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Gender: Duuude
Country: Tea land
Favorite Pokémon: Slightly in order: Deoxys, Mismagius, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit, Metagross/Metagross-Mega, Zygarde, Giratina, Arceus, Melmetal, Scizor/Scizor-Mega, Marshadow, Porygon-Z, Altaria/Altaria-Mega, Necrozma, Reuniclus, Pyukumuku, Kleavor, Hoopa-U, Typhlosion-H, Volcanion, Charizard/Charizard-Mega-X (yes I know), Weavile, Sneasler, and at that point I could go for hours but this is the end of my 'favourite' favourites.
Friend Codes: Friend Codes? Nah bro, shinies. I've been finding so many in PLA I had to. Also I generally evolve all my shinies. There are so many Outbreak ones I won't specify. And it's DD/MM

Ok I do also have an Electrode in LGP, but PLA TIME BABYYY

Random encounter Roserade (Roselia) 04/02 -Rose
Alakazam (Kadabra) 04/03 -Enigma
Overqwil (Qwilfish-H) 05/03 -Landmine
Torterra (Grotle) 05/03 -Earth
Braviary-H (Rufflet) 06/03 -Moody Blues
Garchomp (Gabite) 09/03 -Thanatos
Alpha Bidoof 21/03 -Golden Girl
Alpha Unown-V 22/03 -Vernacular
Magmortar (Magby) 22/03 -Puffs
Zoroark-H 27/03 -Lavender
Golem (Graveler) 27/03 -Wendy
Abra 27/03 -Abby
Gyarados 30/03 -King Crimson
Tentacruel 01/04 -Cherry
Yanmega (Yanma) 01/04 -Buzzkill
Alpha Spiritomb 01/04 -Jevil
Mr. Mime 03/04 -Mr. Lime
Sudowoodo 05/04 -Swatch
Ursaluna (Ursaring) 19/04 -Luna
Chansey 01/05 -Magnochite
Rhyperior (Rhyhorn) 08/05 -Banana
Rhydon 19/05 -Donobang
Decidueye-H (Dartrix) 04/06 -Gump
Misdreavus 04/06 -Vertress
Duskull 03/07 -Chilli
About me: I'm a living being that is alive and living. Neat, huh.

How's your day?

I enjoy Dragon Ball, Undertale and Deltarune, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Monster Hunter, and a bunch of Nintendo franchises like Mario, Kirby, and of course Pokémon. I switch between being extremely introverted and extremely extroverted depending on who I'm with. I'm basically your average weird but funny guy. If you can manage to like me I know you're a good person.

I used to be obsessed with one or two random mons for a week before switching my interests again, but I've finally got a proper set list!

I'm a Black Tag in Taekwondo, and I'm learning piano too (but I'm not very good (yet)).

As you can probably tell by my Favourite Pokémon list, Gen 4 is the best and Sinnoh is awesome. Diamond was my first game, and Legends Arceus is just stunning.

What else can I say about myself without bordering on personal information...?

D o   y o u   w a n t   s o m e   s a n d ?

Graffiti on my wall.

Anyway, nice day to be alive and have skin, eh?

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(a very all-purpose reply apparently)
Sep 12 by Yuya the Goggles
No one's ever had the courage to enter 2 commands into a Showdown! chat room before (also how can Kyurem fly?)
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Sep 7 by Yuya the Goggles
Sep 6 by Yuya the Goggles
11 hours ago
What are Wildlings?

(creys because I didn't magically teleport into chat when you said this)

Jokes aside, Wildlings is an idea I had once. Basically, there are a bunch of kids (known as the Wildlings) living on an island and trying to survive. Also their parents are all dead. The island was attacked by random people who were apparently rather powerful for some random reason, and they kept the kids hidden somehow or something like that. As you can see, there are a ton of plot/logic holes in the idea itself, so I mainly focus on the characters until I figure it all out. Which... won't be soon. I love the characters though. Whenever I imagine them they look like they crawled out of an anime, which makes them bloody adorable. Oh, and for some reason they can't talk. Logically, they should be able to (they were more than old enough to talk when their parents died and could talk to each other), and if I made the idea an official story or something, they probably would be able to, but I imagine them just making funny noises and stuff. Funny noises and gestures sound cuter than words. But how exactly they're able to communicate more complex things (or their names) when they can't talk is beyond me, so, uh... yeah. Just a random little thing that doesn't make any sense. And now, since I can, I'm going to give you descriptions of all seventeen Wildlings, listed in order of creation.

Vera (I have no idea why I decided naming her Vera was a good idea) - She's a brat. A rebellious brat. She also doesn't like to take orders and is very stubborn. She's a loner and believes that, since she doesn't like the other Wildlings, they don't like her. This would be news to Archie.
Conrad - Despite his temper and somewhat-reckless behavior, Conrad is quite respected among the Wildlings. He likes to lead (though the Wildlings don't have a leader) and is very protective of others. And he won't just protect you, he'll train you. He's currently the oldest Wildling and knows a thing or two about fighting and hunting. He also has quite the never-give-up attitude and will shrug off just about any injury, especially when danger's near. He's close to Zephyr, seeing him as a little brother.
Archie - Archie is really something. He likes to collect things he deems interesting, and that includes food. The bad part? He doesn't share except with Vera. He believes that whatever he finds while he's out hunting or such is his and his alone. I imagine he's a pretty good hunter, but he's really not that useful to the crew. Wildlings usually share food in the hopes that nobody starves to death, plus sharing food with an individual Wildling is a great chance to bond. Apparently he only got the second part of that memo. Sure, nobody's dying because Archie won't share, but still. Anyway, Archie isn't very social because his hoarding behavior drives some Wildlings up a wall, especially Conrad. He's a pretty quiet and mostly-peaceful guy, but if someone messes with his hoard he will not be happy. Oh, and he has a crush on Vera. They're both 'outcasts' according to him so wuvveth. Big brain, Archie, big brain.
Zephyr - Curious, playful, easily excited, easily flustered, loyal, cheerful, childish, all that stuff. He has a crush on Eva because she's nice and cute or something.
Eva - "she's nice and cute or something". The end.
...That was lame. Eva is friendly and kind, and can get lonely pretty easily. She's skilled at cooking, but she doesn't hunt because she doesn't like to kill stuff. Real useful, Eva. The group would just fall apart without you. She's honestly pretty boring, but she exists, so that's cool. Moving on.
Leo - Oh wait that was why I wanted to move on. Lee. Possibly the cutest Wildling, he's also the youngest. He's a pretty determined little fellow and wants to be strong like his friends. However, he's... not that bright. Pretty cocky too, he thinks he can take on anything. He can't. Not even close. He's also not very good at listening. He will follow Wildlings he likes on hunting trips and such whether they want him there or not, and he'll refuse to leave. He'll probably scare off whatever they're hunting for on accident, so that's likely annoying. But despite all his shortcomings, he can be pretty kind, and is very attached to his friends. So much so that he sees them as brothers. If only he didn't look up to Hunter...
Henry - Henry is the resident stealth expert. He likes to hide and sneak around and is very good at it. He's also good at surprising things, friend, food, or foe. He's the quiet type and likes to stay in the shadows for multiple reasons. He almost always knows what's going on around the crew's camp without being noticed, it keeps him safer, and he can surprise his friends. He has a mischeveous streak if you couldn't tell.
Rex - Remember when I said that Archie was really something? Well, Rex is really something-er. He loves to play. Rough-and-tumble play. The issue is that he's real physically strong and will play with you whether you want to play or not. Oh, and he likes to steal. He thinks that's just playing too, but it's very unlikely for anyone to get back what he stole. He's pretty fast and very skilled at climbing. On the plus side, he's a skilled hunter, but nobody wants to spend much time with him.
Allie - Ah, the best girl. She's real shy and doesn't like to interact with others much, but there are two exceptions. There's Kevin, her brother. She relies on him to protect her and they're very close, though his antics embarrass her sometimes. She doesn't want to ever disappoint him, but that's not a concern because he isn't disappointed in her. And then there's Finn, her friend and mentor. Seriously, Finn and Allie are so adorable. What a relationship. Anyway, he teaches her how to make medicine and such, and despite her clumsiness, she's pretty dang good at it. It's a shame she's too nervous to heal others.
Kevin - Kevin the Carefree. For the most part. He's affectionate toward the female Wildlings, which is mainly what embarrasses his sister. I guess he's like a flirt kinda. Don't ask how when he can't talk, I have no idea. But it's all in good fun, and he doesn't take it seriously. Doesn't take much seriously, actually. What does he take seriously, you ask? His sister, for the most part. He can be real protective of her, and gets pretty upset when she starts hanging around Finn. Oh, speaking of Finn...
Finn - This is the most peaceful guy you'll never meet because he doesn't exist. But he's still very peaceful. He's just so calm and serene and approachable and he smiles a lot and looks up at the sky and never hates anyone and HE'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL- (cries)
...That took a peculiar turn. Anyway he's precious, and he's also one of the most useful Wildlings. He's like a little doctor. He heals. Nice guy.
Aaron - Aaron is very serious and apparently pretty calm unless he gets angry. He rarely shows any emotion, and it's hard to tell if he actually cares about the others. However, he's very smart and strategic. So that's pretty cool.
Amelia - Ah, Kevin's nightmare. This little daydreamer rarely pays attention to anything and barely does any work. Such useful. Know what she does pay attention to? Kevin. She thinks he's in love with her and is therefore infatuated with him. What a ditz. Poor Kevin (though it is kinda his fault).
Axel - He builds. He crafts. He makes pants. Those are his skills. He's also pretty bold and often expresses his dislike of something, whatever it might be. He also has a drive to improve, and he... improves. He's quick to get involved in arguments and fights, picking a side rather than stopping them. He seems pretty grumpy, but it's mainly stress and is honestly kinda cute. Grumpy Axie.

I have split this into two parts because length. Scroll down for more nonstop wild child raving.
Sep 4 by Yuya the Goggles
Continued from the above nonstop wild child raving. Don't worry it's almost done.

Hunter - Hunter has more pride than the rest of the Wildlings put together. He's proud of every little thing he does. He's even proud of his name and thinks it somehow makes him the best hunter. In reality, he kinda sucks. The battle cry doesn't help. He's quick to get annoyed with those who fail, though. Yeah, suppose he'd be the expert on that. Not a very good role model as you can see.
Peter - Pete is hardworkng and eager-to-please. Brimming with energy, he'll attempt almost any task asked of him. Doesn't sound like a sad guy, right? Well, he is. Despite how hard he works, the other Wildlings rarely notice him. This makes him sad because he works his behind off for the others. He tries to shrug it off, but that doesn't work. Pete is sad. Sad Pete.
Alan - Alan is a bit of a joke character, inspired by my Shiny Pyukumuku with the same name. He has a very blank stare, and he stares a lot. He creeps out the others a bit because he just sits around and... stares. Not doing anything, just staring. He'll do what he's asked to do, but he doesn't show any enthusiasm. Or anything, really. He could be in severe pain and you'd never know because his expression never seems to change. This is not a normal. Oh, and some nights he just doesn't sleep. Why? No idea.

Annnnnnd that's all of 'em. Worth noting that Bee Pen came up with most of their names. I only named Vera, Zephyr, Leo, Allie, Hunter, and Alan all by myself. I love these little wild kids and I plan on making more of 'em sometime. Yeah, they're kinda weird and the story has more holes than swiss cheese, but they're just so dang adorable.

Sep 4 by Yuya the Goggles
That-Lined-Up-Funny Gang
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Hi Spex
Aug 19 by This Guy
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25 shinies in PLA be like
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