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Wall for Fizz (page 1)

ok too far
Jun 22 by Hellfire Taco
Thank God
Jun 22 by Felix⠀
Hey this guy keeps hiding my questions for no real reason, can you please ban here's a screenshot
Jun 21 by Felix⠀
Jun 21 by Hellfire Taco
ok, thanks!
Jun 20 by NebbyY
Yeah, the replay function is still broken. The only commands that are broken so far are !ds, !nds, and !learn.
Jun 19 by NebbyY
Thanks for the response!
Jun 15 by NebbyY
brought it up on the discord server, but saving replays on the db showdown server doesn't work anymore, unfortunately days before another tour. anything you or an admin can do about it? sorry if I sound like I'm nagging
Jun 14 by NebbyY
Jun 9 by Felix⠀
Hi dad. What's your stance on posting advertisements for upcoming/ongoing tournaments on the main site and RMT? That's what the tournament hosting guide says, but I wanted to double check with you before I do anything. Thanks love you
Jun 9 by Felix⠀