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Gender: Burrito
Country: Welcome weary traveler (or travelers) to your quest of absolutely no significance! Before you begin your journey, please accept the following terms and services
Favorite Pokémon: My buddy Quagsire... There's also like 899 other Pokemon, which are cool I guess... A couple standouts would probably be Swampert, Whimsicott, Ditto, Wooper, Palkia, and Blacephalon
Friend Codes: Showdown User: QuagTheMan
I also have an alt called WooperTheBoy, I just use it for testing though
About me: I'm a Typical person Inhabiting a Typical world alongside other Typical people, that totally isn't weird, right?

Call me Person or Quagsire, you shouldn't call me Typical, I won't like that

PokeBase Dates:
100 Points - Sep 8, 2021
200 Points - Sep 23, 2021
300 Points - Oct 16, 2021
400 Points - Oct 20 2021
I update this a lot some reason, so if you're really into wasting time, enjoy reading, I guess

Full Odd Shinies I found:

I found some random Shiny Roselia while training my Infernape to level 100 for no particular reason, this was my first of many, and was caught sometime near the end of 2020, a silver lining, if you'd like. This Roselia, who's now a Roserade, will forever be known as Calla Lily.

Within the Great Marsh, doing dex completion stuff, I encountered a shiny Marill! Though it fled after the first ball, this Marill can be often encountered with Celebi, which will haunt me until the end of time... I did say found and not caught, didn't I?

On the same day, during Father's Day 2021, I found a Shiny Golbat and Shiny Bidoof! I found the Golbat while looking for a Lapras, and the Bidoof when I was chaining for Tyrogue (though, the shiny odds weren't increased by the chain).

On a random day doing random things for absolutely no reason, a Floatzel spawned! I caught it swiftly, All I remember is when I encountered it, and nothing else.

Don't question why so many of these shinies have been obtained in Pearl
If you're wondering, I've put the Shiny Aerodactyl hunt on hold so I can begin a much more Spooky Month related hunt, Drifloon!

Can somebody tell me how to get Yoshi in Pokemon RBY, I really want to shiny hunt him, and I can't manage to find him anywhere! Thanks for the help!

Why does everyone hate Hypno so much? I don't love him to death, but I don't strongly dislike him either

If you're wondering why I said 899 other Pokemon instead of 900 is because of Sneasel, I don't like Sneasel, everywhere I look it's super annoying, don't you DARE try to change my mind
I also included Basculegion, Wyrdeer, and Kleavor if you're curious

What do you prefer to run on Sunkern, Dynamax Cannon or Core Enforcer? I personally like running Behemoth Blade

Name Changes:

None, because my name is wonderful, and you all know that


I'm a Typical Person, I think that's quite obvious
- A Wise Man

- Aaaaaaaaa

- Me trying to run Pokemon Database on my PC

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dead memes are the best
1 day ago by mega mismagius
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aren't you jut a typical Quagsire?
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It's Spooktober, and do you know what's the most spooky of all?

Dead memes
Oct 12 by JustATypicalPerson
Haha yes, #666
Oct 5 by JustATypicalPerson
Sep 25 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Yay now we are friends!
Sep 24 by Creative481
Does wynaut mean friend? Im gonna reply with Aipom
Sep 24 by Creative481
hello! Lets be friend!
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