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Wall for Fizz (page 4)

FizzleWizzle uwu
Feb 4 by TY ™
Hi, when I left the DB discord server, the verified role reset. Now to get it back, do I again post in that Discord thread? I do have the same ID and name as previously.
Feb 4 by Swastik
it's a joke, Fizz. Please don't ban me
Feb 3 by Xurkit
You should spam Fizz's wall with 'Fizzy Senpai~~~~♡' or 'OwO", or "*Snuggles Cutely*
 12 minutes ago by Xurkit
Feb 3 by TY ™
Hi. Are we allowed to create threads? Tell me when you are free.
If you want to know why I asked, I'm thinking of creating a thread about good move combos for doubles. As singles already exists, a doubles one would be good too. Sorry for disturbing.
Feb 3 by hoennseptile
Look at it and tell me what you think skskslsksksksksksk
Feb 2 by TY ™
The FUNNIEST thing happened earlier, the thread is hidden now, but look for the muddy what is muddy question thread oh my gosh that was hilarious
Feb 2 by TY ™
Fizzyyyyy ♡
Feb 2 by TY ™
Fizz I have a question regarding sets that list multiple EV spreads:
My answer lists multiple EV spreads. Is there a certain way I need to format the EV spreads to make it look cleaner?
Feb 2 by Porygon-Zangoose