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About me: I'm a living being that is alive and living. Neat, huh.

How's your day?

I enjoy Dragon Ball, Super Smash Bros, and of course Pokémon. I switch between being extremely introverted and extremely extroverted at seemingly random times for no good reason. Not like bipolar disorder or anything, but I am a tad strange sometimes... I tend to not think before I say or do anything, but try to be a good person.

I often become obsessed with one or two Pokémon for a couple of weeks, then suddenly drop any interest in them..

I'm starting a Porygon fanclub! Lots of other people here have 'fanclubs' for their fave mons so I'm doing one as well! Graffiti on my wall.

Faves of every type:
Grass: Exeggutor-A/Tree
Fire: Darmanitan/Rage when healthy
Water: Dracovish/Unlucky
Normal: Porygon2/Cyberquacks
Electric: Zeraora/Furry bait
Psychic: Articuno-G/The cooler Daniel
Fighting: Marshadow/Zenith
Rock: Stakataka/I like those odds
Ground: Quagsire/QUAG
Flying: Pidgeot/Birb
Bug: Beedrill-M/Five Stinger Death Stab
Poison: Crobat/Four Winged Wonder
Dark: Spiritomb/108 Souls of Dread
Ghost: Chandelure/The reason they say 'don't go into the light'
Ice: Kyurem-W/Frozen Inferno
Steel: Jirachi/Belly button eyeball
Dragon: Giratina-A/Six Legged Satan
Fairy: Hatterene/*Silences brutally*

~~ Put ~~ This ~~ On ~~ Your ~~ Wall ~~ If ~~ You ~~ Love ~~ Weird ~~ Cyber-Ducks ~~

Anyway, nice day to be alive and have skin, eh?

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The bird wants to carry you across. Accept the bird’s offer?
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Hey, thanks for the upvote
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He has history of making answer ba. So wait for now. If not, mods auto select BA's after a week when they're correct
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Same here
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Is this a joke? Are you having a chuckle? Ha ha, very funny. I’m the one with the degree.
Apr 5 by Stephwheel8
Apr 5 by Stephwheel8