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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Ribombee (Least favorite is Furfrou, with the ugliest haircut possible)
Friend Codes: Don't have Sword and Shield, not interested in trading even if I did.

My Switch FC is 8053-0661-1632

Super Mario Maker ID: SL3-3JN-1TG

Once upon a time, I had a friend list. I removed it because it was clutter and friend lists have this effect where users feel left out, and I had to constantly change it when Name Changes rolled around. Truly a bad idea.

Gonna keep it limited to users I've recently interacted with (what if you've become BAD and you're no longer worthy of being my friend??????)

-SeeYaLater! (One of the best users to ever grace this site, I hope she becomes an expert someday)
-Afsy (change your name holy crap it's lame)
-melcakes (truly a god among... well, kids....)
-CWegz (bit of an acquired taste)
-Keromatsu (you dummy)
-Glazio (I think we've interacted enough that I can call you my friend. You're super cool)
-Voltbolt55 (I have so much fun talking to you. You're so great.)
About me: Roses are red, violets are blue, and oranges are yellow.

My gravatar was drawn by the glorious gligurr, he dedicates the image to me personally.

  Username changes:
stare890 Aug 8 2013 - Mar 22 2014
Polite Patamon Mar 22 - June 1
Amiable Angemon June 1 - Sep 5
Mild MagnaAngemon Sep 5 2014 - Feb 1 2015
Sweet Seraphimon Feb 1 - July 7
Diligent DigiEgg July 7 - Nov 8
Polite Poyomon Nov 8 2015 - April 2016
Tender Tokomon April - Sep
Sapph's Art Sep 2016 - July 31 2017
GameCube July 31 2017 - Sep 3 2018

Currently playing (in descending priority) (this is literally a reminder for myself that i come back to every few months to remember games i stopped playing):
Super Mario Maker 2
LEGO Star Wars: TFA
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Super Mario World hacks
Pokemon hacks
A Hat In Time
Persona 5
Yooka Laylee ATIL
Nintendo LABO VR
Astral Chain
Super Metroid
Tetris 99
Yooka Laylee

games im barely playing if at all-
Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus Uprising
Star Tropics
Wind Waker Randomizer
Mario + Rabbids
Crypt of the Necrodancer
F-Zero GX
TLOZ A Link Between Worlds
Adventure Time PotE
Sky Skipper
Resident Evil 7
Adventure Time: SOTNK
Animal Super Squad
Fake! Pikmin
Pokémon Emerald

Every Halo game on Legendary.
Every DKC game with my best friend
Every Mario game with my best friend...
Pretty much every game I've ever played with my best friend.....
Captain Toad [3̶D̶S̶  Switch]



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Meta: Reached 1,000 points on July/18/2020

profile last updated: July 20th, 2020

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hi irvin
Oct 3 by NebbyY
Yo fool
Aug 26 by melcakes
well ok
Aug 10 by cranpper
hey please don't edit posts to bump them back up. if you really think they need to be seen again, just leave a comment
Aug 10 by cranpper
6 year old account but still has a friend list lol
Jul 29 by PX ™
Jul 29 by SeeYaLater!
clean 1000 points on meta
Jul 26 by NebbyY
This is Your Excellency speaking, and I've had it.
Jul 24 by melcakes
Thanks big birv!
Jul 23 by melcakes
Jul 21 by afsy