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fizzy can you promote ty to a User
15 hours ago by CC ℠
Can you check deleted wall post? If you can, please check deleted recent posts on my wall.
23 hours ago by Swastik
Ok. Thanks.
1 day ago by Porygon-Zangoose
Thank you!
1 day ago by Alphacelestius
How can I identify personal insults and attacks? If you don't mind, will you tell me an example?
2 days ago by Alphacelestius
[wtf] do you mean?!

"mind your words"?!
 4 days ago by ~megaltaria~
I've never stared at Altaria!
 11 minutes ago by Alphacelestius

what lol

[wtf] is this?! why on hell would you stare at me?
 4 days ago by ~megaltaria~

Hi, Don't you see this? "wtf" is a badword 'n this is directing to nobody but *me*!
Thank you!
2 days ago by Alphacelestius
can you please give me a list of all the censored swears on this site. so i know not to say them all thanks
2 days ago by Felix⠀
I do have a doubt about DB Showdown server. Is it possible to turn on notifications? In PS, it asks "Showdown! wants to show notifications" in my chrome browser in PC. Well, through them I can know about when somebody challenges me or my turn, since I'm doing in PC and many chrome tabs. This can help to avoid what ~megaltaria~ told to me lol.
2 days ago by Swastik
a minute ago
3 days ago by Alphacelestius