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Um, would you be able to add a page for Missing. No?
3 days ago by GalaticSolgaleo
I love the sexy new banner
Oct 19 by ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥
Props to the spooktastic banner.
Oct 19 by trachy
I'm just gonna say that I love the PokemonDB Halloween banner. The spoopiness is appreciated.
Oct 18 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
I think a cause for concern might be the number of unanswered questions on the Pokebase. 3 pages is quite a bit. Activity has been flagging in this past year, so it's not really a surprise. But perhaps there is a way to provide greater incentive for answering the unanswered questions? I'm unable to come up with any though.
Jul 30 by trachy
Aaaaaah thank you PM :'D
Jul 29 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Hah, everyone has holidays. Even me, who comes on the database exactly 26 times on 15 minutes.
Jul 28 by ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥
How did you make this site? It's so cool and my favorite site about Pokemon. I'm trying to make my own website with pokemon's pokedex definitions but I'm having trouble. Do you remember how you made this site and what website that helps people make websites you went to. Thanks in advance!
Jun 30 by Da Primarina
You're the Head of Anime in the Bulbapedia Project Anime?
May 11 by ♥♥~Espeon~♥♥
Lycanroc is Lycan - Rock. A Lycan is a werewolf. Rockruff is rock+ruff.
Apr 15 by Mega Flygon