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Gender: Pizza
Country: Mountain Dew Valley
Favorite Pokémon: Vileplume, Electivire, and Randy Rhoads
Friend Codes: 1392 - 4335 - 0942
I don't battle at all and I rarely ever trade, but I do occasionally play Smash Bros.
About me: I'm a nerd, guitarist, and professional cool dude.
I spend most of my time listening to Black Sabbath and other '70s rock/metal bands, yelling at my friend, and being a weirdo in general.

Please post your pizza recipes/pizza summoning rituals on my wall.

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Yes I'm removing useless tags. In case you haven't noticed (which you probably haven't), the number of tags decreased in the last few weeks.
4 days ago by sumwun
people always tell me im not the sharpest light in the drawer
Dec 4 by thecranpper
spooky scary skelemafia has my children please i miss them
Nov 30 by PX ™
Todd the skeleman is a cool dude :P
Nov 30 by Stakatacool
spooky scary christmas skeletons.
Nov 30 by PX ™
love the self-portrait.
...or am I interpreting it wrong?
Is it a vision of the 'you' that you long for? is it a comment on the meaninglessness of skin? is it the set-up for a really lame joke?
Nov 27 by WhoGotzDaFud
Sure Taco, American is definitely a language, you act so mature, and I will shut my mouth. :P
Nov 21 by Stakatacool
Never tried it... But I have to say, it seems gross. But maybe it tastes, okay?
Nov 20 by Poké Guy Fieri
H. Taco, do I need to report you?
Nov 20 by Poké Guy Fieri
Are you sure Fizzy or PM condone opinionated kicking? >:P

Lol, but still, I don't care if you say 'frick you' to my opinions, they are still my opinions. Yours are still yours. You can discount opinions, Taco. Learn to respect them, even if they go against you. <:P

Your a Taco. Why do you, a Mexican food, care about Pizza, an Italian food so much? Not saying you're not allowed to, just saying it is an unusual association (which aren't bad, just rare). :P
Nov 19 by Stakatacool