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"I think the issue has more to do with that particular person's ignorance." Hmm right actually.
1st question's answer. No they wouldn't
2nd question's answer. No I wouldn't be frustrated.
Hmm I understand. You can close that meta question if you want.
Jan 14 by hoennseptile
who are you
Jan 14 by Felix⠀
yeah, the kangaroo thing is very bizarre
Jan 14 by SSuperiority
Hey! I got a Corviknight moveset that needs to be approved or denied. Could you please help me with that?
Jan 13 by —Marill4Life—
This has literally no meaning. The viability list has been given out too many a times to him in answers by demon hunter and few others, but still asking such questions? Purely for points.
(Sorry for bieng straight forward but it's really too much now)
Jan 13 by hoennseptile
If you're not convinced by this you can tell me. I just don't think these questions are going to bring down the experience of using PokeBase in the long term.
commented 2 hours ago by Fizz
Thanks for asking actually. I don't mean that they shouldn't ask about Pokémon *with* niches in higher tiers like shuckle which's used even in ubers.
Like the Clawitzer question. It straight up is not good in OU! They just seem point questions to me. Of course as I said in my question, it's still an opinion
Jan 13 by hoennseptile
Do you like wolf or dog like Pokémon, like Mightyena and Arcanine?
Jan 13 by Porygon-Zangoose
therefore, no smile today :(
Jan 13 by TY ™
Fizz you underestimate my knowledge
Jan 13 by TY ™