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Wall for Fizz (page 2)

Sempi is falsely claiming your wolf is a kangaroo. I don't see the resemblance
Jan 12 by SSuperiority
ah, ok. Do you have a dog / cat  / any pet?
Jan 11 by ~megaltaria~
Hi! I love your grav. is it your dog?
Jan 10 by ~megaltaria~
Jan 10 by TY ™
ok thanks!
Jan 9 by hoennseptile
Fizz don't you think I'm going too fast in points? I request you to check if anyone went forward to upvote all post for some reason. (If you can check,of course I don't know your powers well on this site)
Sorry to disturb
Jan 8 by hoennseptile
Got it, thanks!
Jan 8 by Giga~Blade X
Thank you, Fizz!
Jan 8 by PrimalKyogre
If there's an outdated answer that needs a small change to make it up-to-date, should I edit the question directly, or leave it as a comment?
Jan 7 by Giga~Blade X