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Gender: Female
Country: Misplaced Brit
Favorite Pokémon: Eelektross, Serperior, Teddiursa
Friend Codes: Looking for Vivillon forms in USUM.
High Plains
Icy Snow
Poke Ball
About me: Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things.

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Volt has a pair, I'm sure he'd be glad to give you one lol.
2 days ago by Light Hope ♡
You need glasses.
2 days ago by Light Hope ♡
OF COURSE I REMEMBER THAT I think I remember just about everything???? You ARE my bestest friend after all, even if we drifted apart a bit <:
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~
YOUD BE SO GOOD AS A POLITICIAN you’re so passion about how fucked up the world is and you’d have the chance to make a change it’s so perfect for you
Whenever I listen to we didn’t start the fire I think of you btw, and that whole convo we had

Can I read some of your poems? Do you think you’ll get into vocaloid producing?
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~
I’m really glad you’re back on the site
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~
<3 you’re the best and I love you

I want to hear more about you though! Anything interesting going on for you?
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~
do you have discord? or showdown even?
3 days ago by PX
I've very much been the stereotypical 'introvert that gets adopted by extrovert' for most of my life, the last few new people I talked to have been from nsfw discord servers tbh because there's an immediate thing in common and unlike gaming discords no one is going to be homophobic in a femboy appreciation server
3 days ago by PX
cutie <3, i'm down to talk more in general i'm just not great at starting conversations
3 days ago by PX
3 days ago by ~Scarlet~