definitely has better stats but is it worth evolving Luxio just because of that? I'm not sure, and I'd like to see someone else's opinion on this matter.

Thanks in advance :)


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Evolve luxio after it learns crunch

Level 38 is generally too long to have a luxio in the party, luxray will be significantly faster, stronger and bulkier, but at level 33 it's still OK to be a luxio. Generally you should try to evolve it as soon as possible, and if crunch really matters to you get that and then evolve. It's not like evolving will mean luxray will never be able to get those moves, it just means it'll get them a few levels later, which to be perfectly honest, doesnt matter too much and the stat boosts upon evolution are very critical to late game success.

Hope I helped.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I also thought I shouldn't evolve Luxio too late, but the lack of good (early) moves was beginning to bug me. This is probably the best idea, so thank you, I'll do that ^^
No problem mate.
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Personally, I would just evolve it as soon as possible, the stat differences in my opinion more than makes up for learning a couple of moves a little later, besides, if you ever really need those moves, you can always grind!