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oh thanks its my bad. sorry
7 hours ago by Sam and Noivern
(If you remember the case where I flagged to much and made PX a bit angry..)

I thought of flagging the posts for BA when I read that post.
1 day ago by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Yeah Fizz, but Idk why the asker didn't select it. Btw thanks!
1 day ago by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Thank you!
1 day ago by hoennseptile
Ok sorry for wasting your time and wall post
1 day ago by ~megaltaria~
hey Fizz please select my answer I have asked you in the past but I don't know if you have read them.anyways its been over 3 months that  the asker of this question didn't select my answer;please select it if its good. its the only answer and I did my best to provide this person with a most complete answer. if you want to select it that is the link:  https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/356799/is-this-meowth-card-meant-to-be-called-minccino
1 day ago by Sam and Noivern
I know I know you said don't link questions with  unselected answers but I have to say the user already said answer was helpful and thanked me but didn't make it BA here https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/370614/how-would-you-build-a-bulky-alolan-ninetails
Proof he said thanks, read the comments:
And I said because you probably thought that the user knew how to select BA's but didn't select it means he didn't find it helpful. Sorry again for going against your previous words, but I had to tell you about it....
3 days ago by hoennseptile
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/370568/what-does-dynamaxing-really-do?show=370570#a370570 I wonder why the asker didn't select the answer if he still knows how to select BA. The answer is awesome.

https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/347248/which-version-exclusive-pokemon-have-different-dase-stats?show=368370#a368370 (I don't care if this is my answer, I don't want points) Here, the asker is probably inactive. The previous answerer has posted incomplete answer so does my answer deserve a BA or should I wait?
3 days ago by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Fizz select an answer for BA pls idc if it's mine or X's just select one

3 days ago by ~megaltaria~
3 days ago by PrimalKyogre