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I've heard that you can get Giratina on diamond and pearl in turnback cave but I'm not sure how to get there, but I do know you have to go through Sendoff Spring and Spring Path but where are they and how do I get there?

first beat team glactic leader cyrus at his HQ and he shall give u 2 master pokeballs then meet at the stone pillar in sentere of mount corenet buy useing strenth and rock smash giratina,delgia and pikia and only masterballs can get them battle giratina in the distrucksion world u can also meet giratina buy going to the spring path in route 214 at the end is the Turnback cave and use surf to get there then inside find 3 rooms with pillars in them before 30 without. at the end giratina blocks a second entrance to the distrucksion world you can get dailga and pikia at the stone pillar and azelf and unixe at lakes viola and that one at snow point city and mespirit at its lake and outside and there is a secret entrance under the lakes! DON'T USE THE MASTER POKEBALLS ON OTHER POKEMON! if u waste them you have to defet the pokemon leage and battle frontier!

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When you beat the game, a little path opens up in route 214

You just follow the path and enter to Turnback Cave (You also need rock climb HM)

Once there is like a maze.

There is no way to consistently traverse the cave as rooms are always randomized upon entry, but the best hint to navigate the puzzle is to look at the pattern of rocks on the floor of each room, and enter the door out of the three which has the odd pattern ~ Bulbapedia

Finally youre getting your fight against Giratina, Hope i helped :D

thanks, but when you say beat the game does that mean completely or just the elite four
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After you beat the Elite Four go to lake Acucity and walk along the path there until you find it. Then once in the cave I go either up or to the right alternating. After the fourth pillar room I went right and ended up beside him. I also went right in all of the pillar rooms. If you go through 30 or more rooms you can't get to him so I suggest you save before entering. Hope this helps. :D