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my team of pokemon are:
feraligator lv 58
ho-oh lv 46
gyrados lv 31
geodude lv 7 (just hatched)
dratini lv 15


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You'll need to level up your Gyrados,Geodude and Dratini first. Training Ho-Oh won't hurt eaither. Training wise you can use an exp share and train around national park for geodude and dratini as they are reasonably close level wise to the wild pokemon there although it might take a while. If you find its to hard, Ilex forest might be good for geodude. For the qyrados, anywhere past mahogany town would be a good training spot and if possible, do as many trainer remaches as you can. Posting the moveset for your team would be good as well if you want people to give you advice on what moves would work best for beating lance and while I'm on the subject of movesets, be sure to teach your gyrados ice fang as that has is 4x super effective against dragon pokemon, very useful for his dragonites! level wise, they need all be around 48-55ish . good luck beating lance! :D

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thank you but i acidentelly started a new game so now i have a lv27 dratini, 38 pidgeot, 38 meganium, 38 gyrados, 39 gengar, 45 ho-oh, and a 38 golem
Well,your dratni is a higher level.