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Gender: Pizza
Country: I live under Jimmy's bed.
Favorite Pokémon: Vileplume, Electivire, and Randy Rhoads.
Friend Codes: 1392 - 4335 - 0942
Rarely ever play, but may occasionally do so. I do, however, often play GMod, Terraria, Risk of Rain, and a few other games on Steam, so if you enjoy those games and wanna screw around with myself and probably Jimmy, shoot me a DM on Discord. I don't bite, but Jimmy does, so watch out for that.
About me: I HATE THE POLAR EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fizz is a dumbo butt! He will eat your cashews! And then say that he didn't!!!!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM!!!! HE WILL LIE TO YOU FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please violently harass thecrapper5 for me, he took my onion.

My Discord is Hellfire Taco#4376.

Top ten epic jimmy moments!:
number 10 jimmy bes gay
number 9 jimmy says mfw dan calls me day
number 8 jimmy when jimmy when he dies oh no jimmy died
number 7 jim says i gotta take a a mondo duke
numer 6 jimmy lives in contstant state of poop pants
nubmer 5 jimmy says asks felix may i kiss you
number 4 jimmy means says jimmy says curtis wishses for rocket poo poo
nummberr 3 jim says ass rocket puts the nsanasa rocket so it says as
numbr 2 jimmy nigerian party please he pleases please the jigernian party

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Do i know the stone?
12 hours ago by SeeYaLater!
no not really
1 day ago by Jimmy⠀
notice there’s no in our lets keep it that way
1 day ago by Jimmy⠀
L notice there’s no POO in our L lets keep it that way
1 day ago by Jimmy⠀
OOL notice there’s no P in our OOL let’s keep it that way
1 day ago by Jimmy⠀
you’re getting SRLUPESS? and DIDNT invite ME?
2 days ago by Jimmy⠀
What did I just read?
3 days ago by KRLW890
I check my wall and I’m instantly greeted by poop rocks every time
3 days ago by Jimmy⠀
Good Morning, HT!
4 days ago by SylveonFairy2019
IKR? I'm so funny! Don't be sad, I'll keep entertaining you with such hilarious stuff quite often!
4 days ago by Deathrider