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I hate seeing someone idle for 4 days because they forget to leave chat before closing it.
A lot of users do this and it annoys all of us except J98, he thinks this is a bit pointless and is just clogging up the meta.

After 8 minutes you go idle, so after 20 it should remove their name.

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Maybe more then 20 because people make teams and all that on po which can take a while maybe 45
Otherwise I'm totally for this.
But one flaw is when your waiting for people.
This is where the suggestion that the people online box is visible on all parts of the site for people with accounts.
My idleness annoys people? LOL
I'm usually doing some HW, keeping the DB as a separate tab.
Um, Blob, if it takes 45 minutes to make a team then I use Cocaine.
I normally make my teams within 2-4 minutes. xD

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Honestly I don't know why anyone would leave their computer on for days on end if they aren't using it. But I probably will make it remove people who are idle for an hour or so.

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If you close the browser with chat still on, you are still shown in it.
I think this sounds reasonable.