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Gender: "I'm a white male, aged 18 to 49. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are!"
Country: England
Favorite Pokémon: Drapion, Mamoswine, Tyranitar, Milotic, Krookodile, Mienshao
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About me: Owner of The Pokemon Database and supreme all-knowing being ;)

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lord bidoof outclasses arceus himself

Apr 17 by Bidoof_lord
I don't know lol I'm bored because nobody ever uses the chat and its easiest to comment dumb things on pokemaster's wall because I know he's never going to respong
Apr 8 by xtreme evoboost
Why are we yelling at Pokemaster? What did he ever do to you? :P
Apr 5 by Stakatacool
Apr 4 by xtreme evoboost
Also what came first: the Torchic or the Egg?
Apr 4 by xtreme evoboost
Dayuuuuuum that Extra privileges is so long, its almost as long as the USUM ending credits. (Lol seriously though who thought it was a good idea to not allow you to speed up the ending credits in USUM.)
Apr 4 by xtreme evoboost
here's a screenshot
Mar 25 by Stakatacool
On the Pokemondb smogon server, a user named SeigHiel1488 entered rap lyrics (i think) in the Lobby, and it included a lot of vulgar language. Just thought I'd report this, because I don't think anyone else did.
Mar 25 by Stakatacool
Hey Pokemaster! I've just recently registered, but I've been using this site for years.
I wanted thank you for the site, and let you know you've done a good job with this.
Mar 21 by WhoGotzDaFud
you might get banned for bringing up the ugandan knuckles meme
Mar 20 by TheSmasher1386