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I've made it all the way to Red. But I just can't beat him. Any pokemon reccomendations? Any Tms I should use? Help!!!!
My team is currently:
Graveler lvl 62 with Stone edge, Earthquake, Double Edge, Strength
(Graveler also has The Rock Head Ability which prevents recoil)
Ampharos lvl 68 with Thunder, Discharge, Thunderpunch, Rock climb
Gyrados lvl 67 with Hydro pump, Ice fang, Waterfall, Surf
Ho-oh lvl 72 with Fire Bast, Sacred Fire, Ancientpower, Fly
Lugia lvl 70 with Extrasensory, Hydro pump, Areoblast, Rain Dance
Typhlosion lvl 72 with Eruption, Flamethrower, Swift, Lava Plume

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1. Use thief to take pikachu's light ball to make pikachu 1/2 stronger
2. use stat raising moves like dragon dance few times while pikachu attacks you
what is really funny is that you could beat one of them with a LVL 1 STARLY! What you would do is give it a focus sash, then use eavandour. So the opponents hp would probable be 1. then you use quick attack, flooring them. THis also works with pidgey or spearor or most flying types. (PS. Imagine all the exp points...)
That's called the FEAR strategy.

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Your average team level: lvl 72

Like Blue, Red has a great mix of Pokémon types wich means you're going to need to have a well-raised team with multitude of attacking options. Don't be scared of his lvl 88 Pikachu - it can certainly hit hard, but it's no match for a strong good Physical attack. In fact, it's possible to take him down with one hit of this type. The samme aplies Snorlax - Physical will win out, especially as it has good resistance to elemental specials.
Next up, make sure you have a strong Eletric type - this will make light of two of Red's team, his Lapras and his Blastoise. Finnaly. Venusaur will struggle against a Fire type with a decent defense. One golden rule to remember for this battle is to pack plenty of Full Heals, as many of Red's team can knock you for 60-70% of your HP. Use potions and be patience, as beating Red will bring you plenty of rewards in the end of the game.

My mewtwo lvl 71 OHKOed pikachu with psychic and basically beat red for me dispite being under leveled Ho-oh helped but it was mainly mewtwo.
how did you get Mewtwo?
Mewtwo can be caught in cerulean cave
Do you need a master ball for that?
No. Just weaken it. You don't need to use a Master Ball.
Good because I already used my master ball
an electric type would also help against charizard because its part flying type
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Red's pokemon are all at least level 80 so you're WAY off being able to tackle him. You need to level up your pokemon at least 15 levels, maybe 20.

I would level up your Ampharos loads because electric moves will help, and maybe Graveler since he has some great moves (evolve him to Golem if possible).

Well, Actually, I got all the way to his Charizard, But it Creamed my Graveler.
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you can get a good fighting pokemon to beat lapras and snorlax (machamp is the BEST!!!)

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for lapras and snorlax machamp agreed cath him with the (no guard) abilety and lern him dynamic punch i say USEFULL

and traain your graveler his moveset helps you trough most of his pokemon (earthquake super effective against pikachu) not much agree but stone edge is super effective against charizard and lapras wich makes him have only 3 pokeon left wich your team at the apopriait lvl will take down.
oh and switch your ho-oh or typlosion for a fghting type hqvig difrince in type inparty always helps
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I beat him with level 50-52 and one level 49 so it just depends how good you are and if you know what to do. My team was:
Heracross level 49(counter and reversal to take down snorlax)
Tyhplosion lvl 52(Flame wheel and thunderpunch for venausaur and charizard)
Espeon lvl 52(knows bite to take down espeon, high special attack)
Lapras lvl 50(surf and ice beam for venasaur and charizard)
Piloswine lvl 51(Earthquake and icy wind for pikachu and venasaur)
Snorlax lvl 51(Thunderpunch for blastoise/charizard)