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Gender: Male
Country: Israel (GMT+2)
Favorite Pokémon: Typhlosion, Metagross and Dartrix
Friend Codes: IGN: Terlor
Friend Safari: Ice - Sneasel, Snorunt and Piloswine

About me: Im a 19 year old stud.

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why does eviltwineedle not like you?
Jul 26 by KirbyCuteKing!
Staka you just described my life more than you can EVER know.
Jun 20 by FlappersFlappers
I fear myself and nothing else. I am the cause of all my problems. I am my only fear. I will end myself, whether I know it or not.
Jun 19 by Stakatacool
"People fear what they cannot understand"
Jun 13 by Terlor
Why do people hate Terlor?
Jun 12 by FlappersFlappers
He's a stud
Jun 10 by Nuivo
Things I like about about Terlor:
- Has a nice gravatar
- ...
- uhhhhh
- ???
Jun 10 by EvilTwinNeedle™️
I didn't report him. It was a joke.
May 31 by X-Scizor
Oops that was Le Scraf. My bad.
May 29 by sumwun
You were the one who suggested the Mini Fight tournament, right? Do you still think we should do it?
May 29 by sumwun