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;-; save me
21 hours ago by Sempi
I know on a question you said it was 30.
2 days ago by superswablu
I think I’m mainly coming from a point of NFE Pokémon who have a very different playstyle from their evolved forms. It makes sense to group most NFE Pokémon with their final forms, since Pokémon like Magneton, Gligar, etc., are basically just a discount Magnezone/Gliscor/etc. in the tiers they’re used in. But then you have Pokémon like Eevee and Porygon2 which are used for very different reasons than their evolved counterparts. I’d argue that it’s worth keeping some NFE moveset questions for Pokémon like these, although, taking your response to sumwun into consideration, I can understand that it could end up being a bit of a moderation headache making such a vague stance on NFE moveset threads like that.
I still think that at least “What is a good moveset for Partner Eevee?” is a thread we should have. Limiting it to LGPE metagames gives it more merit for being an exception if you do decide to take a harder stance against NFE threads.
Aug 15 by KRLW890
Hey, should we have a moveset question for Eevee? We have a LC one, but that was asked before Z-Moves and Let’s Go, which give Eevee a viable niche outside of LC.
Aug 14 by KRLW890
Why do you close moveset questions for Magneton and Porygon2 but not Pikachu?
Aug 14 by sumwun
As Fizz said below, you don't need to flaunt the fact that you're ten years old and think that drugs are the height of comedy.
  Jun 19 by Hellfire Taco
Stop referencing drugs on a Pokemon website please. It's a bad look and we can ban you for it. Thanks.
  Jun 16 by Fizz

What in the frick?
Aug 12 by SeeYaLater!
Please battle me on showdown db server.
Aug 12 by superswablu
I know that, usually the dexiters fricking nitpick on a demo tree? And water that looks great but only doesn't have reflection?

I'm pretty sure they still will not update, for competitive reasons or some.
But why not ban using them in competitive and in the game after you have beaten   the Champion or something?
Aug 4 by SeeYaLater!
About me*
Aug 2 by SeeYaLater!
As you have ‘#BringBackTheNationalDex’ on your wall, I will act extremely toxic against you for no reason.
OMG HOW DARE YOU POKÉMON IS DOING ITS BEST IT ONLY HAS 70 PEOPLE WORKING ON THE DESIGNS (which is proved wrong, and, isn’t Creatures Inc. the one that usually does the designs ‘n stuff) OMG HOW DARE U ALSO THE TREE IN POKÉMON LOOKS GREAT ITS JUST A DEMO #Poképosivity (smh this is not even positive, it’s toxic) #Don’tBringBackTheNationalDex (Which is extremely dumb lol)
Aug 2 by SeeYaLater!