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Gender: Can I get a combo number 6 with no pickles?
Country: Scatman's World
Favorite Pokémon: Hint: Quagsire
Friend Codes: I bet you're tired of people being confused of what this is.

Showdown User: QuagTheMan
Come along and beat me in National Dex!
About me: Hey there folks, I'll likely be fairly inactive in the later months due to going on vacation and such. I'll still be responding to wall posts and such, but I don't think I'll be around to answer any questions and such.

Welcome weary traveler (or travelers) to your quest of absolutely no significance! Before you begin your journey, please fill out the following terms and services:
I believe in Beedrill supremacy ▢
I think Water/Ground types are very nice ▢
I would like to receive spam emails of deep-fried memes ▢

I'm a Typical person Inhabiting a Typical world alongside other Typical people, that truly is very Typical, is it not?

Call me Person, JATP, or Quagsire, you shouldn't call me Typical, I won't like that.
I swear if I see another person call me anything unrelated from those three words, I'm going to eat something edible

PokeBase Dates (Lets see how many of these I actually get, and don't just remain completely empty):
100 Points - September 8th, 2021
200 Points - September 23th, 2021
300 Points - October 16th, 2021
400 Points - October 20th, 2021
500 Points - November 6th, 2021
750 Points - January 11th, 2022
1000 Points - March 4th, 2022
2000 Points - June 1st, 2022
3000 Points -
4000 Points -
5000 Points -
6000 Points  + Expert Role -
I update this a lot some reason, so if you're really into wasting time, enjoy reading, I guess

Name Changes:
NONE! My name is too perfect to change, I swear!

Favorite Pokemon for each type, because I have too much time on my hands
I didn't let any Pokemon get into one type multiple times. Feel free to attack me for any of my choices on my wall, I'll totally care to notice them!

Normal - Furret
Fire - Blacephalon
Water - Swampert
Electric - Minun
Grass - Breloom
Ice - Regice
Fighting - Infernape
Poison - Beedrill
Ground - Quagsire
Flying - Staravia
Psychic - Starmie
Bug - Joltik
Rock - Shuckle
Ghost - Dusknoir
Dragon - Palkia
Dark - Pokestar Brycen Man, I mean, uh, Guzzlord
Steel - Magnezone
Fairy - Whimsicott
These change every 27 seconds, so this list is likely outdated

Shinies I found:
If you care to know, the list excludes shinies obtained with methods that give extremely high odds, and games where shinies are common (i.e. Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee, Go, etc)

I found some random Shiny Roselia while training my Infernape to level 100 for no particular reason, this was my first of many, and was caught sometime near the end of 2020, a silver lining, if you'd like.
Calla Lily the Roserade was caught on December 19, 2020.

Within the Great Marsh, doing dex completion stuff, I encountered a shiny Marill! Though it fled after the first ball. This Marill will haunt me until the end of time... I did say found and not caught, didn't I?

On the same day, during Father's Day 2021, I found a Shiny Golbat and Shiny Bidoof! I found the Golbat while looking for a Lapras, and the Bidoof when I was chaining for Tyrogue (though, the shiny odds were hardly increased by the chain, as it was so low).
Dr. Doof the Bidoof and FathrDyBat the Golbat were caught on June 20, 2021

On a random day doing random things for absolutely no reason, a Floatzel spawned! I caught it swiftly, All I remember is when and where I encountered it, and nothing else. I think I was chaining to catch a Nidorina for the dex, but I don't recall being on a high enough chain for me to have higher odds for it.
Floatzel was caught on July 9, 2021

Honestly, if I keep unintentionally getting shinies from chains, I should begin chaining more often...
Current Hunt: Ask me on my wall, because if I said it here, I'd forget to update it
I've also finally began my Dream Team Quest for Shining Pearl, wish me luck on it not taking a decade!

~~- Put-~- This-~- Ribbon-~- On-~- Your-~- Wall-~- If-~- You-~- Think-~- Impidimp-~- Is-~- Cooler-~- Than-~-Absol-~- Umbreon -~- And -~- Sharpedo -~-

Can somebody tell me how to get Yoshi in Pokemon RBY, I really want to shiny hunt him, and I can't manage to find him anywhere! Thanks for the help!

I don't like Sneasel, it seems in any situation it's in, it's super annoying. It's also just one of those widely liked Pokemon that I can't find a reason to like. I don't hate Pokemon because they're "overrated", I just don't see why so many people like this guy.
Same goes for Weavile, but Sneasler is ok

What do you prefer to run on Sunkern, Dynamax Cannon or Core Enforcer? I personally like running Behemoth Blade, and occasionally V-Create, but that's just a niche

Check Bellsprout and Cherubi's Pokedex #, they're pretty sweet

Weavile, Tyranitar, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Diggersby, and Haxorus can all learn Surf for some reason, just letting you know.


I'm a Typical Person, I think that's quite obvious
- A Wise Man

- Aaaaaaaaa

- Me trying to run anything on my PC

That's my secret Copperajah, I'm always Hangry
- Morpeko

- The Glorious GmaxWaluigi, or was it WaluigiGoesWahh?

- An inspiring Author

When I first started fishing, catching anything made me happy. But those days are long gone now... Now I get annoyed if I can't beat my record by even an inch...
- A Fisherman on Route 222

- I don't know how quotes work

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As of PLA, Ursaring is now a middle stage evolution.
commented May 30 by JustATypicalPerson

Genuinely sad it took me this long to notice that comment.
Jun 24 by Strawberry Shortcake
Quagsire's ancient ancestor: Mizūo, from the Gold/Silver Spaceworld Demo. https://imgur.com/a/6RnG0YC
May 26 by VinnyHedgehog IV
It must be weird to live in a studio album
May 23 by VinnyHedgehog IV
Oh, also:
I believe in Butterfree supremacy ▢
I think Grass types are very nice ▢
I would like to receive not spam emails of shallow-fried (INSERT OPPOSITE OF A MEME HERE) ▢
I think everyone should call JustATypical person 'anything unrelated from those three words' ▢
May 23 by VinnyHedgehog IV
The Pokemon you have so far.
May 23 by VinnyHedgehog IV
What Pokemon do you have on your Dream Team Quest currently?
May 22 by VinnyHedgehog IV
I wish you luck on your Dream Team Quest in Shining Pearl not taking a decade, but a eon.
May 13 by VinnyHedgehog IV
May 9 by Chao220
And even I've only favourited the questions and not answered them as soon as I saw them. I only really get around to answering once in a while and at this point my favourite questions list is like a to-do list of questions I can answer hehe.
May 4 by xPsydxck