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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Salamence, Aggron, Nidoking
Friend Codes: SW-0477-1565-7989
About me: I go by the name Fizz on this website. I do mod stuff here — leave me a message if you need anything!

Beyond this site, I'm a student and filthy Melburnian. I like games, music and dumb Aussie football. I'm pretty busy with classes. Sorry if I go quiet sometimes.

Should you ever need it, my Discord is locke_d#4016. I run the alt &fizz_db on our Showdown server, so I'm easily recognisable.

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Hey Fizz.
That Jellicent Mustache Question was hidden, I think. Was it because of flags? or because of the nature of the question?
3 minutes ago by OrangeWigMan
Yeah, I should probably stay away from him/her/it for a while.
20 hours ago by sumwun
I completely agree with you, i'll do my best, thanks for your help!
1 day ago by Olli
1 day ago by The Poipole
Did you saw the comment of sumwum on that answer on the meta? The only i give?
 Aparently he now think that somehow i would say that thing for him, you and many other people know me better, i would never care about some small things, he was dead for me, he is really crazy and paranoic, please put some good sense on his head. I'll not care to answer him or nothing of the alike, i'm just ignoring this, i even fell tempted to hide that answer to avoid controversy but really is nothing wrong actually, just an answer answering the question. Thanks for your time and understanding and forgive me for any inconvenience!
1 day ago by Olli
Alright, I didn't think so but I just wanted to make sure. Like I said, I worry about stupid things :p
1 day ago by FlappersFlappers
1 day ago by The Poipole
What would you do if you found a user named Fizzy and it's grav was a wolf cub?
1 day ago by The Poipole
Hey, I logged on to my account from my phone. I don't think using different devices in different locations matter but I wanted to make sure it isn't an issue anyway because I worry about stupid things.
2 days ago by FlappersFlappers
Would you mind converting the staff server to the official one? I know it's a lot to ask, but I think we should use that one instead of creating another
3 days ago by Rick Gastly