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You're the Head of Anime in the Bulbapedia Project Anime?
May 11 by Distorted_palkia
Lycanroc is Lycan - Rock. A Lycan is a werewolf. Rockruff is rock+ruff.
Apr 15 by Primal Groudon
For Toucannon, its origins are actually Toucan+Cannon. Sorry my mistake.
Apr 13 by Primal Groudon
Name origins:
More tomorrow! Can you make an area on this website for birthdays cause my birthday is tomorrow!
Apr 3 by Primal Groudon
PM we miss u :'(
Mar 31 by Squaaaaaaaaw
When will be the next name change? I want to change my name soo badly!
Mar 12 by Distorted_palkia
I'm not sure if you check your wall, but I've been getting a lot of ads recently on this site advertising a manga site, with each ad featuring a specific manga.

Some of the mangas shown on the ads are simply romance mangas, but others have sexual themes and I was wondering if this was something I should bring up? I wasn't quite sure about making a meta post on it, but I thought as these kinds of themes are usually not allowed in other parts such as chat this might be worth looking into.
(Example of ad, and clicking into it shows that it is featuring a NSFW story,TgfhHLg )

Thank you!
Feb 26 by Lenny
Hey sorry to bother you with dumb questions but what would you do if someone made an account called Pokemaster Jr. with a little chibi Arceus for the gravitar?
Feb 21 by Pokémon Guy
Yo PM, can you restart the server?
Jan 31 by trachy
PM, what's your account's password? I won't tell anyone, I swer!

Jan 31 by ~Rex